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Author Topic: [ANN]Worldcore ICO - eine neue Ära  (Read 598 times)
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September 14, 2017, 03:04:12 AM

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October 01, 2017, 05:40:11 PM

Worldсore – another failure of Pavel Krymov: 30 reasons not to participate in ICO Worldcore

A close investigation of ICO Worldcore confirms the involvement of fraudster Pavel Krymov. Worldcore is a scam since 2016. Fake documents, droppings and lies. Token WCR - do not take!

Since the creation of the resource, we have pursued one single goal - to punish financial criminal Pavel Gennadyevich Krymov. This person for 15 years has created about 40 fraudulent resources and financial pyramids, the largest of which: Questra World, Forex Trend, Panteon Finance, Private FX and Solvena.

At the moment, criminal investigations have already been conducted against Pavel Krymov at on the basis of cases brought on the basis of Article 190 part 4 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan: fraud in a particularly large amount. However, in parallel with the actions of law enforcement agencies, we conduct our own search operations and gather evidence using detective agencies.

The placement of any information on this resource allows not only to expose the criminal activity of Pavel Krymov, but also to warn gullible citizens of losses in still existing or newly created fraudster projects.

One of our current tasks is to prevent any options for earning and monetizing Pavel Krymov's resources, as well as projects that are somehow connected with this criminal. Therefore, absolutely any initiative that has direct or indirect links with Krymov is doomed to failure.

One of the latest examples is the disastrous Solvena ICO pyramid of Krymov Neither customized articles, nor beautiful stories and provocations on forums, nor paid advertising allowed Krymov to advance this project. The swindler simply turned the counters on Solvena io and threw this direction, and all those who invested in the scam.

We are among the very complex investors, deceived by Krymov. Our resource is unlimited and our intentions are unchanged. No Krymov’s project, including Worldcore, will develop and raise money from trusting citizens. The chain of its financial pyramids will soon be stopped, while Krymov himself will serve time in prison!

As for ICO Worldcore:

If you carefully read the introduction, you should have undderstood that Worldcore is a frank scam, doomed to failure. Thesis, the concept of the collapse of ICO Worldcore:

1. The connection of any project with the swindler Pavel Krymov is a failure. Absolutely any undertaking promoted on the scammer's resources (including MMGP) is a priori scam.
2. The work of our specialists against any project of Pavel Krymov means that the project will be a failure. Again, we have an unlimited resource. We are not interested in financial compensation, any commercial offers and other attempts to resolve this issue. Krymov will not earn; Krymov's projects, including Worldcore, will not develop; Krymov, definitely, will be in prison.
3. If you do not understand who Krymov is and have not yet given up the idea of somehow cooperating with ICO Worldcore, this is a failure. However, especially for you, we collected 30 obvious facts that Worldcore is just a beautiful legend whose goal coincides with Krymov's main activity to collect money and hide.
30 reasons not to participate in ICO Worldcore. Worldcore is a scam you can avoid!

1. The most expensive advertising on the forum of Pavel Krymov MMGP. As you know, the forum belongs to Krymov and on it the rotten lodges are advertised. The European company priori will not cooperate with the criminal and especially will not do advertising on the stash of pyramids and other projects not related to investment. The most expensive banner (1000 US Dollars per week) and the most acidic source of traffic (1.8%) is clearly a sign of unreasonable advertising, beneficial only for Pavel Krymov.

2. The sequence of dates for calls for cooperation on ICO from Pavel Krymov and Worldcore. August 23 - Pavel Krymov on his blog posts information that a large advertising campaign ICO is preparing. August 24 (the day after the publication of Krymov) on the site Bitcointalk org (the largest forum on crypto currency), the topic ICO Worldcore appeared.

3. The domain is designed for an individual (Alexey Nasonov) . This is a frivolous approach of a European company.

4. Comments under customized articles Worldcore are about the scam and Krymov. And the already frail advertising campaign ICO Worldcore failed. Investors already know that the project is connected with a fraudster.

5. All the dates of the ICO Worldcore ad campaign overlap with the scammer's moves in the blog and on the forum. Worldcore announced ICO on August 17. The next day, on August 18, the information appeared on MMGP fraudster Pavel Krymov. On August 23, Crimea on his blog announced the search for partners to promote ICO. On August 24, the theme of Worldcore on Bitcointalk appeared. The topic, by the way, created an account, registered in mid-July 2017.,w_auto,dpr_auto/v1505987168/

6. Variability of the outcome of the crowdsdale. European companies do not conduct an ICO of the type "how much we collect, so much and take". This is how Krymov works. In ICO Wordcore there are no goals and obligations to return the investment, if you do not get the right amount. But there are ambitions up to 100 million US Dollars.

