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Author Topic: [ANN] TOKENIZEME Platform - Tokenizing individuals and businesses  (Read 83 times)
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February 20, 2018, 09:59:31 PM


There has been big HYPE around blockchain technology, although it’s main use still remains mostly monetary - cryptocurrencies. Even if there is any technically effective blockchain solution made, it will still have to go through rocky path of market penetration and compete with existing market solutions, which already own a market share. Will those projects survive the competition? Most of them certainly won’t, becasue: 1. In most cases there is no real competitve advantage 2. The technology they offer is incomplete and will take many years to develop and integrate - you can not stay competitive with slow production. The hard true is that 99,9% of innovative blockchain projects will perish once they will run off investor’s money or earlier. The idea of tokenizeme platform is not to reinvent the wheel, but use and strengthen blockchain’s most common use - personal and corporate money.

Idea’s background and market problems

Being introduced to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the beginning of 2017 and working for blockchain related project (raised 10 mln $ in 20 seconds) I got a vision of market problems, which resulted into willingness to develop tokenizeme platform, as an effective solution.

1 Absense of full service ICO solution for projects - B2B

Launching own token is not a problem, you can do it in few minutes using Waves or little longer using Ethereum platform. The problem starts when you want to sell it (tokensale stage). In order to attract investors you have to pay for: ppc advertisment (google, facebook), listings, media, technical support, legal, securtiy, advisors and eventually for adding token on the exchange. There is no a real solution, where you could get it all in one place, paid or for free. Tokensale budgets today vary from 100 000 $ up to 3 mln $ and more, depending on the token sale goals, availibility of mvp (minimum viable product), team’s expertise and overall project credibility.

The idea behind this opportunity is simple: offer a solution where you could launch, advertise and sell ur tokens to the investors in one place.

Further goal within b2b business model is to mainly concentrate on already running businesses, in the countries with a high corporate bank loans interest rates and provide local businesses with the funding opportunity, using tokenizeme platform.

2 Absense of ICO solutions for individuals - B2C

Once the infrastructure for investors and projects is developed, it will be also used for individual ICO’s. What is the difference between corporate and individual token? None, as long as it grows in price. Why would someone make personal ICO? The main reason is - funding. Funds could be used for new project to be lauched, content, volunteering, charity or other activities. Initial goal is to target famous individuals as bloggers, sportsmen or celebrities. This target auditory is more transparent as well as has more credibility. Why would personal token potentially rise in price? Based on optimistic expectations, as with projects, or because on using buy and burn model. Buy and burn model means that this certain individual will be obliged to buy partially or all of his or her tokens back and burn them, once his or her personal goal is reached. Individuals could choose, which model is more suitable while launching their tokens.

The idea behind this opportunity is also simple - tokenize individuals.

3 Crypto entitities farm

The idea is to provide game like environment, where you could create, grow and sell entities like cryptokitties were, but with much wider range. This is mostly done in order to stimulate platfom’s main token demand.

4 Mostly speculative demand for cryptocurrencies

One of the problems behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that their price growth is mainly based on speculative demand, without any real use of token. The goal of platform is to back its main token with real demand, by providing funding to individuals and businesses.
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February 20, 2018, 10:15:55 PM

Token and Tokensale

Token types

1 Main token (BTK) with limited emission - 21 000 000 pieces

Will be added and traded on the exchanges, after tokensale, as well as registered as security within US law.

20% Team (Founders, CTO, Board, Advisors)
32% Reserve & Platform’s expenses
48% Sale

2 Internal platform’s token (FM) - unlimitted emission, 1 FM will have equal value to 1 US dollar.

Will act as internal platform’s currency and used for internal needs only.

Will not be added on exchanges.

3 Private tokens - will be released as a result of business or individual ICO

In order to buy any private or business token, which would be launched on the platform, investors would have to first buy main token BTK. This is how token’s demand will be stimulated.

Token sale stages:


1 BTK = 1 US dollar
1 000 000 tokens to be sold (all the unsold tokens will be kept and offered on the next token sale stage)

Use of funds:
hiring a team
starting to develop mvp (minimum viable product)
Pre-ICO activities


1 BTK =  5 US dollars
2 000 000 BTK tokens to be sold

Use of funds:
platform development
SEC registration
ICO activities
relocation of the team to US


1 BTK = 10 US dollars
7 800 000 BTK offered

Use of funds:
platform development and support
product expansion

telegram channel: @tokenizeme
telegram chat: @tokenizemechat
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