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Monetize your opinion

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       Postcoin in association with The Altcoinboard forum launches the official currency of the first revenue sharing altcoin forum. The forum allows you to earn tokens for every post you make and then exchange them in the forum's Exchange Center into PostCoins. Postcoin is distributed initially for free between Bitcointalk members based on their postcount to the date of application.
        The forum's revenue will be generated by several forms of ads including banner ads, partnership programs, paid/sponsored topics, etc. , however we will do our best not to flood the website with annoying ads, and keep it a friendly discussion board. Payment for the ads will be preferably in PostCoins, but we accept BTC also. In case of BTC payment the forum administrators will immediately exchange the BTC payment into PostCoin
         Postcoin's association with The AltcoinBoard forum brings you a coin that can be spent from day 1, you don't have to wait months or so until it gets to a level when it gets actually usable. The best thing is that you get all these for free, either if you are qualified for the initial distribution, or you become a member of the forum these coins won't cost you a single penny, moreover it's value will be continuously sustained and probably increased by the ad-revenue.


Mining: Pure POS
Ticker: POST
Block Time : 60 sec
Minimum Stake Age: 12 hours
Maximum Stake Age : 14 days
Stake Rate: 5% Fixed
Initial Supply : 30.000.000 POST
Supply after burning the leftover coins from Free Distribution : ~15.081.003 POST


Windows Wallet: https://mega.nz/#!6YElCZib!w7EZL0EF2gPFdbTEWMWK7DFMyMRMuvCWzg4xn_3l6WY
Github : https://github.com/devpostcoin/PostCoin
Mac Wallet: https://mega.nz/#!oJglCApI!O1gNg2xcO72las47kLUXPIXeMQPg1vya9AEroQlhR_M
Linux Wallet - 32bit:
Linux Wallet - 64bit:

Windows Wallet - Update - v1.0.1:



Bitsquare - https://github.com/bitsquare/bitsquare/releases

Block Explorer



Method: Free distribution - Closed
Forum Reserve : 10% of initial supply
Distribution start: 16 March 2016
Distribution end : 16 April 2016
Share Rate: According to your bitcointalk.org postcount*10 (If you have a Postcount of 575, you will get 5750 PostCoins )
Maximum Share Size : Capped at 50.000 PostCoins
Qualified for Initial Distribution : Every bitcointalk.org forum member with at least 100 postcount
Application Form : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AmuYe_tiwX19l26lVibOg0u6ByydqYMqLVVz3puYK78/viewform
Request Processing : Your application will be processed within 48 hours        

Besides the initial distribution, members can earn PostCoins by using the forum. We welcome every member there, even if you are not qualified for the initial distribution. Payouts from the forum in the startup phase will be compensated from the 10% forum reserve held from the initial supply.
When submitting for the initial distribution, you are required to fill in the Application Form with the required data, and to send us a PM to validate your request, so we can be assured that nobody applied using a false identity.
NO coins will be sent to you if you don't PM us after you submitted the Application form
Update - on 19th of April almost 50% of POST total supply was burned. These coins were the leftover from the free distirbution

Timeline - Roadmap

17/03/16 - PostCoin ANN Topic
17/03/16 - TheAltcoinBoard opened for public
17/03/16 - PostCoin Launch
17/03/16 - PostCoin Free Distribution Start
20/03/16 - POST added to Coinexchange.io
21/03/16 - POST added to Yobit.net
22/03/16 - PostCoin Updated wallet version1.0.1 Released
16/04/16 - PostCoin Free Distribution Over
19/04/16 - 49.77% of the total supply burned (~14.945.493 POST)


Postcoin Website: http://postcoin.site
Revenue Sharing froum: https://thealtcoinboard.com/
TheAltcoinBoard Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1403423.0

Please don't post in the thread your wallet addresses, nor messages like 'Application sent', 'Submitted', etc., it won't be considered, also you may be excluded from the distribution if you break this rule


Application Form : http://[Suspicious link removed]/forms/ClL0CqneZQ


Quote from: dev.PostCoin on March 17, 2016, 10:49:58 PM

Monetize your opinion

Website | Twitter | Win Wallet  |  Apply

Dev at least look at your grammar, it is "website" not Webiste  :)


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