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Author Topic: odds [solved]  (Read 1460 times)
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March 31, 2017, 05:16:28 AM

guys stop!!!!!! I keep coming here for each reply, hoping that someone have finally discovered a new book. each time it turns out there's just more mindless blabber about the legitimacy of betting on pro-wrestling! thanks for wasting my time guys!

last word for from me on this (and then moderator is free to delete this thread all together if these off-topic nonsense replies keep popping up): betting on pro-wrestling has existed since at least 2002 and some of the biggest and most highly reputable books in the industry have consistently offered odds on this market. if you're oblivious to this fact and don't even like/watch WWE: don't comment in this thread!!!!!!
Warning: Spoiler alert.

Because you are really stupid enough to really believe that any sports books will even offer a rigged or already settled match! There is no sport here, everything is staged! Do you honestly believe that wrestling is real? Are you a kid that still believes in John Cena? Have you seen a real person get hit by a steel chair? Well, just to let you know real people bleed if you hit them with a steel chair.

If they did offer odds on these, show us where it was offered. To be honest I loved WWE back when I was a kid, but I grew up. Realized it was all fake and everything is just a drama. They are all actually friends after the match.

you sound like a 12 year old...

oh man, come to think of it, IF there will be any sportsbook site that will accept WWE betting, it will be the start of bankruptcy for them, imagine enabling betting on a show that have fixed match and a sure winner whoever the management wants? would you bet if i say my left hand will fight my right hand? grow up man!

EXACTLY! Can someone knock the sense out of this guy!? WWE are fixed and it's just a show! No one really wins those matches just because they are good! They win it because it is in the script! There is no way a sports book will accept something like this. Especially when there are plenty of people that know the outcome of the event even before the show starts!
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March 31, 2017, 05:56:14 AM

There are some furiously funny comments in this thread..  Grin
I am one of the fan of WWE for the drama n buzz it make. I have also bet on it in the past and will try to do only for fun. On a serious note, betting on WWE matches is not a good choice and it'll be better if you do on a sport.

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March 31, 2017, 10:15:58 AM

There are some furiously funny comments in this thread..  Grin
I am one of the fan of WWE for the drama n buzz it make. I have also bet on it in the past and will try to do only for fun. On a serious note, betting on WWE matches is not a good choice and it'll be better if you do on a sport.

I agree this is really one of the funniest thread I've seen. WWE is a stupid game to even think of as a sport to bet on. I don't think it would ever be in sports book for the very reason everyone here has said. It's already settled who will win in every game because it is like a movie. There is a story line already that they follow.
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March 31, 2017, 01:00:29 PM

I was also an avid WWE fan when i was a kid during the late 90s and when i knew that it was all fake and scripted i stopped watching the show but now and then i used to watch old matches just for memory sake Cheesy and since it is not a real sport you wont be able to find betting sites for WWE.
Yeah so true most of us used to believe at starting that it is real and i remember having a verbal fight also with a guy  Roll Eyes
But yeah i finally figured it's fake and stuff i still watch wwe sometimes but i don't like it as much as it was like before when there was john cena, undertakers, triple h and so many , and now what wwe is exactly doing introducing new wrestlers like corbin or some thing.
I wish vince brings the old wwe back with all the nexus, cm punk and stuff
I have a friend that love to watch WWE shows, he is around 30 years old. He still choose to believe WWE is a real wrestling matches, whenever I try to explain to him and he always have many bullshit reason to avoid the fact. Whoever came out a idea to put WWE entertainment to sportsbook must be so childish ( didn't mean no respect ). Nowadays WWE shows are really silly, the superstars action is quite funny, they try to make their show can be watchable for all people.
I swear wwe was fixed from starting itself but the old wwe was way better where one could actually tell it was real like it wasn't like how people act when they pim someone and their rival comes. Instead of pinmimg them to 3 counts they look at them and them lose. This was their before but less but now it has become so common that i feel they are simply doing this just to make the show for actual 3 hours. Wwe shows should be of 1 hour as 2 hours are simply wastes. And then the new drama a legend undertaker vs freakin roman reigns wtff.. And everyone can see that goldberg is old as hell and he can't wrestle as all his matches are for max 2 min.
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March 31, 2017, 02:06:39 PM

Never heard of betting on a WWE match before.
Because you can not say it was a fixed match and ask for your money back.
We all know it is fake unless you are twelve years old like the above posters have pointed this out already. Undecided

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