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Author Topic: Constituent peoples and its Fuhrer, - or Ukraine and the list goes on  (Read 157 times)
Alik Bahshi
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August 10, 2016, 02:07:17 PM

Alik Bahshi
Constituent peoples and its Fuhrer,
- or Ukraine and the list goes on

      Explanation: constituent peoples - a successful linguistic gem for a federal state, so there was no doubt who is the chief among the many peoples of the Russian Empire.
     Finally the Russian people has found the Fuhrer, which is fully consistent with its mentality and who can bring back the Russian Empire and its constituent people confidence in the future. Wanted to write a "leader" instead of "Fuhrer", it is still a foreign word, but the "Fuhrer" somehow stronger in spirit, which is important for the present historical moment. The fact is that after the defeat in the Afghan war and the subsequent collapse of the USSR, the Russian people as a result of the power of democratic reforms undertaken by several lost (1). Pathological inability to self-organization and management, lack of initiative in the political and economic activity in a country outright looting oligarchs, of course not of Russian nationality, led to the impoverishment of the Russian people and, as a consequence, the final collapse of the Russian Empire (2). If we take into account that the Russian people can exist only in the empire, the disappearance of the empire and threatened the existence of the Russian people. So it probably would have happened if it were not for the great Pruha when oligarchs Berezovsky and Gusinsky's great mistake, finding a replacement Putin degraded at the end of Yeltsin. I note that because of their mistakes oligarchs had the lam, and Berezovsky could not forgive myself for this oversight and grief hanged himself in the toilet. As the saying goes, and the old woman is proruha.

    Putin's slogan "Back to the Empire" reflects the great power as the spiritual essence of the state-nation and its eternal, literally painful, the desire to be a "defender" of other nations, which are all as one in turn expressed their voluntary desire to be younger brothers constituent people. Maybe that's the explanation for the fact that the Russian people are always looking for good and justice, it is what it is chronically short. In this respect, President Putin reflects the accuracy of which is the famous phrase "every nation has the government it deserves." And the Russian people deserve sovereign democracy at Sovereign Putin, President Putin is so defined his status in the Russian Empire. I think here it is more poskromnichal, the empire is supposed to be on the status of the emperor. By the way, that's why there were a coin with the profile of Emperor Putin.
    When he was a king-priest, and then under Soviet rule constituent peoples inhabited the Ukraine, Crimea, the Urals, Siberia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Transnistria, the Baltic States, the Republic of Karelia, and so the list goes on, if I missed it. And it happened that before this in order to avoid any misunderstanding, some people, like the Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Crimean Tatars, Circassians, who all but disappeared, again, the Chechens, and the list goes on, were evicted in a "favorable "climate space. The only exception, or forgetfulness, or because of long-lived Kremlin Mikoyan was Armenian. But I venture to suggest that the reason for this mentality. Armenians prefer to move out of Armenia, which dramatically empties and settles in the resort areas of the Black Sea coast and the North Caucasus, hospitable lands of the Kuban and Ukraine. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Armenians showed up in mass quantities in California. Thus, it was not necessary constituent people to settle in Armenia to expel Armenians. Kinda Armenian trick. I must say, with the Armenians generally associated surprising for such a totalitarian state like the former Soviet Union is a kind of nonsense, namely ethnic cleansing - the expulsion of Azerbaijanis from Armenia and the emergence of homeless refugees, followed by provocation in Sumgait and seizure, when military support constituent people , 20% of the territory of neighboring Azerbaijan. Armenia in the Soviet Union, in contrast to other Soviet republics became the only mono-ethnic republic, and even grab a part of the territory of the neighboring republic. Armenia is the only strategic ally of Russia from all splinter republics (3).

     As I said, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, state-forming people lost a few, but thanks to a fatal error oligarchs found again and again under the leadership of the Fuhrer began to determine how it should be according to the status of constituent people.
    So it was determined: the wipers to be Tajiks, probably due to the fact that the Russian yard, as usual drunk after dinner. By the way, even in imperial times wipers for the same reason were usually Tatars, taxi drivers to be persons of Caucasian nationality - they do not drink before going to work. Uzbeks entrusted with building and gardens. Workers in restaurants have been specially introduced by the Serbs - they do not pilferers. Bankers default be Jews and Armenians.
    Everything would be fine if it were not for that fact that the Russian people, probably due to the mentality was to determine not only in their own country, but also to neighboring Ukraine, which is home since Hetman Khmelnitsky, Ukraine volunteered to reunite with Russia. Since then, the percentage of the Russian population living in Ukraine has grown steadily, helped by the Russian colonization of the South-Eastern part of Ukraine especially deserted as a result of an arranged Moscow famine. In the Crimea, for example, is all the indigenous people were evicted and resettled state image of the people. And now the Russian people under the leadership of the collector of the Russian land (wherever live state-forming people) Fuhrer Putin Ukraine faced with a dilemma, either voluntarily withdraw from the Crimea and the southeastern areas, or war, as a result of which the Ukrainian people in full force once again in danger of becoming "fraternal "people. The same fate, apparently destined to other countries, where the Russian people and the Russian people live in many countries.
    Alone among the other Russian in most quite nice people, especially intellectuals. Truth in an amount equal to three can be observed some instability, but in some nth amount kinda critical mass can be expected, as shown by the Ukrainian events, something like a chain reaction, when the Russian people instantly goes into the state of the state-that threatens the world have nuclear chain reaction.

     Would do well to identify pattern, in which case it is possible in a country such a threat depending on the percentage of living there constituent people, a kind of mathematical constant, to achieve that local people could lose their state:
                         k = R / P
where R - the minimum number of Russian settled for their self-determination, P - the number of the local population. Knowing this constant is always possible to calculate, depending on the resident of the Russian population, the country in which it is necessary to expect the formation of Russian of the state.
                    So: R = kP
     Presumably, each nation has its own value of this constant.
    Offered k call, following the example of "Planck's constant", "constant Putin", in honor of the first person who successfully prove the validity of the formula. However, prior to the opening of it was very close to Hitler, if you remember the annexation of the Sudetenland, but then the experiment was not successful. I can only assume that although Putin and Hitler are both fuhrers respectively, each of the people, but between them there is a very substantial difference consists in the fact that Putin and the Russian people are inseparable from each other. Thus, Putin, unlike Hitler did not have to create a party, his party is the whole Russian people, infinitely grateful to him for the return of the empire, without which the constituent people has no future.
     The German people renounced Hitler and his propaganda and imposed punitive methods of fascist ideology, the same Russian people with his usual Russian chauvinism hardly ready to renounce the Fuhrer Putin, who extremely successfully reflects the aspirations and ambitions of its people.
     Once again convinced that the most painful moment in history of the people is a strong personality that can take trouble. So, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the subsequent threat of loss of the Turkish people actually his country appeared Mustafa Kamal (Ataturk) - a leader whom people completely trusted and followed him into the future. Today we know Turkey as a democratic and economically developing countries, in which the policy is no hint to the return of the past. To say that this alone would merit Ataturk is not true here and merit of the Turkish people, who had to go to sacrifice to the cruel battle with numerous enemies to defend their homeland, but also to find the strength to give up a lot, that linked him with the past.
    Of course, Putin demanded the Russian people person, but, unfortunately, the leading people back to the empire that poses a potential threat to the country, where state-forming nation.

   1 "People's fate or every cricket his last»
   2 "When the donkey dies»
   3 "Armenia and Moscow-Tehran axis»

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