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Author Topic: Do we have a potential fraudster among us?  (Read 4496 times)
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July 21, 2013, 12:48:29 PM

I've spaced out the links in advance because the forum replaces them as "phishing". Obviously, don't go to the bloody links.

This was as much of the chat logs as I could salvage.

chipug how is it HIS site then? i thought it was yours? 16:42
realhacker my site is bitcoi 16:42
s1d2a3h4 Ugh... you can really notice summer, this is getting full of people with too much free time trying to troll. 16:42
realhacker i think it was someone from here from referrer info 16:42
anonymous9 lol realhacker 16:42
anonymous9 realhacker: that's a phishing link. 16:42
chipug right well going by the confusion i think safe to say no one here so bai then +0.02 16:42
Aero i'm off to bed CoinChatter02, talk to you tomorrow +0.02 16:42
krishna nuke 16:42
realhacker you all like this devin guy, so yeah 16:42
darko55 Sweet thanks chipug thats really helpful. +0.02 16:42
DiamondCardz realhacker: Want to give me your IP so I can show you what a DoS is? Also, I doubt anyone here is able to DDoS 16:43
DiamondCardz Considering you need a botnet for a DDoS. 16:43
chipug no probs, i know nothing either but i know folk that do. sailing boats right? 16:43
realhacker you dont need the ip 16:43
realhacker you know the site 16:43
realhacker ;) 16:43
DiamondCardz Not that site. 16:43
DiamondCardz YOUR. IP. 16:43
realhacker why not? 16:43
realhacker 16:43
realhacker thats my hostname 16:43
DiamondCardz sighs 16:43
devinthedev #1 No one likes me ;) #2 Please don't target me. #3 It's illegal in the US and you'd be DDos attacking Godaddy. +0.2 (nice)  16:43
realhacker 16:44
realhacker heres my ip 16:44
realhacker have fun dude 16:44
DiamondCardz Funny, because I have no plans to DoS you 16:44
darko55 Your fake ip. 16:44
realhacker no people are ddossing MY site bitcoin-t 16:44
DiamondCardz whois 16:44
realhacker and the person who done it came from this site 16:44
devinthedev My domain is currently parked. I didn't change the name servers yet. You'd be DDos attacking Godaddy servers. 16:44
realhacker so im just warning you all 16:44
DiamondCardz 16:44
darko55 is your websites ip. 16:44
realhacker yeah have fun ;P 16:44
DiamondCardz OrgName: Echo Online Internet Inc. OrgId: ECOL Address: 2600 Skymark Avenue Address: Building 9 - Suite 201 City: Mississauga StateProv: ON PostalCode: L4W-5B2 Country: CA RegDate: Updated: 2013-04-19 Ref: 16:45
DiamondCardz Doesn't match with your "hostname" +0.06 16:45
krishna wel. we are warned happy? 16:45
realhacker have fun again 16:45
DiamondCardz Nice lie. 16:45
realhacker hostname is MY IP not MY SERVER dumbass 16:45
krishna why are we still listening to realhacker 's rants? 16:45
krishna mute realhacker +0.05 16:45
DiamondCardz Funny, because I asked for your IP, so you give me the phishing sites server 16:46
realhacker anyway, its stopped now, but if it happens again, the ddosser is from this site 16:46
DiamondCardz That's funny. 16:46
realhacker i didnt I gave you my ip dude 16:46
realhacker 16:46
realhacker hostname was the .se thing 16:46
realhacker ;P 16:46
DiamondCardz Pfff, do you visit HF by any chance? 16:46
CoinChatter02 My IP address is 257.392.459.999 16:46
realhacker hf is for children 16:46
DiamondCardz You are a child. +0.04 16:46
realhacker lulz chipug 16:46
realhacker CoinChatter02 *** 16:46
chipug how do you know they came from here realhacker ? 16:46
good2go Hi friends 16:47
krishna admin: please do something about realhacker +0.02 16:47
DiamondCardz krishna: No. 16:47
realhacker I checked my logs, that IP clicked on a link from this site 16:47
Sorath CoinChatter02: are you not afraid of revealing your ip adress? 16:47
darko55 Yeah realhacker; how do you know you didn't piss someone else off? 16:47
krishna why not DiamondCardz ? 16:47
CoinChatter02 Sorath: I did. 16:47
