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Author Topic: [ANN] ACCHAIN - The Tool of Asset Digitization  (Read 4402 times)
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August 11, 2017, 02:32:27 PM

ACCHAIN - The Tool of Asset Digitization

Twitter   Facebook    ICO Project Description Book of ACCHAIN


ACCHAIN is an international open source community originated by global Blockchain enthusiasts,

it is the tool and platform of asset digitization, which is created for the purpose of global digital assets circulation.


Modern society is experiencing a great asset migration, and establishing a digital world.

Blockchain technology is building an asset-sharing distributed ledger between different nodes, institutions and industries.

After the digitization, tokenization, and symbolization of material assets, all assets can be mapped and segmented,

in order to realize tangible assets registration, issuing, and trading on Blockchain.

We will have different understandings of its meaning in the same world.


What is ACCHAIN?

ACCHAIN has built a pure decentralized platform for asset digitization,

it is the common community of asset tokens, by copying Asset Blockchain general ledgers to implement asset digitization,

and using ACC (Asset Collection Coin) as a common exchange medium to realize assets circulation.

ACCHAIN is a distributed general ledger with self-improving ability.

Each node can create a new block by working on the chain (copying the general ledger) and to form an asset chain.

What is ACC?

ACC is the standard token in ACCHAIN for token circulation and interchanging. As the general ledger token,

ACC can be used as the common medium to be used to realize the interchange and circulation of token and standard token.

The application of ACCHAIN.

ACCHAIN is the tool of asset digitization for the global applications

ACCHAIN Community is launching a global ICO for tokens that made on ACCHAIN, structuring international supernode networks,

the process of the first supernode network is also the process of the exchange between mainstream tokens in the market with Asset standard token -- ACC,

they will jointly form the digital asset interchange object -- SDR digital currency.

In the meantime, each global node will establish regional “general ledger token” (GLT) for regional circulation,

thus, the digital currency SDR will be the main exchange coin along with tokens of each international node’s general ledger token in the international exchange.

In this ecosystem, each node’s token can use GLT to realize regional circulation, and each GLT and use ACC to realize international circulation.

Those control the international supernodes, win the market.

International Token Issuing Plan
ListToken projectToken typeDuePublicityInternational
1RET-SCHSRCommodity(Property)4 Apr-28 Apr9 May-15 MayUS
8XBCommodityEnd of JuneTBCUK
9KBCommodityEnd of MayTBCCambodia
10Maotai Base WineCommodityEnd of MayTBCCN
11Honghu LobsterCommodityBeginning of JuneTBCCN
12Global Migratory Birds HotelApplicationBeginning of JuneTBCCN
13Wuchang RiceCommodityMiddle of JuneTBCCN

Feature of Technology

1、Distributed general ledger subject:

The distributed general ledger subject confirms the general rules of ACCHAIN general ledger, core algorithm of asset corresponding with cord,

transaction rules, consensus system, private key and address, the security technology of account.

2、Working- Incentives system

The incentives system based on different working methods: creation of block, asset issuing, community voting.

3、Encrypt PBFT algorithm

Essentially, the issue of abuse of right by the delegates could be solved by adding PBEF algorithm,

which makes the delegate’s ability of accounting become more controllable.

4、Secondary technology of Dapp and tokens

The ACCHAIN system provides a command tool, it supports secondary chain development; each Dapp corresponding to one secondary chain,

and the core logic of the secondary chain uses nodes to develop, interface can adopt any front-end technology.

5、Technology of high speed transaction

The level of abstraction was built in the ACCHAIN. The main difference in the transaction is transaction types and asset,

the expanding part will be based on the different type of models in the different asset lists.

6、Multivariate ecological interface

The technology becomes the most reliable safeguard for the ecosystem, with constant technology innovation,

the ecosystem is growing into a better environment for all participants.

Team Introduction

Team member




What is ACCHAIN?
ACC: a digital token based on the tech of blockchain can transfer the value of asset
ACCHAIN is used as an asset digital tool in the world
ACCHAIN China Global ICO
Join ACCHAIN.ORG become super node

Contact Us   Twitter   Facebook   Slack

Yeah no, fuck off with this shit.
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August 12, 2017, 07:51:44 PM

Today We have a chinese ICO project launching. I will consider to join this project .
How much is it for this token? and total token supply for this project?
ACC total of 100 billion pieces
Various ways: support BTC, ETH
ICO start and end time: May 9, 2017 - June 6, for 28 days.
All the rules: the ICO the number of chips for the 100 million ACC, 1000 from the vote (statement: all raised less than 1000 as invalid, the vote BTC / ETH will not be returned).
All the funds allocation rules: The ICO total of 11111 BTC, the resulting digital assets, through the chain of intelligent contracts, of which 20% of digital assets for the work reward, 80% for the entry into the asset pool locked. The ICO, will form a decentralized dynamic management organization DAO and manage the funds. All funds raised by the DAO all Jue common maintenance, any funds must be moved through more than 51% of the Jazz review. As the value of the asset chain increases, the value of ACC will rise.

Hi Serena!

Acc coin is being traded at this moment at about .40 dollars. So if we have 100 billions coins the market cap is 40 billion dollars? It is biggest than ETH and closest to Bitcoin market cap??? Is it possible? I`m I worng with this?
maybe pixie
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August 13, 2017, 05:11:52 PM
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August 20, 2017, 03:52:53 PM

i remember i saw this ACC somewhere on an aexchange but i can't remember which one , i thought cryptopia but i already find out that is another acc

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