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Author Topic: Fupoof Coin Pre ICO(bounties transactions)  (Read 354 times)
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June 29, 2017, 06:31:21 PM
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What is Fupoof Coin   ??

A waves based crypto coin with a total supply of 100000 .No more coins can be created .

What makes the  coin unique ?

The coin is not POW or POS but profits from the coin will be payout by dividend to the investors..Eg if you hold 100k coins you get 10% of the profits generator by the coin etc etc

It is  unique but how do i make money?

I planing to have are on unique exchange for cashing out your Fupoof coin .Let say the coin ICO price is  1 euro . IF after 3 months for example you what to cash out your investment go to the exchange and sell your coins .You will receive the ICO price plus whatever profits the coin has made during that time through investments ,Let say all the investments have made a 20% profit during that time .You will be payed out 1.20 euro  for every coin you sell.

This not the only way you can make money however coin will be added to independent exchanges such as cryptopia ,yobit etc etc  where you buy and sell then at market prices potentially making lots  more money .

How will the coin make money ?

There are a number of investments the funds from the ICO will be invested in .Here is a quick breakdown on where the investments will go.
15% bitcoin trading buying/selling  
15%Arbitage betting /Bookmaking
15% Altcoin/Bitcoin Alternative to ebay
15% Coin trading on the exchanges
40% Funds  will be used in future promising ICO are other business investments decided by you the investor

Bitcoin trading eg paxful .
I have over 150 positive trades with no negative  trades done on there I can easily receive 10-20%(there lowball safe  numbers it usually way higher  Cheesy) profit  on every trade on there.

Arbitrage betting /Bookmaking
Fund will be use Arbitrage betting to make guarantee profits all the time .The other  portion of the fund swill be used to take bets on are own  fairlay  markets .We getting a guarantee 1% on all bets traded on the markets plus whatever  long term profits we get from the taking the bets. A safe number will be 5-10 % profits .
Altcoin/Bitcoin Alternative to ebay
How may of you guys are sick of ebay and Paypal ?Well a  online exchange where people can post there items for sale and take altcoins/bitcoins without dealing with any ebay paypal hassle is just what the doctor ordered  .The investment will be used to set up a site and also to buy are own items for cheap and sell then for profits on there .

This is a prove of concept  what the actual  site will look like it will be much pettier and well made .The betting aspect will be move to fairlay site  and completely new site will be made but this will give you  a idea of what i am talking about

Coin trading on the exchanges
To keep to simple were going to buy low and sell high other coins which hold promise no shitcoins .Sick of tired of being left out of the pump and being a bag holder for the dump?. Well with the funds we be doing the pumping and dumping while you just sit back and collect the profit .

40% Funds  will be used in future promising ICO are other business investments decided by you the investor

Here where you guys shine have idea on a ICO, coin business to invest in?Well propose a idea and it will be voted on my The holders .Of course the more holdings u have the votes you will get 1 coin 1 vote per say  .

ICO/ coin  break down how much of the coins/money will be given to investors
60% Investors ICO
15% Being held my Dev/Admin
15%to pay staff ,development and other  expenses etc etc
5% Being withheld to cover the cost of getting on exchanges (yobit / cryptopia)
5%bounties/transactions and  advertising

When will the ICO start how with it run
No set date as of yet but we give you gives plenty of time dont worry  .ICO will be done Dutch auction style .The price will start high and gradually lower till no more coins are left .This should Allow regular people to buy the coin not just whales who get in early .

If your interested on being a member of staff or that are you feel you can add something to the project  give me a pm .

Bounty  transactions reward and breakdowns i will add in a separately on a separate post  





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