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Author Topic: [ANN][ICO]Gamerbits Asian eSports ICO Capped Limited, w/ MaidSafe CS  (Read 698 times)
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Gamerbits -- Limited $900k ICO --

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August 07, 2017, 05:45:56 PM

Good day to everyone, we are the international marketing team for Gamerbits (GBTS) ( and we are excited to announce our currency project & limited (capped) crowdsale that is starting soon!


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Gamerbits Vision

The vision and goal of this currency project is to pursue untapped potential in the eSports / video gaming industry, by dedicating ourselves to customizing / translating software, pursuing partnerships, providing sponsorships, organizing events, to bring (our) cryptocurrency to the forefront of the ever-growing, billion-dollar competitive gaming Industry. Our focused vision includes many plans around China and other parts of Asia, which makes up over half of the total revenue in this industry.

The Token

Gamerbits (GBTS) is an Ethereum-based ec20 token. Previous, testing versions were created using the Bitcoin blockchain, on the Omni Protocol, and additional tests were done with Litecoin. However, Ethereum was finally chosen as our platform of choice, for its speed, efficiency and easy integration into many cryptocurrency exchanges online.

The Market

Thus far, no major eSports currency has taken a dominant market share in the billion dollar eSports Industry, and we at Gamerbits feel that it is because none of them had the vision, partnerships or familiarity with the Asian markets to do so. That is where we come in. Gamerbits is focusing its vision on several of the video game titles with the largest cash prizes and followings, and certain countries including North America, China, Vietnam and several others, and onto more countries and titles as the future progresses.

As can be seen above, the market for eSports is massive and only growing, as the younger demographic takes an increasingly large foothold in the global economy, and gains an ever-increasing share of purchasing power. Therefore, the potential for a currency that caters to this growing group is massive, with total market capitalizations that dwarf entire other industries.

Tournament Prize Pools

Tournament Prize Pools are a major market pull for a decentralized, quickly settling currency without middlemen, especially in developing countries and currencies facing currency manipulation, like many in Asia with China being the most notable in that respect. Gamerbits constantly iterates its wallets and software to be more user-friendly to Tournament Organizers, and the Gamerbits Foundation will take charge of many initiatives to bring the currency into the hands of gamers through tournament prize pools. One major way this will happen is by taking the Microsoft approach of first giving free wallets loaded with Gamerbits as bonuses to tournament organizers, to give for free as an added bonus to players who win their tournaments. Then, after enough of this happens over time and a network effect is achieved, the organizers will themselves purchase Gamerbits to supply to the players on their own.

The eSports tournament prize pools are only getting larger, with the upcoming Dota 2 “The International” championship boasting well over $22 million dollars now, only part way through its total prize fill period, and several large tournaments of this size happen every year, with many large instances in China. Even one of these prize pools could boost Gamerbits ICO ROI by more than 22x (2200%+), and several of these happen every single year, only increasing in size. Therefore, there is massive upside potential, even when looking only at this currency use-case.

Betting Websites

Cryptocurrency & betting were made for each other, as this type of money offers the anonymity, security, frictionless settlement, and ease of use that betting markets have desired for so long. Gamerbits Wallet v2 is designed to feature many tools for wagering on any type of event—even on your own matches against others—and tap into this massive market. Our general theme wallet could offer this to the masses, and tap into the mega multi-billion dollar global wagering market that extends much farther than only eSports, with the Gamerbits winnings offering unique discounts on gaming gear, tickets, and much more.

Amateur / Micro Tournaments

Despite not being there the largest majority of funding is sent, Amateur Tournaments still represent a massive amount of capital in the eSports Industry, and are much easier to approach, sponsor, and integrate into in a short period of time. These are where we have been able to conduct most of our client testing over the past few years, and will continue to be a hotbed for testing new features, finding / sponsoring local talent, and fine-tuning our software before taking it mainstream, while still gaining large grass-roots followings which still boost our currency valuation impressively.

Ticket Sales / Merchandise

These are a further bonus where Gamerbits can provide exclusive perks to its holders & users, that more mainstream currencies can not. The Gamerbits Foundation will use its current & future partnerships to arrange discounts on ticket sales and third-party merchandise being sold at eSports events, which will create further demand and usage of the currency, as the merchandise / ticket sellers gain appreciation on their Gamerbits digital assets (unlike their ever-inflating fiat currencies), while the players spending Gamerbits are allowed a discount on many things at tournament venues.

