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Author Topic: [ANN] D-Share: Web3 Conditional Escrow & Revenue sharing platform  (Read 178 times)
D-Share (OP)
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January 17, 2024, 07:33:22 PM


Welcome to D-Share!  Grin

We're absolutely thrilled to share D-Share, our internal project poised to redefine the landscape of partnership agreements and revenue sharing in the Web3 world and beyond. Drawing inspiration from the evolving needs of the Web3 community, D-Share combines the trust of smart contracts with the flexibility of decentralized finance, facilitating trustless transactions in deal-making. 😃

Why and Who?

D-Share is an innovative project led by BE Blockchain, a Belgian company renowned in Wallonia for its expertise in Web3 and blockchain technologies. Notably, BE Blockchain has been instrumental in establishing the official Walloon business network, 🚀

As a Wallonian SME, we are developing the D-Share solution primarily for our own use, addressing common challenges such as dealing with bad payers, extended payment delays, solvency issues, and trust crises with certain suppliers. By creating a product that meets our specific needs, we aim to enhance our operational efficiency and reliability. 👍

The D-Share project is currently partially subsidized by European funds, under the guidance of the Walloon tech incubator

We are a dedicated team with complementary skills, comprising 7 folks working on the project (including the core team).

Our Ambition

The aim of D-Share is to roll out a fully decentralized Web3 version, serving as a public tool for the community, alongside a Web 2.5 version tailored for enterprises and managed by BE Blockchain as an internal tool and a commercial product. This iteration will include an abstraction wallet and solutions for FIAT on/off ramping, bridging the gap to achieve seamless usability akin to Web2. 🌐

The Future Vision: DeFi for Events

As we forge ahead with D-Share, our sights are set on a broader horizon – the creation of D-Event, an ecosystem envisioned to revolutionize the event industry through DeFi principles. D-Event aims to be a community-driven platform, interconnecting stakeholders and streamlining revenue flows. This ambitious endeavor seeks to empower event organizers, artists, and participants by providing a decentralized, transparent, and efficient system. 🎉

D-Share Capacities

With blockchain at its core, D-Share guarantees security and trust in every transaction, backed by the immutable nature of smart contracts. The principle is to let business partners define and accept conditions to trigger a transaction, allowing:

Secure Business Transactions: Create quotes and purchase orders in just a few clicks, and invite your partners to join a deal with confidence. Funds are securely held in an escrow account and released based on the pre-set conditions. 🔐
Versatile Deal-making: D-Share stands out for its versatility, enabling you to create a broad range of deals, including complex multi-party agreements. 🤝
Custom Revenue Sharing: D-Share introduces an automated, smart contract-based system for transparent and fair revenue distribution. 💸
Simplified Dispute Resolution: Navigate the complexities of deal-making with D-Share’s conflict resolution feature. In the event of disputes, partners retain control by selecting a trusted mediator. 🕊️

Data Sourcing (upcoming feature)

This innovative upcoming feature will allow you to use external data, like the number of views on a video, to automatically trigger payments. This means your agreements can be executed with great accuracy, based on real, measurable data. Keep an eye out for this feature, which will enhance your decision-making process by integrating reliable, data-driven triggers into every transaction.

Join the Alpha Testing Wave!

Your voice matters! We invite the vibrant Web3 community to join us as alpha testers for our second alpha test phase. Be among the first to experience D-Share and help shape a service that truly resonates with the needs of Web3 enthusiasts and professionals. 👥

📢 We Want to Hear From You, BitcoinTalk Community! 📢

In our journey with D-Share, we're keen to understand the challenges you face in the dynamic Web3 landscape. Your insights are invaluable to us, and we'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences:

Client Solvency Issues: Have you encountered problems with client solvency? How has it impacted your business or projects?
Trust in Service Providers: Do you face challenges in trusting suppliers and service providers? What are your main concerns?
Payment Delays: How common are delayed payments in your dealings? What solutions do you currently use to mitigate this issue?
Data-Driven Payments: For influencers or Web3 project owners, do you see the benefit of triggering payments upon achieving specific objectives, like video views or other measurable milestones?

