I think Sirius (Martti Malmi) is Satoshi Nakamoto...

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nice reading

Are you sirius?

satoshi is from the future, he was sent back to our time to stop the banks enslaving mankind.
He has to stay underground until the resistance is ready to fight, but the war has already begun.

He both is and is not dead, and his resemblance to 007 in the photo at the link below is no coincidence!



Quote from: Technomage on February 16, 2013, 02:03:28 PM

I highly doubt that Sirius is Satoshi. I know Martti personally and I've talked to him many times, and my impression is that he is not Satoshi and he also doesn't know who Satoshi is. My opinion is that with a 95% certainty it's not him. I've also met Vili Lehdonvirta whom has also been suspected of being Satoshi, and for him I can say with a 100% certainty that he is not Satoshi.

Personally I think that Satoshi is either someone from Trinity College in Ireland or a group of people from there. That is the most plausible lead I've seen on the hunt for Satoshi. I could be wrong though.

There was a TV documentary about Bitcoin in Finnish TV, and both Technomage, Sirius and Vili Lehdonvirta denied being Satoshi. Also I think Satoshi is more likely 30 than 20 at the time of his inventions.

I entertain the idea that Len Sassaman with his wife is/was Satoshi, and that he was murdered by the CIA.


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