realhacker NOW FUCK ALL OF YOU IM OUT 16:47
devinthedev He'd be shutting down Godaddy servers. +0.06 16:47
realhacker what the fuck does godaddy have to do with this????? 16:48
good2go do u know if he gave a fake ip? 16:48
realhacker somebody dosssed my vps 16:48
realhacker they flooded apache2 with connections 16:48
chipug lulz @ what realhacker ..i think i missed summat 16:48
realhacker i didnt mean to quote you chipug 16:48
krishna realhacker: we get that. what makes you think someone from here did it? 16:48
chipug oh lol i was totally lost there 16:48
seakazoo um... what the hell is going on? I click a different window for a few minutes and come back to this? 16:48
realhacker somebody clicked on link form here 16:48
good2go Whats going on here? 16:49
realhacker there ip then dossed me 16:49
realhacker simple 16:49
realhacker so its one of you guys 16:49
chipug i dont even know hw thats done dude 16:49
realhacker they have since stopped though 16:49
realhacker so they copped on 16:49
DiamondCardz That's your IP? 16:49
DiamondCardz I call bullshit. 16:49
DiamondCardz 16:49
s1d2a3h4 realhacker you're flooding, guy, make your sentences larger :( +0.02 16:49
realhacker lol! DiamondCardz I drop pings you idiot 16:49
DiamondCardz Either your IP service is shit or that's a fake IP. 16:49
DiamondCardz You drop pings? Lmao +0.2 (nice)  16:50
realhacker ping the real 16:50
DiamondCardz So you're scared, huh? 16:50
realhacker do it 16:50
realhacker no its called a fucking firewall 16:50
realhacker and everyone should have one 16:50
krishna s1d2a3h4: he's trollong,abusing etc. 16:50
DiamondCardz Firewalls don't always auto-drop pings +0.04 16:50
realhacker yes they do when you configure them to drop everything that isnt port 80 16:50
DiamondCardz Dropping a 32-byte ping is fucking pointless. 16:50
realhacker no its not you fucking asshole 16:50
realhacker you dont know shit honestly 16:51
realhacker nobody can tell if im online or not 16:51
krishna stop cussing 16:51
realhacker nobody can ddoss me by ping 16:51
chipug im interested. realhacker i think you wouldve gotten further here if you came on and hjust said look this has happened and i think the person was from here. we would all be like wow lets find out but youre alienating people that wouldve helped you 16:51
krishna good point chipug :) 16:51
realhacker look its a phishing site, obviously somebody is pissed I hacked devins shit 16:52
chipug i think its awful youve been ddossed or whatever but its shit you come on like this. dont be pissed off at everyone. if someone is hacking shit, shouldnt we ALL know about it? +0.02 16:52
realhacker so there we go, hes stopped now 16:52
realhacker i wasnt ddossed btw my site bitcoin-t was 16:52
krishna realhacker: Here's a question: Why did you hack devinthedev ? +0.05 16:52
DiamondCardz realhacker: How old are you? 16:52
realhacker krishna: for BTC 16:52
chipug you know what i mean dont be so pedantic +0.05 16:52
DiamondCardz krishna: He's an extortionist 16:52
realhacker krishna: its a job 16:52
DiamondCardz "for BTC"? Lolno, it's funny that you'd commit a felony for $20 +0.04 16:52
realhacker and dont fuck with my job whoever you are 16:52
DiamondCardz A job? Get a fucking real job 16:53
CoinChatter02 Chipug: I love use of the word pedantic. 16:53
krishna realhacker: I bet u made a lot of friends huh? 16:53
realhacker DiamondCardz: you think devin was the only one? 16:53
realhacker hhaha 16:53
CoinChatter02 Just ignore realhacker -- everyone just ignore the guy. +0.02 16:53
DiamondCardz Every sentence you say makes me more fucking tempted to bring down a real DDoS on you +0.04 16:53
chipug CoinChatter02: me too lol +0.02 16:53
realhacker go to bitcointalk and ask them about my site 16:53
chipug no 16:53
CoinChatter02 chipug: it's a great word. :) 16:53
krishna realhacker: U sure it wasn't one of your other "friends"? 16:53
DiamondCardz admin: Are you able to see realhacker's IP? 16:53
