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Author Topic: [ANN][ICO][ASH] ASH will be an Ethereum based ERC20 smart token  (Read 107 times)
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January 14, 2018, 01:03:29 PM

Hello to the BitcoinTalk community!

We will be releasing A new Ethereum based token in an effort to aid our cause.

Release date: to be announced
Token: Ethereum based
Standard: ERC20
Total supply: 784000
Target: only 980ETH
1ASH = 0.00125ETH
1ETH = 800ASH
Low token supply, no billions and trillions to flood the market and pump imaginary capitalization!!! This campaign has to fulfill an exact target.
Immediately available at ICO: 100%. No presale, no tiers.

We are an EU based court registered charity foundation established in 2012 and we will issue the tokens to fund our project to build a shelter for homeless and injured animals. As Vitalik Buterin said the blockchain technology should be used to help and change do society instead of showing off and collecting billions out of thin air. We are proud that we don't pay rent or salaries and we involve only voluntary work so we put 100% of the funds accumulated in our causes.
We decided to create transparency so we will split the project in a 3 stages and release a separate token for every stage. This will allow the potential participant to evaluate our project and the whole process and will also eliminate fraud. Simply, if we do not complete a certain stage, there will be no reason for a participant to participate in the next stage which will prevent loses.

Project parameters:
Building a shelter for homeless and injured animals with adjacent hospital on sight.

1st stage - buying a plot. - GBP 575500 ($784000 at the time of calculation)
We've secured the perfect plot which is held off the market at a tiny monthly fee, so when we accumulate the funds we will buy it right away.
The plot is situated in the middle between the 3 major provinces in our area so it can conveniently accommodate animals from the whole area. It measures over 113000sq.ft. (10500sq.m.) and is perfect for building a shelter with adjacent hospital and a good outdoor area. The price of the plot is GBP575500 which is lower than an average London appartment. All documents of the plot, location and pictures are available.
The price was calculated at 1ETH being an average of $800, which has increased in the last month. We calculated there is a small possibility of the ETH dropping below that level so there is not much of a chance of underfinancing our project. If the ETH price continues to rise we will receive more funds than expected, but 100% of the overfunding will be transferred towards the next stage and transparency is the number one priority.

2nd stage - Building the shelter - GBP 3800000
Actually the second stage is comprised of a few substages but we will issue an ICO for the whole second stage
 1. After we buy the plot we will launch the second stage token
 2. We will then file papers and prepare the plot for the construction which will take 6 to 10 months
 3. Meanwhile we will build a temporary shelter for animals in urgent need
 4. When we are clear to start, will will begin construction of the permanent shelter - this will take approximately 18 months to complete
 5. When the shelter is completed we will hire staff and start accommodating animals in need
This completes the second stage
3rd stage - Building the adjacent hospital and equipment - GBP 4000000
After completing the second stage we will launch the third ICO for the adjacent hospital and we will simultaneously file papers for the erection timewise so we are not loosing time between  stages.

The whole process will be completed in under 4 years and if the funding is supplied on time it will open for public service.

The first coin will be simple but we are discussing mechanisms for the second and third which will involve the previously issued coins.
For example if You have a certain amount of the first coin You will get a certain preference when participating in the next stages.
You can also receive free coins in the next stages depending on the ownership of the first stages.
We give some rewards for owning the coins like, free adoption of animals, free vaccination, free deworming, free bug repellents, free castration, free consultations and other free services. We might also implement a voting system to further involve participants in our cause and more.
Since our area is located relatively close to the sea, we will be also providing free vacations  for those willing to pet our animals, walk the dogs at the beach and do a bit of voluntary work on sight. Because of this opportunity there are many requests from volunteers and after screening the candidates we will prioritize those who own tokens, regardless of whether they obtained the tokens at the ICO or at a later point of time via exchanges.
Those factors as well as a few more surprises we plan for the 2nd and 3rd stages should provide enough leverage for the token to sustain its own life in
the environment created by the exchanges on the market.

So guys I hope You will love what we do and perhaps participate in our initiative, whether it is in the ICO or with Your expertise. Any advises are welcome.
We plan to make the first token really simple, we were going to use an online automatic smart contract generator, (not sure if it is an advertisement if we mention the name) but then is it safe to use those sites or is it better to start from scratch, or maybe copy and reorganize an existing and proven smart contract token? We will appreciate Your suggestions and advises. Also we don't have a marketing strategy because if we pay for marketing this will lower our percentage of funds going straight to our causes and we are proud that up until now 100% of the funds we've gathered went straight towards the specific cause. On the other hand it might be a good idea to release a bit more tokens than needed and then use the excess tokens bounty. What do You guys suggest?

Statement: We are a non for profit court registered charity foundation mainly oriented towards solving environmental problems, and when it comes to dealing with animals we want to clearly state that we are a strictly NO KILL foundation. Under no circumstances we will kill animals. Only in those rare occasions when there is no known relief to cure the patient's irreversible pain, we might gather a team of experts to vote on the subject.

Hope You guys will like our initiative!
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