Low quality topics do not belong here.


Low value topics that do not encourage constructive discussion do not belong in Bitcoin Discussion. Threads not directly about news or developments within the Bitcoin ecosystem such as the following all now belong in Off Topic:

If i give you 10 BTC what will you do?
In 20 years, what would you like to do with your bitcoin?
If bitcoin dropped to $1, what you do?
What is your plan to get rich with Bitcoin?
Would it be impossible to make 14BTC by the end of the year?
if you rewarded 1btc

Please do not create any more threads asking what you will do with 1,2,10,100 bitcoins etc. Any threads that are deemed largely unimportant or unsubstantial in nature by Staff will either moved to Off Topic or trashed. Please report any threads you believe to be unsubstantial or don't meet the above criteria. Thanks.


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