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Author Topic: Kitkattt Coin (kkt) - Another name of secure and stable digital currency system.  (Read 32 times)
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April 28, 2018, 05:12:48 PM

We are Kit Katt Coin (KKT), the secure and stable digital currency of the future exploring the modern world within
cryptocurrency. We are establishing a solid ground and a worldwide community that is loyal, web-passionate, eager to
learn and open to innovation. Our vision is to enable millions of people around the globe to provide them the means to
learn, create, and grow independently, regardless of race, gender, social status, or geographical location. We are aiming to
develop community driven, de-centralized service for everyone. Simply put, we are providing value to contributors and
investors alike; also offering your knowledge to the community.
KKT Coin is the first cryptocurrency that offers security, reliability coupled with an extremely fast transaction time. KKT
coin also provides an opportunity for every investor to earn money just by owning the coin regardless of the shift in the
value of the coin. The KKT Coin is also widely acceptable and can be traded easily on the cryptocurrency exchange
market. Investing has never been simpler. With KKT Coin, simply create an account, invest in the KKT Coin, and see how
your money grows.
KKT coin is rapidly gaining popularity as one of the most effective digital currency. It has the potential to
completely change the digital advertising industry. We are aiming to develop community driven, de-centralized
service for everyone. Provided below are some of the features that makes KKT coin stand out amongst other
cryptocurrencies in circulation:
➢ Simply put, we provide value to contributors and investors alike; while also offering rewards for your
knowledge to the community. This is not offered by any other cryptocurrency in circulation.
➢ The system is also robust and strong which guarantees a definite and forward growth of the community.
➢ KKT coin creates an intuitive step that encourages the adoption of cryptocurrency on a global scale.
➢ It is completely de-centralized which encourages wide scale usage while being easy to make transactions.
Basic Purpose
The basic purpose behind the KKT coin is to establish a fair education for every child. The KKT is an
unique cryptocurrency because its goal is to rid the world of starvation, terrorism, and ignorance.
Each time a KKT coin increases in price, an another child in need will get a book to read.
With the advent of the cryptocurrency, payments with
traditional banknotes have been on the decline with
more people preferring in contactless payments. Even
though most payments are still conducted with cash
there is a gradual shift from the use of cash to digital
currencies for payments. This prompted us in developing
a the KKT coin which provides a secure, robust and
seamless transaction platform for making payments. We
also offer a lot of incentives when making transactions
with our coin making us second to none.
Digital CurrenciesVs
Tradtional Currencies

Digital currency is a type of currency that exists only in the digital form. It does not exist in physical forms
like banknotes and coins. Digital currencies exhibit some of the properties associated with physical
currencies however they offer instantaneous and borderless transactions.
One of the most popular forms of digital currency is cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency
which is created and managed through the use of advanced encryption techniques popularly known as
cryptography. Like traditional money, digital currencies can be used in the purchase of some goods and
services and may be limited for specific industries and applications. Digital currencies represent money
balance that is recorded electronically on a device or stored value card
On the other hand, the traditional money such as the Dollar, Euro, or Yen, all have something very
unfortunate in common. These currencies are uncapped, centralized, and regulated. All of the traditional
currencies are controlled by a central establishment that prints money based on the needs of the economy
and how they deem fit. This form of traditional currency has a lot of weakness.
Some of the advantages of digital currencies are stated below:
KKTcoin is a Blockchain based coin. We will launch Our own exchange in start. and also launch
Some games that will support only KkTcoin as payment. Its specialty is that All payments on that
Exchange will be in Kitkatt coin with a unique Multi-Level Marketing plan.
We believe a new bottom-up economic model specifically for renewables can incentivize everyone
to work together to change the World. Our current focus is on solving the talent crisis in the
[Suspicious link removed]munity by allowing people to monetize their skills. This will let companies obtain
the talent they need, allowing the [Suspicious link removed]munity to continue to expand and flourish. In
our first year we will work with influencers and companies in the blockchain space to increase
adoption of the application.
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