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Author Topic: Invitation to report scam ICOs to authorities  (Read 338 times)
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September 04, 2017, 10:51:13 AM

I already posted this in an answer (, however, I thought a separate topic could reach more people. This is an invitation to report KARBON scam ICO to authorities. Actually, I want to extend this invitation to report ALL scam ICOs to authorities.

This should be a message to all future scammers. Eventually YOU WILL GET CAUGHT!

Why karbon is a scam?
1. They refuse to provide their identity (
2. Members have no public verifyable accounts, hence their background cannot be traced. They said to me that up until now they never needed linkedin accounts, but will created them these days. Yeah right!
3. There is no company info. Their site is registered at 77 Geary St, San Francisco (, but there is no Karbon company at that address. Use Google and find out. They refuse to provide their VAT number so that we can check the company info at the government institutions.
4. The bonus counter on their site refreshes everyday, also the number of sold tokens is always the same.
5. Their accounts, posts and polls on reddit seem to be fake. Check bitcointalk about that (
6. There is no KARB smart contract.
7. They claim to be listed on bittrex after ICO, but check the Bittrex policy ( There is no way KARB could be listed there according to what is written there.
7. They mostly don't reply to emails.
8. Today they suddenly turned off a live chat after I exposed some facts to them. I continued the conversation via mail, but they stopped replying.

UPDATE: I'm not sure what that means but I just found out that their smart contract is a copy-paste of the KickICO smart contract. Makes me think that there is no KARB smart contract.

There are more than 900 transactions to their ethereum wallet meaning that hundreds of persons were defrauded. We must react! Please, report them to your local authoritites. THEY ARE TRACEABLE. Things like this SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN IN THE FUTURE.

They were listed on major sites for ICO announcements (CoinSchedule, Cointelegraph) where they had to pay for such services. Therefore, someone has their IP, paypal, bank account address, ... They use(d) the service, hence they should have their info also. THEY ARE TRACEABLE! If we never react, scam ICOs will continue to be present.

They raised more then 1300 ETH + 15 BTC and people still send them money. This is a lot of money! The authorities will react if reports are made.

EDIT: You can report an online fraud via internet anonymously. For example, the FTC has a nice form. Even if they ask it, you DON"T HAVE TO DISCLOSE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. (

Also, you can report them here:

WE MUST SEND A MESSAGE! Please share this!
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September 07, 2017, 05:47:43 AM

I see my thread was mostly ignored, but from yesterday and and are down.

SCAM CAN BE FOUGHT! I took me ten minutes to report them to the Federal Trade Commission, FBI, their hosting provider and the companies they claimed to be in partnership with (Unity, Steam, Oculus).
I know they won because they robbed more than 1400 eth + 30 btc, but how much would they still have stolen if pressure weren't put on them?!

Of course, I'm aware that someone might call this snitching and reporting to FBI might be considered calling the devil in crypto. But most of the people work hard and honestly to earn money they invest in crypto.

Scammers are infamous snitches and devil! And they can be fought.
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September 07, 2017, 08:48:39 PM

I dont understand why the crypto community is not more scam hunter; it could enhance the conflict with authorities for ease regulation. What the veriteseum, bitonnect are doing in top 100 coinmarketcap? thats not good...
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September 07, 2017, 10:00:26 PM

Great job op, looks like you busted 2 more scam ico. Certainly looks like karbon has already raised heaps of money but we still prevented them from raising more.

With the recent bans in china against ico's, I think that other countries will also start taking precautions, looks icos will become even more regulated, which is definitely good for the whole community.

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October 09, 2017, 05:11:46 PM

I am really very disappointed with Krosscoin - I invested into Krosscoin tokens on Waves blockchain in July and lost almost all the money. Now Krosscoin are starting to develop absolutely new project under the same Krosscoin name by launching this ICO on another blockchain (it is absolutely different project idea than previously was). Now they are offering to swap me tokens to ETH blockchain, but swap offer is that the tokens are deflated around 100 times, i.e. if I invested 100 EUR in July, now my investment is worth only 1 EUR (very rough estimate here).

I don’t recommend to invest your money to this ICO and don’t trust this team. Saying from my own personal experience on investment to Krosscoin token in July, 2017.

And 1 more thing: please don't trust the articles written on The finding is the following: they wrote new article about Krosscoin ICO (check: ), but deleted from their website articles history the previous Crosscoin article wrote in July, where was introduced Crosscoin with absolutely different business idea “Krosscoin – The First Church and Charity Centric….” (the link is here, you can google it out , but the fact is that the article is deleted from this path: ).  They are doing everything for the money (my personal opinion)...
I've googled out the copy of this article on other sites still available, you can check:
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