Bitcoin in RALLY mode

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Bitcoins are back in Rally mode!

This is evident in many areas

* BTC / USD exchange rate is rallying (
* Number of businesses accepting BTC are rising
* Number of forum activities are increasing

All people in the "bitcoin team" did a great job.

Lets continue!

MtGox broke volume exchange record yesterday with 36672.7 bitcoins. That's a lot!

Right, and the chart prediction for a breakout to the upside proved right, supported by the high volume.

Next big target is the all time high around 0.08

The possibility of a volume record breaking is high now with 42669 bitcoins.

Should be pointed out that there are only 16,579.29 coins offered at this moment at MtGox, totaling $1,172.89, versus 63,881.94 coins bid totaling $3,845.73

The coins just are not there, IMO now would be the time to pick up a few.


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