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May 26, 2018, 04:43:48 AM

SOLAREX POWERING AFRICA PROJECT | The First Blockchain Powered Solar Energy Solution

ICO PRESALE IS LIVE Take Advantage of the price and the bonus today

What is the problem that needs to be solved?

Around 1.5 billion people worldwide do not have access to electricity and over 3 billion depend mainly on biomass for cooking. And Africa countries ranked in the top 10 of lowest access to electricity and world health records show that indoor air pollution from carbon monoxide from the cooking stove is a leading cause of death in developing countries, ahead of malaria and tuberculosis combined.

Considering Nigeria one of Africa largest countries, for example, foraging energy supply has led over 60million Nigerians to own small to medium powered generators with more than 3.5billion spent annually on generator maintenance.

The current problems can thus be itemized as follows:

  • Very high cost of electricity which is exploitative.
  • Erratic power supply due to grid instability
  • Corruption across the power value chain
  • Losses from the generation down to the distribution companies
  • Alternative Power options cause Excessive CO emission which poses serious health and environmental problem
  • Very low installed capacity
  • Ineffective distribution of already low capacity
  • Poor capacity utilization
  • High deposit, setup, and equipment fees.
  • The absence of grid power in remote locations
  • Lack of transparency and security in power transactions
  • Sabotage/destruction of Power installation facilities by vandals
  • Lack of competition (barriers to entry are high with the complexity of regulation and costs of entry being the two main reasons for the monopolies operating in all major power markets in Africa)
  • Lack of energy significantly hampers economic growth and hurts investors confidence.

Meet The Solution

Africa Energy profile shows low production and huge untapped potential, it is characterized by high rate of demand. The Africa continent has one of the highest levels of average annual solar radiation, 95% of the daily global sunshine which is above 6.5kWh/m2 falls on Africa during winter.

This being the case, Solarex ICO project tagged 'Solarex Powering Africa Project' is a blockchain powered solar energy solution. An innovative, disruptive, decentralized and democratized ecosystem that will release avalanches of solutions to all the problems listed above.

The innovative and disruptive “Powering Africa” project is set to create a clean and cheap solution to the huge energy demand problem in Africa. Solarex renewable energy solution is a solar energy solution and will unleash value from the unmet energy demand across Africa. The end product will see something which is technologically advanced, financially self-sustaining and assured value generation for long-term investment. The project will be driven by two powerful and exciting chain value fields: blockchain and renewable energy. The Solarex energy solution will be utilizing multiple sources including smart meters, inverters and solar PV panels. This measurable output is tokenized on the blockchain to create Solarex Utility Tokens. The Solarex Utility token will be for the transactions in the ecosystem for the purchase of energy and services. The company, which is already at the Pre-ICO stage, aims to raise $102million that will help actualize the “Powering Africa” Project.

Our Vision

To become the largest and most efficient sustainable energy provider, offering energy at a cheap/affordable price for all, and setting a new standard for energy consumption and relentlessly focusing on customer satisfaction at all time. And to empower millions of lives across Africa and put them at par with the developed nations in terms of access to energy. 

For Full information about the Solarex ICO, Please visit the official website

We are offering our participants in Solarex bounty campaign:
100 000 000 SRX Utility Tokens = 5 000 000 USD.
The bounties will be paid within 14 days after the end of the Token Sale.
For any questions please post on the thread and we will reply to you with the answer
General Rule To Participate In Any Of The Bounty Campaign:
  1. Join Solarex Telegram
  2. Fill in this /forms/08B0HPZHQ1ZrCuIj1]Bounty Form.


At Solarex, our aim is to create a decentralized cryptocurrency-based sustainable and clean energy source for Africa and beyond. We are now starting a bounty campaign, so participants can help us spread the news about Solarex to the community and earn free Solarex tokens as bounty reward monthly. In the Solarex ICO, there will be 100,000,000SRX tokens that would be made available for the entire bounty program.
How to participate in the Bounty program
To participate in our bounty program and earn SRX tokens, you must first join our Telegram group and then fill in the bounty program registration form. It is vital that you join our bounty program and supply the needed data before filling our bounty registration form.
There are eight (Cool separate bounty programs available for users to join. Kindly go through the list below and identify and select the bounty program of your choice. By completing each bounty task, you will receive bounty stakes. Below are the eight bounty programs available on Solarex:

  • Translation
  • Youtube
  • Telegram
  • Facebook
  • Forum Campaign
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Content Campaign

At the end of ICO sales, we will distribute 100,000,000SRX tokens proportionally to each participant in each category.

