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Author Topic: Thought experiment  (Read 5326 times)
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September 28, 2017, 03:32:18 AM

that indeed is the only current solution. it would cost billions upon billions of $.
i really hope satoshi nakamoto uses his 1m btc to make this idea a reality!

Why should Satoshi use his 1m btc to make this idea a reality?
Why should anybody waste his money for this idea?

What would be the result?
Everybody on earth would own one coin of a new currency.
This will not invalidate the old currencies.
Rich people stay rich, poor people stay poor.

I don't see any benefit for this. Or am I missing something?
you wrote benefit yourself and dont see benefit?
"Rich people stay rich, poor people stay poor."
exactly to change that fact.
satoshi may do this because he never touched own btc and acted very altruistic all the way.
i believe this his great vision: everybody have crypto equal.
sure would not invalidate other crypto. but satoshi supported coin with equal distrubution and adoption of lets say 50 - 90% would be insane value.

If I understood you correctly, you think, that one coin distributed to each person on earth would change, that poor people are poor.
I think, this will not change anything. You cannot make poor people get rich (or at least wealthy) with this methode.

Ok, let's do some math.
Lets's assume, that Satoshi is a really nice person and donate his 1m btc to create a new currency which is worth 1m btc.
With the current price of about 4000$ per Bitcoin, the market cap of this new coin would be 1,000,000 * 4,000$ = 4,000,000,000$.
At the moment there are about 7.5 billion people on earth. When each of them get one coin, this one coin would be worth 4,000.000.000 / 7,500,000,000 = 0.53$.
This calculation does not include the cost which would be needed to give each person one coin. If you would also calculate those costs, every coin would represent a big debt.

So, this would not change anything. Even with a price of 100,000$ per BTC such a new coin would only be worth 13.33$.

The new currency you want to spread out need to have a significant value to change anything. But this value does not come from thin air. Someone need to invest in it to give it the value it needs.
Just giving one coin to each person would not give this coin any value.

As much as I would love to see a better distribution of wealth, in the real world this will never happen. And unfortunatly this idea cannot work.
But prove me wrong. Maybe you have a better idea to give this coin the value it needs.
hello kors,
sadly your argumenting very good.
maybe you right. even if 1btc = 10m$, every person only 1333$. uhh! not very much.
maybe only way for better wealth is better access to trade via cryptocurrency. plus education of course. always education is most important. internet = free worldwide education, crypto = free worldwide payment access.
in long term i believe in solving.
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