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Author Topic: [BOUNTY][ICO] COTI - $232.5k tokens + Unlimited amount of tokens for referrals  (Read 222 times)
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Coti - Currency Of The Internet

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March 18, 2018, 04:49:30 PM
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Total Bounty Pool: $232.5k worth of COTI tokens
+ Unlimited amount of tokens for referrals

COTI the currency of the Internet, is the first digital currency built for payment. Backed by Processing power house,, top investors and with elite management of industry veterans, COTI  is tapping into a huge market

COTI is starting its official bounty campaign. The campaign will reward its supporters with $232.5k worth of COTI tokens and an uncapped amount of tokens for referrals . The program will run until the end of the ICO. Rewards will be distributed 60 days after the token sale ends. In order to participate in the COTI bounty campaign Bounty Hunters must submit their work through the bounty management platform.

COTI laid the foundation for providing its payment services to individuals and merchants globally, with over 10,000 merchants in process, ready to accept COTI as a valid form of payment.

What is COTI?

Our Vision:

Commerce is evolving. A few years from now, digital currencies will play a central role in our lives, replacing coins, cash, cards and cheques. They will enable us to transact more easily, more cost-effectively and with greater security than ever before.

COTI aspires to bring about this change by becoming the Currency of the Internet – the first digital currency to achieve widespread adoption in consumer transactions

Our mission:

To make digital currencies widely used for payments by offering an ecosystem that is:

▪Useful: COTI is digital currency that is built specifically for payments, by combining the best of traditional payments with the best of digital currencies.

▪Zero-fee: Individuals never incur fees paying with COTI, while merchants incur low-to-zero fees depending on their behavior over time.

▪Instant: COTI settles transactions instantly and scales to process tens-of-thousands of transactions per second.

▪Fraud-resistant: As the first digital currency with built-in mediation measures, COTI protects individuals and merchants from their own errors and from fraud.

▪Compliant: COTIis non-anonymous, committed to anti-money laundering, and ready to adapt to regulatory changes.

Coti aspires to be known by every individual and merchant as the the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective and most reliable way to pay.

Earn COTI by performing bounty tasks

How to participate
We will distribute over $230k worth of COTI tokens to Bounty Hunters. Our bounty program is composed of the following tasks: Articles, Bitcointalk signatures, Facebook likes, Twitter retweets and YouTube videos.

To contribute, Bounty hunters must visit and submit their completed bounties under the ‘COTI’ tab. The submissions will be checked and rewards will be automatically paid out 6 weeks after our ICO ends.

As an extra, we are offering contributors to the COTI bounty campaign, the ability to receive a referral code. Bounty Hunters can claim a referral code at and promote it anywhere they want. Bounty Hunters will receive a 2.5%commission every time an investor uses the code to contribute during the ICO period. Investors that use a referral code will also be awarded an additional 2.5% discount.

Submit completed bounties on Bounty0x
Bounty0x is a platform to coordinate decentralized workforce. We decided to use it for our bounty campaign to make it easier for Bounty Hunters to submit their work and to receive rewards.

COTI Bounty Campaign Reward Distribution:

Articles: 25%
Bitcointalk signatures: 25%
Facebook: 20%
Twitter: 15%
YouTube: 15%

{NEW} Referral code bounties: UNLIMITED / UNCAPPED

Facebook, 20% or $46.5k worth of COTI tokens

In the Facebook bounty, contributors are rewarded for actively liking COTI’s posts. In order to be eligible for the reward, bounty hunters need to also like the official COTI Facebook account.
+100 friends and profile set to ‘public’ : 100 facebook_stakes per week

Twitter, 15% or $34.87k worth of COTI tokens

In the Twitter bounty, contributors are rewarded for actively retweeting COTI’s tweets. In order to be eligible for the reward, bounty hunters need to follow the official COTI twitter account.
100 - 499 followers: 50 twitter_stakes per week
500 - 999 followers: 100 twitter_stakes per week
1000 - 2499 followers: 200 twitter_stakes per week
+2500 followers: 400 twitter_stakes per week
Bounty hunters will be rewarded based on the number of followers they had at the beginning of the campaign.

YouTube, 15% or $34.87k worth of COTI tokens

In the YouTube task, bounty hunters will be rewarded for making videos about COTI. At the end of the campaign, we will check how many views the video had and will reward its maker accordingly.
50 - 500 views: 100 youtube_stakes
500 - 1000 views: 200 youtube_stakes
1000 - 2500 views: 400 youtube_stakes
+2500 views: 800 youtube_stakes

Articles, 25% or $58.13k worth of COTI tokens

Only posts on Medium, Steemit, Reddit, authority sites (Cointelegraph, Coindesk etc) and personal blogs will be accepted. Additional requirements will be defined to ensure that only quality content is rewarded.
At the end of the bounty campaign, all articles will be checked if they meet the minimum quality requirements. Based on factors like shares, views, upvotes and the authority of the site, we will assign every writing to one of the following 3 categories.
Article has to be very high-quality written.
Your article must be unique. It can not be a copied and pasted article.
It must be written in English.
It has to be published publicly. Private articles won't be accepted.
It must be 500 words long or more.
It must have a link to our website; COTI
We reserve the right to consider any article not eligible for this campaign, without giving any reason.
Low impact: 100 article_stakes
Moderate impact: 500 article_stakes
High impact: 2500 article_stakes
Bounty Hunters need to submit the links to their work at

Bitcointalk signatures, 25% or $58.13k worth of COTI tokens

Participators will receive a reward for every post they make while carrying the COTI signature. Links to these posts need to be submitted on
Junior members: 2 signature_stakes per post
Members: 5 signature_stakes per post
Full members: 10 signature_stakes per post
Senior members: 20 signature_stakes per post
Hero/Legendary members: 40 signature_stakes per post
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Speed round bounties

COTI's speed round bounties take place fortnightly for a limited number of participants and a limited amount of time.
Rewards for each speed round bounty will be drawn from the applicable bounty pool. For example, rewards for the Facebook speed round bounty will be drawn from the Facebook bounty pool valued at $46.5K.

Join us on social media to stay updated on all our exciting speed round bounties each week!


You can also stay in the loop on Bounty0x, by simply searching "COTI" on the Bounty0x platform.

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