Retail Mobile / Console Game Integration

As can be seen by the final graph on the bottom right, the more major retail sales of video games, mobile games, and computer games dwarf the competitive scene ultimately, and integration into as many mobile apps, console games and other massively-played titles is key to success outside of the eSports market. While eSports is a much more accessible market to enter, and still provides massive room for ICO ROI growth by many magnitudes, the long-term goal of Gamerbits includes breaking inot the more mainstream retail sales of video games, beginning with Asian partnerships. As can be seen by the bottom-left graph, the Asian markets already make up the majority of this, and other video-game related markets worldwide.

Block Explorer Leaderboards

Many currenct cryptocurrencies offer ways of viewing the current richest address lists that show the addresses that hold the highest amount of the coin. Gamerbits will be no different, as v1.0 of the Gamerbits Block Explorer will have this functionality (customizes to several games, as the wallet already is; test it here), but will have the added bonus of being a global leaderboard for gamers, which will be further broken down into sections for particular video games, to cater to those audiences. Therefore, this will mark the first time that a cryptocurrency has been used to keep global rank in the eSports Industry, and will foster even more growth and demand for Gamerbits.

Years ago we completed tests of this “Richest List” functionality with the Bitcoin Omni Protocol, and it was a great success at a local event where we created a competition where the tournament winner would receive the test currency, and have their vanity address displayed on the top of the leaderboard. Several tornaments went by and the system caused many more competitors to arrive and compete even harder for even the un-marketable currency, which proved that the leaderboard alone was enough of a
driving force to encourage further use of our currency, without economic incentives at all.

ICO Start Date – 7/26/17 0:00 UTC

The Gamerbits ICO will begin on July 26th, 2017 at midnight, 0:00 UTC. It will continue for four weeks, until August 26th, 2017 midnight 0:00 UTC, but may stop early because the coins are limited and may be sold out at any time before that. There are many investors from many parts of the world already, most notably China & North America, who have been notified of the sale going live. No investment has been made thus far, and will not be made until the ICO investment round mentioned above. Materials such as translated documents, videos from our executive team, and other marketing materials will be distributed through our Weibo, Baidu, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Youku, Telegram, Slack and other channels before, during and after this investment period.

Limited ICO - $900,000 USD Maximum

90,000,000 (divisible) Gamerbits will be sold during this ICO, at a price of $0.01 each.

The ICO crowdsale will end when this number is reached, as calculated per our ICO Documents.

Secure Addresses

Our ICO Addresses will be advertised on our website, which will be under the protection of CDN with CloudFlare, as well as other security procedures. The addresses will be posted there when the sale begins at 0:00 UTC 7/26/17, and at that point the coins will be sold on a first-come first-serve basis until they are sold out, or until 4 weeks passes. For further security, you may cross-reference the addresses with those listed by the “Gamerbits” account (team owner) on the official Slack channel here, as well as the admin “gbits” account on our secured forums, available at Addresses across all 3 of those sites should always match, as there will be only one address per currency for the duration of the sale, although several of the addresses may accept multiple currencies, such as the Ethereum addresses also accepting ec20 tokens, and the Bitcoin address also accepting Omni assets such as MaidSafeCoin and others.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies

We have a variety of cryptocurrency purchasing options available, which will each have their Gamerbits ICO addresses displayed on our website during the crowdsale period. The following is our current list of accepted cryptocurrencies, and we may accept more if convincing enough reasons are given on our Forum Discussions:

1st Gold Medal for eSports

Although it had already been demonstrated and tested in the 2018 Asian Olympic Games (held in Indonesia), 2022 marks the first time in history that eSports will be a Gold Medal Event. This is very fortunate, as our CEO and several of our executives live in various parts of China, and have already begun reaching out for partnerships around each of the 44 venues that these games will take place at. Although much information is still yet to be released, we have as much of a head start as anyone can have in these proceedings and dealings. It will present massive upside potential for Gamerbits to be included, advertised and catered to the audience and players involved in these games.