Translation (15%)
15,000,000SRX will be available under Translation bounty program $750,000 total bounty value

Solarex rewards users that translate the Whitepaper, moderate and manage the local Thread, with SRX tokens. 15% of bounty tokens are allocated for this campaign.
  • To reserve a language for translation, apply to the bounty manager here
  • The translation must be original and no use of Google translation will be allowed
  • Only valid posts of the Translators will be accepted for Moderation/ management stakes. Translators must be active. In the case of translator’s inactivity, another moderator will be hired for updating and moderating the thread
  • Only constructive posts are counted. Spam and unnecessary posts won’t be counted. Spammers will be disqualified
  • Bounty manager reserves the right to change the terms or apply new terms
  • Whitepaper: 100 Stakes
  • Moderation/ management: 5 stakes per valid post
  • thread + Bounty Thread : 70 stakes

Translations Needed For All Languages

  • Chinese : (ANN, Whitepaper)
  • Turkish: (ANN, Whitepaper
  • Croatian : (ANN, Whitepaper)
  • French: (ANN, Whitepaper)
  • Arabic: (ANN, Whitepaper)
  • Greek : (ANN, Whitepaper)
  • Filipino: (ANN, Whitepaper)
  • Slovenian : (ANN, Whitepaper)
  • Russian: (ANN, Whitepaper)
  • Bulgarian : (ANN, Whitepaper)
  • Danish : (ANN, Whitepaper)
  • Italian : (ANN, Whitepaper)
  • Spanish: (ANN, Whitepaper )
  • Japanese : (ANN, Whitepaper)
  • Korean : (ANN, Whitepaper)
  • Indonesian : (ANN, Whitepaper)
  • Vietnamese : (ANN, Whitepaper)
  • German : (ANN, Whitepaper)

 If the Language you can translate is not here do contact us and we shall update the links after translations and add new Languages

Twitter (12%)
12,000,000SRX will be available under Twitter bounty program $600,000 total bounty value

  • Follow our official handle 
  • Log into your Solarex Account
  • Connect Twitter and Solarex in your account page (connect with Twitter button)
To be eligible for bounty reward, you must ensure that you retweet news from the official Solarex twitter handle marked with hashtags- #icosrx, #solarex_tokens, #srx_ico. These retweets must be done 5 days after their publication and not later, and ensure you do not delete them until the end of the Pre-ICO.

Rules and regulations
  • Write your own post at least once per week dedicated to the Solarex Project, be positive in your language and use only these approved hashtags: #icosrx, #solarex_tokens, #srx_ico (This is mandatory)
  • Bot accounts will be banned without notice
  • Multiple accounts will be blacklisted
  • Do not share or retweet tweets that are answers to other users
  • If for any reason you are unable to share post for a week, you will be disqualified
  • No spam, abuse or foul language is allowed

Terms and conditions
  • You must have at least 300 real followers and follow official Solarex Twitter handle
  • Your twitter account must be real/original
  • The twitter account must be at least 4 month old
  • The number of your followers is been fixed at the moment you connect your account and doesn’t change during the bounty campaign
  • You must retweet/share Solarex official tweets and updates every week until, the ICO ends
  • Share at least 5 Solarex tweets per week and post one personal tweet using the designated hashtags: #icosrx, #solarex_tokens, #srx_ico.
  • All post/tweets must be visible to the public
  • Each share, tweet and retweet will earn you the following number of stakes:
  • Sapphire (10,000 followers and more)- 5 stakes
  • Gold (1000 to 9999 followers)- 3 stakes
  • Silver (300 to 999 followers)- 1 stakes

Total amount of SRX tokens distributed in this category is 12,000,000SRX tokens
NB: We only count the posts that are marked with #icosrx, #solarex_tokens, #srx_ico by our team, so if you do not add the hashtag to any posts, it is not counted.

Facebook (13%)
13,000,000SRX will be available under Facebook bounty program $650,000 total bounty value

How to join the Facebook bounty campaign

  • Follow our official Page
  • Log into Solarex account
  • Connect Facebook and Solarex in your account page (connect with Facebook button)

Terms and condition
  • you must have at least 200 real friends on Facebook and be an active user
  • Facebook account must be real/original and should be at least four months old
  • When you share a post, you have to write hashtags: #icosrx, #solarex_tokens, #srx_ico
  • It is allowed to participate in both Facebook and Twitter campaign at the same time
  • The moment you connect your Facebook, we count each of your repost automatically just repost with the #icosrx, #solarex_tokens, #srx_ico hashtags
  • Post shared to public pages and open groups in Facebook are accepted


  • All repost must be public.
  • Your repost must be marked with the designated hashtags: #icosrx, #solarex_tokens, #srx_ico from our official Facebook account within 5 days after their publication and not later, and do not delete them until the end of the Pre-ICO
  • BOT accounts will be instantly banned
  • Multiple accounts will be blacklisted
  • Failure to share posts for a week will earn you disqualification
  • Private posts/shares (not visible to public) will not be counted

