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Author Topic: Deuscoin - Daily ICO Started 1 Jan 2017 -- UPDATE  (Read 3559 times)
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March 29, 2017, 02:24:42 AM


Core software github:

Mobile wallet github:


PR site:

DEUSCOIN Specifications:
Algorithm: SHA256 PoW, ~1.5 minute block times
Total coins : 100,000,000 (100% premined)
Daily ICO for 3200 days, 24 hours daily

Distribution & Halving milestones:
Day 1-50: 1 million daily
Day 51-100: 500,000 daily
Day 101-200: 125,000 daily
Day 201-400: 32,250 daily
Day 401-800: 7,812.5 daily
Day 801-1600: 1,953.125 daily
Day 1601-3200: 488.28125 daily

Buy from
Exchange: Soon.

Who is it for:
Retail buyers
Investors (individuals, merchants & institutions)

What is Deuscoin?
Deuscoin is a 100% premined cryptocurrency that is based on the Bitcoin protocol with all the
functionality of Bitcoin and the benefit of having a dedicated development team.
The decision to offer 100,000,000 premined coins on a Daily ICO spread is to give everyone
a chance to acquire Deuscoins without acquiring dedicated minings rigs while at the same time, maintain liquidity.
A Daily ICO helps to create news; from halving, from trade volumes.  

Room for Deuscoin
While the top 10 coins are growing popularity and value, we think there is room for other implementations/models.
In the beginning, the idea  was to produce cryptocurrency. But being unknown and unused outside of an ecosystem,
it will wither on the vine.

We sought the help of SVD, a marketing group to introduce Deuscoin to its community of investors & affiliates.
From our discussions, it became clear that we need to build an ecosystem where people can use the currency
in meaningful ways – one that solves a problem for users and investors.  

Currently, the biggest problems plaguing cryptocurrencies are:
Transactions on the blockchain aren't quick enough
Cryptocurrency is buried under jargons
Network security issues

The average user expects speed in closing transactions, convenience and security. Digital
innovations need to be build on top of conventional ideas solving conventional problems.
Familiarity breeds trust.

So, why invest in Deuscoin?
Deuscoin is built for daily transactions: be it purchases, transfer of value (hedging), as
an investment for the penny trader or seasoned investor. One key differentiation between Deuscoin and other
coins is that Deuscoin has the support of a large network of marketers. But the marketers are having a difficult
time convincing the market because the Deuscoin is not yet offered on exchanges.

It’s a chicken and egg situation.

The blockchain is great but currently it’s not quick enough to be practical everywhere, again a reference to the
notion of conventional finance users are used to, which is near instantaneous transactions.

Anonymity is a feature. But we did not create Deuscoin to enable crooks to thrive. Just like fiat money, gold or
even the PC, there is no way to completely deter criminals from using it.

What you do with the tools and assets created is your responsibility.

Thus, our immediate goal is to get a conversation going with exchanges to list Deuscoin. Once it’s in the open
market, investors and users will make the Deuscoin market. It takes a couple of years at least for a cryptocurrency
with the right ecosystem to gain traction. We are a few months old. Deuscoin will have its place in the market
alongside other cryptocurrency implementations.

The Deuscoin Ecosystem
We are viewing all opportunities at the moment before deciding on a model that has the most potential
for investors to gain value from their investment. Right now, there are over 4 billion mobile subscribers in Asia.
And from that number of users, more than 1.5 billion are on social media – which means mobile network access
(air time), CDNs (content delivery network), community-based apps – to name a few channels where we can use

Watch this thread for updates. Deuscoins are available for purchase today.

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March 29, 2017, 02:42:14 AM

ico staterd in 1 jan 2017
so this now 3 month in duration ico selling, how much result in ico selling
and when added to exchanger
where roadmap and plan project youre coin

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         '═▌▄"▄"═             ,.∞═$██▀

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March 29, 2017, 10:03:41 PM

ico staterd in 1 jan 2017
so this now 3 month in duration ico selling, how much result in ico selling
and when added to exchanger
where roadmap and plan project youre coin

100% premine... its already settled this coin going to Zeus ! skip moon
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March 30, 2017, 06:29:47 PM

Get latest updates on Deuscoin

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April 01, 2017, 07:06:54 PM

ico staterd in 1 jan 2017
so this now 3 month in duration ico selling, how much result in ico selling
and when added to exchanger
where roadmap and plan project youre coin

We have already released worth 70 millions of Deuscoin through ICO until this date.