Our wallet software for the 2022 Olympic Games is already complete and functional and can be tested at this link here, while the strictly Chinese fully translated version may be tested here. We have gone above and beyond to bring this software to the Asian languages even farther than it was designed to be, and this is the software that we are bringing to our Chinese investors and partners as we proceed in this area. It has proved to be a very unique bargaining chip in our negotiations and has led to many doors opening to us for the 2022 games, and many events that will happen much sooner.

Gamerbits Team

The Gamerbits Team is made up of many international contractors currently, and a large part of why we are seeking funding is to bring many of them on as full-time staff. We have achieved very much with part-time workers and very little funding of our own, and are excited to increase our output by magnitudes following a successful crowdsale, to develop further versions of the Gamerbits Wallet / Explorer, and expand our online & in-person global reach many times over, to boost the currency adoption rates and market capitalization by many orders of magnitude.

Our full company info can be seen on our website, along with many team members’ portfolios and past works. Our company advisors and partnerships are also visible there, as well as other information pertinent to our organization.

MaidSafe Encrypted Cold Storage App with YouTube Demo Video

We have received a great deal of support from our friends at MaidSafe Asia, MaidSafe Global, and MaidSafe Korea, and have received constant mentorship as we created our completely open source Cold Storage App, that allows Gamerbits holders to securely store their private keys or any important data easily to MaidSafe's p2p serverless, distributed and encrypted internet. This is a major breakthrough, and Gamerbits will utilize MaidSafe's technology in the future, as China is a major investor and user of MaidSafe's uncensorsble internet technology. We are excited for MaidSafe's launch out of Alpha.

Video Demo of Gamerbits MaidSafe App:


Bitboy™ is our trademarked mascot, and the public figure that represents Gamerbits to the world. He was first featured in the Javascript browser-based game on our crowdsale website, where he has to collect Ethereum and avoid the obstacles, and later appeared in our whitepaper headers, marketing marterials, and brand assets page. His mission is to get Gamerbits to #1 on CoinMarketCap and he keeps running, jumping, and promoting Gamerbits until his mission is complete. He will be featured in many ads, and the simple design will be easy to get the message across to a wide, international user base. In addition to the marketing materials, he is expected to appear in his own short videos and graphic novels, along with sponsored fan-fiction appearances around the world.


Join our Forums, Slack, Telegram, WeChat, Subreddit,
/GamerbitsF]Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Youku, and more!

Looking forward to a successful project together

Gamerbits Limited $900k ICO Asian eSports GBITS.IO
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August 07, 2017, 05:48:27 PM

its new thread?

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August 07, 2017, 05:49:24 PM

That website looks like a 5th grader made it back in the 90's.  Are you trolling?  The use of this choice of header really sums out the future of this token:

Gamerbits Vision

How am I supposed to trust your vision if I can't even *read* that ^ nonsense...
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Gamerbits -- Limited $900k ICO --

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August 07, 2017, 05:54:56 PM

Hello what do you dislike about the image? Your response was very quick, we just posted this, have you had time to read into our technology or was this a knee jerk reaction? We worry about those reactions, and please read the materials before making a decision. The manner of your words were impolite but we look forward to discussing more with you, thank you.

Gamerbits Limited $900k ICO Asian eSports GBITS.IO
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Gamerbits -- Limited $900k ICO --

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August 07, 2017, 05:57:17 PM

its new thread?

Hello kaneki, yes this is a new thread, as our project has evolved since the ICO start a week ago, and we now also have a MaidSafe encrypted cold storage application to announce, so an additional thread was needed to combine all the changes and updates. Thanks!

Gamerbits Limited $900k ICO Asian eSports GBITS.IO
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August 07, 2017, 09:31:58 PM

its new thread?

Hello kaneki, yes this is a new thread, as our project has evolved since the ICO start a week ago, and we now also have a MaidSafe encrypted cold storage application to announce, so an additional thread was needed to combine all the changes and updates. Thanks!

Maybe you need to check your so called secured and working site.

I have intention to buy some tokens, and clicking on "JOIN CROWDSALE":

is getting 404

Not Found

The requested URL /crowdsale-.html was not found on this server.

Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 443

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