Each post, like and share will earn you the following amount of stakes:
  • Sapphire (10,000 friends and more)- 15 stakes
  • Gold (1000 to 9999 friends)- 10 stakes
  • Silver (300 to 999 friends)- 5 stakes
  • Bronze (100 to 299 friends)- 3 stakes

Total amount of SRX tokens allocated to this category is 13,000,000SRX

Linkedin (10%)
10,000,000SRX will be available under Twitter bounty program $500,000 total bounty value

How to join Linkedin bounty campaign
  • Follow the official Solarex Linkedin account
  • Like and share to earn a monthly amount of SRX tokens
  • Fill out the signup sheet

  • You must follow our linked profile
  • Like and share all Solarex post
  • Your Linkedin account must be original and active user on Linkedin
  • BOT account are not acceptable
  • Account must be open as public profile

Each post, like and share will earn you the following amount of stakes:

  • Sapphire (10,000 connections and more)- 15 stakes
  • Gold (1000 to 9999 connections)- 10 stakes
  • Silver (300 to 999 connections)- 5 stakes
  • Bronze (100 to 299 connections)- 3 stakes
Total amount of SRX tokens allocated to this category is 10,000,000SRX

Telegram (10%)
10,000,000SRX will be available under the Twitter bounty program $500,000 total bounty value

Solarex bounty campaign is a one-time bounty package that is opened to everyone who wants to earn extra Solarex tokens via accomplishment of simple tasks. Join our Telegram group and stay in group at least until after the end of Pre-ICO.
Steps to join
  • Log into Solarex Portal
  • Fill in your Telegram username (what you used in joining our Telegram channel)
  • Register in bounty campaign

  • You must be active at least twice a week
  • No spamming, use of foul language or advertising other product
  • The reward is 100SRX for all active Telegram members monthly

YouTube (15%)

15,000,000SRX will be available under Youtube bounty program
$750,000 total bounty value

  • Subscribe to the official Solarex Youtube Channel and Like the Solarex Official video
  • Upload the official Solarex video to your YouTube channel or make a video of your own and share it on your YouTube channel. The Video must highlight Solarex Project
  • Bounties apply to a maximum of three videos
  • Your YouTube channel must be at least 3 months old
  • Videos must be at least 1:00min long
  • Videos description must contain the link “SRX Pre-ICO” and link back to our official site-
Each Video like and share will earn you the following amount of stakes:

Subscribers             Views                 Stakes
>100                          50                          1
>1000                        400                      10
>5000                        1000                    25
>10000                      2000                    60
>25000                      8000                    120
>50000                      15000                  250
>100000                    30000                  500
>500000                    150000                750
>1000000                  300000                1000

Total amount of SRX tokens allocated to this category is 15,000,000SRX

NB: Any attempt to manipulate the number of Youtube video views will ultimately lead to outright ban from the bounty campaign.

Content Campaign (10%)
10,000,000SRX will be available under Twitter bounty program $500,000 total bounty value

Create a quality content about Solarex in English, with at least 800 words and containing two links to We will classify each article as standard (10 stakes), professional (25 stakes) or Unique (50 stakes). It can be your blog or your personal social media page, for example, Facebook or Linkedin Page. The article should be published and visible to search engines. To classify your article, we would have to revert to the popularity of the medium used for publication and the quality of the content. Total amount of SRX tokens distributed in this category is 10,000,000.
Send us your articles via:

Forum Campaign (15%)
15,000,000SRX will be available under Twitter bounty program $750,000 total bounty value

Promote Solarex on top online forums and get rewarded handsomely. There would be project signature for specific forums like
Bitcointalk signature/avatar: add Solarex signature/avatar to your Bitcointalk account for the duration of the ICO and make at least 8 valid posts per week:
           + Hero/Legendary: 50 stakes per week
           + Sr. Member: 40 stakes stakes per week
           + Full Member: 30 stakes stakes per week
           + Member: 20 stake stakes per week
           + Jr. Member: 10 stake stakes per week
           + Newbie: 5 stake stakes per week
       Bonus: +10 stake if you wear our avatar.
Post/Reply: Make a post about Solarex on the official forum thread, or start your own thread. Especially valuable are threads in languages in other than English, i.e. in your native language. Make posts in alt discussion about Solarex.
           + Post to the official ANN thread: 1 stakes
           + Post to the official bounty thread: 1 stakes
           + Start your own relevant thread with more than 10 valid replies and 100 views: 5 stakes
           + Make an encouragement post to an existing thread: 2 stakes
To participate:
  1. Join Solarex Telegram
  2. Fill in this /forms/08B0HPZHQ1ZrCuIj1]Bounty Form.
Feel free to ask any questions in Solarex Telegram.
Rules & Terms for Signature/Avatar part:
  •   The Signature should be kept until the end of the ICO, removing the signature before that time will result in a disqualification.
  •   You are not allowed to use another project’s avatar.
  •   The posts must be made in the alternate cryptocurrencies forum section.
  •   You must do a 8 post per week to be eligible of weekly stake
  •   Only Posts that are useful and constructive will be eligible towards the 8 Posts/Week goal. Posts that are off-topic, or simply made for the intention of raising post count will be disqualified.
  •   A post must have a minimum length of 75 Characters to be counted towards post goal.
  •   Payment will be done after stake calculation, after the end of the ICO
  •   Keep your signature on until the spreadsheet is updated with your final post count, for at least one more week, removing it before post count will not be accepted.

