Bitcoin in RALLY mode

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Quote from: markm on February 06, 2011, 10:07:58 PM

That is interesting because I think it was dinars that were being offered by the ponzi/gold game folk a few years back as the latest greatest ponzi to invest in. Hmm. Maybe that was some other nation's dinars or is that the only nation who calls their money dinars?

-MarkM- (Or am I thinking of something other than dinars entirely, some other money from out east somewhere?)

Interesting, I am not aware of this Ponzi thing about Dinars. Based on Wikipedia, here are all the Dinar currencies:

 Algeria     Algerian dinar    DZD
 Bahrain    Bahraini dinar           BHD
 Iraq              Iraqi dinar              IQD
 Jordan    Jordanian dinar       JOD
 Kuwait    Kuwaiti dinar           KWD
 Libya              Libyan dinar             LYD
 Rep. of Macedonia    Macedonian denar    MKD
 Serbia    Serbian dinar            RSD
 Tunisia    Tunisian dinar            TND

Aha, Iraq does use them. Cool, I thought I was more likely to confuse Iran and Iraq than either with Kuwait.

I think the goldgame folk were pushing Iraqi dinar when they were dirt cheap or maybe even newly invented
(if newly then maybe almost before they were really or much "out there" / "in use").


As you can read in my latest Technical Analysis, the BTC/USD may have started again (bottoming around 0.71 over the past days).

The Rally is underway.

See post here:



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