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Author Topic: How to transfer eth from blockchain to other address (wallet or exchange)  (Read 80 times)
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December 03, 2017, 03:19:15 PM
Last edit: December 04, 2017, 04:45:06 PM by serendipity969

For whose want to use an external wallet this is the procedure to transfer paid balance  from blockchain to external wallet or exchange. I need this procedure and i didn’t find anywhere this steps. Firstly I try to ask this to the support team of but all the answers from support was copy-paste from general FAQ.  So I decide to help with this tutorial, saving time for others.

Fisrt of all, open the File Explorer and use menu View- Options- Change folder and view options – View – Hidden files and folders and  check the box "Show hidden files,folders,or drives"
Go to your computer ( mining computer ) into directory  ( for windows 10)  ThisPC/logical_disk/users/user_name/AppData/Roaming/geth/keystore  and find the file with name like this : UTC—year-month-day………………………………   ( ex : UTC—2017-10-03T07-55-08.270501900Z …………. ) . The size of this file is about 1kB.  Save this file into safe place – this file contain the private key of yout blockchain wallet. You can use it to recovery you wallet so be sure you copy into safe place!!!
Logical_disk may be c: or d: or network drive
User_name  -  user name declared on Windows  instalation ex : John, Administrator, User, Student, etc

STEP 2 :
Be sure in  your miner address, ethermine or other pool , the id must begin with 0x  like this one :  0xg1513968f6b6c8b97b7394fab52db6bf2f9e1739

Identify your destination id address from your wallet or exchange. The form of this must be like upper pattern.
!!!!!! Verify twice this address because, if is wrong, you transfer money to other one and this procedure is irreversible !!!!!!!

STEP 3 :

On the miner computer, open a new command windows ( win button+x - Command prompt Admin ) and type geth --rpc then pres enter

STEP 4 :

Open and firstly verify your balance on the meniu View wallet info . Check the Keystore / JSON File, then , when “Select wallet file” appear, select from your secret location the file you have saved previously. Introduce the password,  then click on UNLOCK button, and in few seconds you have the information about you blockchain wallet. On  “Account balance” you have the maximum amount to transfer ( don’t forget the fees ( platform requires min 0.01 eth for this fee)  - it depends of the load of blockchain).

STEP 5 :
Using the meniu  “Send Ether & Tokens “  check again the box “Keystore/ JASON File” , select again your wallet file, introduce the password and press UNLOCK .
Into the field “To Address”  copy the wallet destination address
Into the field “Amount to Send ” introduce the amount of money you want to transfer ( use " ." for decimals)
The Gas Limit  field is already fix, if you want change is possible.
Press  the “Generate Transaction” button and on screen appear the “Raw Transaction” and “Signed Transation” both encrypted with your private key.
Click on “Send Transaction”  button and one pop-up windows appear summarizing the transaction. Verify again the addresses  and the amount of eth, and if you are sure, send  the transaction.

Normally, the transaction is instantly, so verify in your wallet the amount you have transferred , eventually verify again the block chain wallet info .

I hope this tutorial will help you,  and if you appreciate the effort …………

Eth : 0x6402eeBF31055beAff1A9FdD735c5dAac41B661D
Dcr :  DsVbk4p5UooR1c3y5YbcZRaEB7JBtBtJ1Vy
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