As for the exchanger, we have already submitted few parties to start trade on their exchangers. Actually we managed to get approval from C-Cex since last 3 weeks but we decided to change our core from Litecoin to Bitcoin because Bitcoin Core technology is open source and readily available for modifications and improvements and we have already developed a hardware wallet that could keep both Bitcoin and Deuscoin in one device. Because of those changes, we have to start the applications and votings  to those exchangers all over again, it could takes few weeks to get approval from them.

Well, today we are introducing Deus Coin.
No more waiting for the mining, Deus is 4.77 times larger if compared to Bitcoin in terms of the number of coins planned to be released. A hundred million Deus Coins.
We are already traded. The Deus was released into the market on January 1st 2017 and folks are buying it.
So what is Deus Coin? Deus Coin functions on a peer-to-peer architecture that enables instant, near zero cost payments worldwide. Here are the features of the Deus coin:  
You don’t have to own mining rigs to own it. It is available on popular exchanges until we release the last coin, which is 3200 days starting from January 1st 2017; which means it is a daily ICO - a first for crypto currency. You can buy it with cash *and* Bitcoins - and sell it for cash, Bitcoins or other recognised crypto currency.
Since it is already pre-mined, Deus coin is inherently secure from the risk of a 51% attack; an attack on a crypt currency block-chain, which is an electronic ledger. Simply: If a party gains control of a ledger - *they* can revise transaction history and prevent new transactions from happening. Deus offer no block rewards, so there is no incentive for any single party to take over a block. Buyers of Deus incur zero mining costs.
But why a daily ICO? Bitcoin raises its value from demand and supply and its scarcity comes from the difficulty of mining every coin. Let’s talk about the daily ICO and what it means for us and future investors.
A daily ICO solves the problem of supply and presence - attention will be spent on the coin on a daily basis, which in turn solves the problem of extreme price volatility. A currency can only be usable if its daily price action is moderately stable. This will attract investors, traders, retail buyers and eventually the general public.  
Deus Coin is built on Proof-of-work. Which simply means, the more it is bought, thus backed by cash and Bitcoin, the higher its value as there are more people or more coins owned that’s at stake. A critical feature of Proof-of-Stake is
In other words, when people buy and use Deus as an investment or when they use it daily, the higher the returns per coin will be generated. How is this made possible? We charge a small fee for each transaction. We will then continue developing the network infrastructure and provide more products and services around the Deus, so its ecosystem will have stacks of protocols for more applications. This phase of Cryptocurrency is the beginning of a new wave, not just in financial technology but also the Internet.
In the early 90s, when people started to develop modern browsers, no one - save for a few visionaries, the technology developers, had the slightest idea how big the Internet could be or what it could do for us. They wanted to build something for themselves, building tools to comb through and visualise data, and proof-of-concept research.
Then in the mid 90s, Wall Street came in and dumped billions into dotcom companies. Most of these early Internet companies had no clear business models. So all these ideas floated around with no real substance behind it - they had financial backing, the technical people but lacked the sustaining factor. That created the first Internet bubble. Billions were lost. Even Google was seen as a bubble. Amazon was in the red for years. Everyday, they waited for Amazon to tank. Then PayPal came on the scene. The birth of Paypal is seen as one in a series of defining moments in history of the Internet. From Paypal, we saw the birth of Youtube, Linkedin and Tesla. Each company has a killer application or a number of killer apps.
Notice the similarities between all of the companies I have mentioned: They are innovators. They take a product, a phone, for example and gave new life and functions into it.  
Crypto currency is at the start of its next wave. Nobody knows what it could be next. So we are building on a strong trust in technology.
The value of Bitcoin comes from scarcity and the underlying mathematics behind it. It is a great metacurrency; it is recognised by the American government as an asset or commodity. Deus solves the problem of currency supply, ownership, but most importantly as a vehicle of investment for the present and the near future that’s backed by a strong network. Now you know what it is, the next step is yours.

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April 03, 2017, 10:02:37 AM

Moving forward, does Deus coin have any plans to build innovations into the
coin like Etherium with its smart contract/escrow function?

Edit: I'm new to this forum. A friend told me about the deus coin thread. I used to trade FX,
crypto is news to me.
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April 05, 2017, 10:52:30 AM

Thank you for commenting.

We are exploring several business models at the moment.

1) Content aggregation,
2) Data tracking & ranking

Once we have the business model and roadmaps sorted out, we will make
the announcement here.

But, here's something to think about: 

It might make sense just to get some in case it catches on. If enough
people think the same way, that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Satoshi Nakamoto, 1/17/2009

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April 05, 2017, 11:12:42 AM

Any Roadmap?  Without Roadmap, it looks like SCAM!
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September 07, 2017, 10:45:07 PM

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