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Author Topic: [2016-09-19]Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Collapse Looms in Vietnam  (Read 272 times)
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September 19, 2016, 07:52:20 PM

Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Collapse Looms in Vietnam

Ever since the inception of Bitcoin, there have been individuals and companies trying to discredit cryptocurrency. Some of them even go as far as setting up deliberate Ponzi Schemes to defraud Bitcoin investors. Such a scheme seems to be on the brink of collapse in Vietnam. Hundreds of people have been burned by this pyramid scheme, which seemed to rely on an MLM structure...
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September 20, 2016, 07:05:48 AM

"It is not the first time a Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme will make media headlines. One of the biggest pyramid schemes of its kind called OneCoin, is still in operation to this very day. Despite a lot of scam accusations, the company continues to attract investors. Once OneCoin collapses, a few thousand people will finally see this company for what it is.

Another Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Bites The Dust

A similar Ponzi Scheme is collapsing in Vietnam. A lot of investment promises were made to potential customers. Once news started spreading about this exciting opportunity, more people started to take notice of the company. Some victims even bought millions of shares- worth a handful of Bitcoin – in the hopes of striking it rich.

As is usually the case with these Ponzi Schemes, things go well in the early stages. A lot of fresh capital is coming in, and early investors will see their investment grow. Some people will even increase their stake in the company, which is when things start to go awry. It didn’t take long for this company to stop paying out investors once the big money started coming in.

Since there are quite a few people who obtained a bank loan to buy more Bitcoins for this investment, the consequences are quite severe. One investor will have to pay off a 60 million Vietnamese Dong loan at a 5% monthly rate. This translates to just under US$2,500, which is a lot of money for the average person living in Vietnam.

Police reports indicate as many as 2,000 people invested in this Ponzi Scheme. The company raked in a total of 1,900 Bitcoin, worth US$1.159m, in a short amount of time. The promise of high returns attracted a lot of investors. However, no legitimate company can pay out 24% of any investment after just five days.

This particular Ponzi Scheme in Vietnam will give Bitcoin a bad reputation in the country. Cryptocurrency is not regulated by the banks, and the local government is not too keen on Bitcoin either. Investors knew the risks all too well, and it is doubtful they will ever see their money again."

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September 20, 2016, 07:36:31 AM

People for once should stop being greedy and feed these scam artists because they offer a more than decent return on their investment. Seriously, how hard is it to understand that legit companies aren't able to hand you out the interest rates these shitty ponzi's are offering. Everything that offers returns far higher than what legit companies can offer, should raise immediate red flags.

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September 20, 2016, 12:51:45 PM

This is precisely why PhD's in Economics are always wrong.

They assume "rational investors" exist. They do not.

If the "rational" person existed -- why would ponzi schemes work? They tap into the primal emotions of fear and greed, which overpowers any logical argument. Its why Gox still had people trading even after it was obvious they were going down the tubes, it is why Bitfinex still has people trading even though their business practices are shady as hell -- its why any other offering, from figures like Pirateat40 or the over-hyped enthusiastic Vitalik garner supporters.

There is no rationality in any of it.

Like they say, a fool and his money are lucky enough to get together in the first place.

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