Bounty Campaign FAQ

Q1: How and when can you receive your bounty?
Answer: At the end of Pre-ICO, your final amount of stakes will be visible in your Solarex account. We will distribute 20,200,000 SRX tokens in proportion to the amount of stakes in each bounty campaign participants has earned in each category.
For example, after counting all Facebook likes, we will make a table where everyone who reposted will see their personal bounty stakes earned in Facebook category. Since there are 4,200,000SRX allocated to the Facebook category, these tokens will be distributed between all members participating in the bounty campaign according to the amount of stakes they have earned. This applies to all categories.
Q2: Will stakes be pooled together
Answer: The stakes earned in each category will not be pooled together, but rather the tokens in each category will be divided in each category separately. The information about stakes already earned is displayed in your Solarex account and would be updated every 48 hours.
Q3: What is a Stake?
Answer:  A stake is an algorithm used for calculating the total tokens to be given to a participant based on the level of his involvement in a bounty campaign.
Q4: How can one calculate the equivalent amount of tokens earned based on the number of stakes?
Answer: If you interested in Facebook bounty Campaign for example, Facebook bounty campaign has an allocation of 4,200,000SRX tokens. This amount is shared among all participants taking part in the Facebook bounty campaign. Let’s assume they are 5000 participants involved in the Facebook bounty campaign category.
Assuming one has 500 friends, which is equivalent to 5 stakes. You will receive 5 stakes per week if you carry out the entire assigned task. The bounty manager will then add up all the stakes you have for the month.
This is calculated thus: 5X4= 20, when the bounty ends and there are say 12,000 stakes earned by all participants in the Facebook category, the calculation on how to get individual tokens based on individual stakes is done thus:
Total number of tokens allocated in Facebook Category/Total number of participants
4,200,000/12,000= 350 tokens per stake
Now if one has 20 stakes, you will receive 350X20= 7000SRX tokens
Q5: What means can one use in case of questions or assistance?
Answer: Feel free to ask any questions in Solarex Telegram; just in case you have questions regarding the bounty campaign or if you need assistance feel free to contact us.

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May 26, 2018, 04:51:53 AM

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 Everything to use AREPA ● Bolivarcoin (BOLI)● Translator to Spanish  (
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May 26, 2018, 05:00:16 AM

Any bounty for Facebook and Twitter?

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██████   ███████   ██████
 ██████ ██████████ ██████
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    ██████    ██████
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   █████████  █████████
 ██████ ██████████ ██████
██████   ██████   ██████
 ▀███     ██████     ███▀
IMPRESSIO     ▄███████████████▄
     ██             ██
           ██ ██
           ██ ██
       ▄▄█████████▄▄ ▄███▄
    ▄███▀▀       ▀▀████ ▀██▄
  ▄██▀   ▄▄█████▄▄   ▀██▄ ██
 ▄██  ▄███  █  █████▄  ██▄█▀
 ██  ███         █████  ██
██  ██████  ███   █████  ██
██  ██████  ▀▀▀  ▄█████  ██
██  ██████  ▄▄▄▄  █████  ██
██  ██████  ████   ████  ██
 ██  ███          ████  ██
 ▀██  ▀███  █  █████▀  ██▀
  ▀██▄   ▀▀█████▀▀   ▄██▀
    ▀███▄▄       ▄▄███▀
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May 26, 2018, 05:12:49 AM

Green projects have more potentials in resistance for the long term future that they will solve emmergencies in earth planet as whole. And being powered by the Blockchain new technology will surely lead to success if well combining them. Your vision can be extended to reach other energy ecosystemes.
I suggest you seperate the bounty from the ANN thread and announce it independly, this will help manage your thread.

   Read Our WHITEPAPER              (((   BIDIUM   )))         ICO Active  |  JOIN NOW!
Revolutionizing Auction & Freelance Hiring with a Crypto Exchange Powered by Blockchain
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May 26, 2018, 06:32:27 AM

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Thanks for the fast response
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May 26, 2018, 06:45:10 AM

an exciting and useful project for people, a new solution as a cheaper energy provider for everyone. I think this project is profitable for investors. hopefully for good progress and many investors will participate in this project.
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