🔍 Share your experiences and ideas in the comments below! Your feedback will not only help us tailor D-Share to better meet your needs but also contribute to shaping a more efficient and trustworthy Web3 ecosystem.

Let's collaborate to create solutions that resonate with the real needs of our community. We're excited to read your responses! 🌟

Connect with Us on Telegram

Be part of our journey by joining our Telegram group: D-Share Telegram Group. Here, you'll find the latest updates, engage in discussions, and connect with like-minded individuals passionate about blockchain and decentralization.

Together, let's shape the future of decentralized deal-making with D-Share. Your insights and participation are key to driving this innovation forward. 🌍

D-Share Project Summary:

D-Share streamlines and secures business deals with escrowed payments released upon agreed conditions.

- Innovative Project: Developed by BE Blockchain, a leader in Web3 and blockchain technologies in Wallonia, Belgium.
- Focus: Addressing common SME challenges like bad payers, payment delays, solvency issues, and supplier trust crises.
- Funding: Partially subsidized by European funds and supported by the Walloon tech incubator
- Core Features:
    - Automated and secure business transactions using smart contracts.
    - Versatile deal-making for a range of business needs.
    - Revolutionary revenue sharing ideal for the event industry.
    - Simplified dispute resolution with a mediator selection feature.
- Web3 and Web 2.5 Versions: Catering to both public community needs and enterprise requirements.
- Future Vision: Evolving into a DAO with a token system, aiming to revolutionize the event industry through DeFi principles with D-Event.
- Alpha Testing: Inviting the Web3 community for the second alpha test phase.
- Join Us: Be part of the journey and shape the future of decentralized deal-making.

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There are several different types of Bitcoin clients. The most secure are full nodes like Bitcoin Core, but full nodes are more resource-heavy, and they must do a lengthy initial syncing process. As a result, lightweight clients with somewhat less security are commonly used.
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D-Share (OP)
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January 18, 2024, 08:43:53 AM

Let's dive a bit deeper into some potential business cases for D-Share:

Venture Capitalists (VCs):

VCs can utilize D-Share to fractionally allocate their investments based on specific project milestones.
When a milestone is achieved, payments for a portion of the total promised investment by the VC can be automatically triggered.

Business Partners:

Any business can incentivize its partners by offering commissions for bringing in clients.
As soon as a client makes a payment, the business partner receives their commission.
This model resembles the 'Uber of business' or multi-level marketing (MLM) strategies.

International Contracting:

In the Web3 environment, smart contracts are preferable to costly attorney contracts.
Deploying a smart contract with D-Share ensures trust and transparency throughout the international contracting process.


Clients can pay influencers based on audience metrics such as views, comments, and shares.
This approach can be applied to various scenarios using Web2 APIs available in the market.

Revenue Sharing:

Organizations can easily implement revenue sharing models with D-Share.
For example, a festival could allocate a percentage of ticket sales as commissions to its artists automatically.
D-Share can manage complex revenue distributions involving multiple stakeholders, streamlining the process efficiently and transparently.
These are just a few examples of how D-Share can revolutionize various industries.

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on how we can further expand the possibilities of decentralized deal-making.
D-Share (OP)
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February 09, 2024, 11:35:48 AM

🚀 We're Live on Polygon! 🚀

Exciting news, everyone! D-Share is officially live on Polygon, bringing you the best of blockchain-powered escrow solutions with faster transactions and lower fees. We're eager to have you experience the enhanced capabilities of our platform.

🔍 Testers Wanted! 🔍

We're calling on our community to dive in and test drive our platform on Polygon. If you're interested in being among the first to explore our new features and provide valuable feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out via private message. Your insights will be instrumental in refining and improving D-Share.

Let's make blockchain escrow simpler, more accessible, and more efficient together. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm!

📩 Get Involved 📩

Interested testers, please join our Telegram to get started. We're looking forward to hearing from you!
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