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The Madhatter:
Hello all Bitcoiners!

If someone were to create a website to convert Bitcoins to Paxum/Payoneer they'd be a huge success overnight. I'm serious.

What is Paxum/Payoneer?

They are essentially replacements for the now defunct Epassporte. They have APIs that could enable an exchanger (you?) to have reloadable Mastercards mailed out (they handle all the mail for you) to a Bitcoiner and have those physical cards reloaded instantly at any time. Combine this with Mybitcoin, and you'd have a lean, mean, exchanging machine!

Imagine the repeat business? It would be 'off the hook'.

Paxum seems to be the new industry leader with Payoneer as a close 2nd. Both operate from favorable jurisdictions.

I suspect that Paxum is owned by the same people who used to run Epassporte, but I can't prove it.  ::)

I could build this myself and make a killing, but I'd like to put it out there. I don't want to be the largest or only exchanger. :)

The Madhatter

Anyone know if its ATM accessable?

Where can I use your prepaid card?
Our Prepaid MasterCard Card is accepted anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. You can make transactions online or go to a store and make signature based purchases just like you would do with any other regular MasterCard card. You can also use your Paxum Prepaid MasterCard Card to withdraw money from any ATM around the world.


The Madhatter:
Yes! They work at ATMs.

Quote from: The Madhatter on December 02, 2010, 01:07:06 AM

Yes! They work at ATMs.

Very nice...  bitcoin-to-ATM would be fantastic.

Making bitcoin successful involves a lot of this "last mile" type of solution.


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