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Author Topic: Sick of surveillance  (Read 1928 times)
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June 26, 2013, 03:27:13 PM

Here is a good read for why you shouldn't use crypto to try to hide for the / a government:

bull shit. they retain everyones data indefinitely anyway regardless of whether the person is using encryption. so they use your data as an input in their research to learn how to break the encryption? big deal if you dont encrypt they just read it with out even having to attempt to break anything.

this sounds like a really bad bluff to me. they know they wont be able to break encryption for some time so they are trying to scare people into not using it.
They retain everyone's encrypted data indefinitely? Guess they must have some damned fancy data storage methods then. Wonder how their capacity would fair if most communications worldwide where encrypted by default.

Rep Thread:
If one can not confer upon another a right which he does not himself first possess, by what means does the state derive the right to engage in behaviors from which the public is prohibited?
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