realhacker krishna: they clicked on a link from coinchat and then dossed 16:53
chipug if youd come here and just told me about it instead of shouting and swearing at me i would listen more realhacker 16:54
realhacker simple 16:54
krishna ok 16:54
chipug simple 16:54
Shinodan Is that fuckin prick hacker back again? 16:54
realhacker i dont want you to listen, i just wanted the person to stop and they did, so nice one 16:54
realhacker byebye 16:54
realhacker also that IP isnt mine im not dumb 16:54
realhacker and I only use TOR + VPN 16:54
chipug dont ask to go to your site then 16:54
DiamondCardz What a surprise, lmao. 16:54
Shinodan You are dumb 16:54
krishna Wow. 16:54
krishna I'm surprised 16:55
chipug its the opposite of what youre saying now 16:55
DiamondCardz >>ping bitcoin-t 16:55
admin Nuke on sight. done. 16:55
chipug <3 16:55
krishna admin: A little late. 16:55
krishna :) 16:55
DiamondCardz It's funny, he threatened to do something if one of us "DDoSes his site again" 16:55
Shinodan Lmao for real? 16:55
DiamondCardz something being...I don't even remember, most of it was empty 16:55
DiamondCardz Actually, him saying that makes me more tempted to do just that. 16:56
admin Hmm, I might even go on hackforums and pay someone to ddos that site. 16:56
Shinodan He's just trying to start shit haha 16:56
CoinChatter02 Ohs noes. I'm skeerd. 16:56
DiamondCardz admin: Exactly my thoughts 16:56
chamacua cybervandals, cat get enough of them (NOT) 16:56
DiamondCardz HF is excellent 16:56
krishna "its a job" 16:56
DiamondCardz I think he's confused, he probably treats his hacking as extra income and his "job" consists of welfare checks 16:57
CoinChatter02 DiamondCardz: Can someone still get Employee of the Month on welfare? :) 16:58
chamacua ha ha ha admin, you should just so he knows who he is messing with! 16:58
chamacua Hackforums rule, theres always someone eager to hack! 16:58
DiamondCardz So tempting to attempt to ping using a 65,537 byte packet, lmao 16:58
krishna guys. wanna play #lottery? 16:58
DiamondCardz I bet he hasn't even disabled ICMP 16:59
krishna ENough about that dweeeb. New Topic 16:59
CoinChatter02 Howly cow #moobot, the ad is showing TheBitcoinCard? Is this for real? I want one! 17:00
DiamondCardz I believe the phishing site is being hit atm 17:00
DiamondCardz Look at my 32-byte ping stats. 17:00
Atheist i got the phone call i wanted - the government *IS* going to give me 25,000$ and not ask me to pay it back, ever 17:00
Atheist suddenly, loving government 17:00
DiamondCardz just remember where them taxes come from 17:00
diamondshit DiamondCardz: you do realize when I ment when I said I drop EVERYTHING? LOL! your such an idiot its no even funny! :D 17:01
DiamondCardz j/k enjoy yo' free money 17:01
Atheist yes. from me. for the last 20 years. 17:01
CoinChatter02 Atheist: I guess you can be an anarchist any more! :) 17:01
DiamondCardz diamondshit, LMAO that's funny. 17:01
DiamondCardz Even funnier because it didn't drop "everything" +0.1 17:01
Atheist i never really was an anarchist; maybe when i was young, but as you get older... you realize society DOES have its benefits ;) 17:01
diamondshit ;) 17:01
DiamondCardz a 75% loss is not everything 17:01
DiamondCardz I better be seeing a 100% loss within 5 minutes, kid, or i'll get someone to make it 100% loss +0.04 17:01
diamondshit iptables block all inputs but port 80 17:01
diamondshit its everything dude 17:01
CoinChatter02 Atheist: exactly :P 17:02
Atheist regardless, i'm going to college for free 17:02
DiamondCardz I'd like to see what your phishing site can do vs THE POWER OF MONEY +0.1 17:02
Atheist yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 17:02
anonymous9 yay 17:02
chamacua Is Diamondshit = realhacker? +0.02 17:03
anonymous9 ya 17:03

Interesting, isn't it? Just going to leave these chat logs here. It was on CoinChat.

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July 21, 2013, 01:08:06 PM

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