7. A ridiculous comment and subsequent acquittal by ICO Worldcore Paul Krymov's accomplice Julia Komnina. At first, Julia began to snarl, but then at the insistence of Krymov denied the connection between ICO Worldcore and the pyramid of Private FX.

8. "Russian-English" - translation into English with errors. All the texts of the allegedly European ICO Worldcore were originally made in Russian, and then they were illiterately translated into English. As a result, we have extra punctuation in the English text (participial and adverbial movements, separated by commas), inherent exclusively in Russian-language writing. Also there are unique combinations of words that are apparently generated by Google translator.

9. First money - then everything else. From the basic data on crowdsale it follows that presale (pre-sale) will begin on October 2 of this year, ICO will start on October 14, and dividend payments will begin (if any) on March 31 (probably 2018). Absolutely all financial obligations to investors are planned only for 2018. All significant changes and improvements of the company have also been postponed to 2018. The scheme with deferred promises and payments is a rather unhealthy practice for a project that claims its high reputation.

10. Ambitions that are not comparable to reality. Only a stupid optimist (swindler) is planning an ICO scam-project for 100 million dollars. This goal is nothing more than an attempt to take a bigger piece. And again Krymov's mannerism.

11. Lack of arguments for investment. Worldcore does not have licenses, registrations, a tax report (FATCA), a corporate social responsibility (CSR) document, or even a financial plan.

12. Planning? We did not hear. Worldcore has not submitted plans for the coming year and road map for at least 3-5 years. A monthly plan, detailed items of expenditure and proof of the correctness of the choice of areas of work - there is nothing in this.

13. Lies about finished products. Worldcore reports that their cards have been working for 2 years, but no reviews, reviews or any mention of users about them.

14. The payment system Worldcore, supposedly working for two years, did not show documents on working with Visa/Mastercard, SWIFT, etc. But it informed that it would certainly be in partnership with them ... someday. We can't believe it - two years of absolutely illegal work!

15. The surfaced negative since 2016. Reports that Worldcore is scam, appeared in English-speaking forums as early as 2016.

16. Doubtful team. If you are a public top manager and want to gain trust, then there must be information about you. No pages on LinkedIn, nor a mention of past successes - about the top management of Worldcore is unknown. Well, except that participation in Russian Forex-engines. Forex - the favourite legend of the pyramids of Pavel Krymov.

By the way, iOS developer did not impress the world with the application, but we tell about this later.

17. Is CEO of Worldcore  a fake? Arising from nowhere young businessman Alexei Nasonov (born in 1988) with 3 million 475 thousand CZK (about 134 000 euros) in the project? It is doubtful. But this is acceptable for Krymov - remember the pyramid of Questra Word and its Spanish actor-directors.

Source: official website of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic.

18. Twisted ridiculous attendance. The Czech company? The European market? Why 50% of the traffic - RF aggregators, bitcoin-cranes and fraudulent MMGP.RU? The same thing is with attendance - the CIS and the countries of Latin America (!).

19. Boorish communication of representative of Worldcore in profile forums. The topic starter in the ICO Worldcore branch on bitcointalk org snaps at uncomfortable questions and calls investors "morons".

20. Bots. The bounty program from Worldcore is an offer to write 60 positive posts for bonuses from the company. Parallel to this, bots are created that use foul language and discredit the opposition.

21. Distrust of experienced investors. On the same bitointalk their own claims to WC were expressed by the experienced users of the forum. Naturally, the inconvenient questions of the topic-starter are ignored.

22. Weak customized articles and press releases. They write about themselves about nonsense, they themselves pay in average publications. The double-dealing is so bold that nobody doubts that the words "worldcore works with banks" are lies. The article itself is a story about the fact that they, the beautiful ones, were invited to a conference.

23. Fictional blackmail. When on the forum bitcointalk appeared members of the forum, doubting the company and its ICO, the topstarter laid out a few "screenshots" that depict how, poor, blackmailed unknown scammers. This is a mannerism of Pavel Krymov. For those who do not know - he and lime dealings paid for 500000 US Dollars. That, by the way, he will stand surety for.

24. WCR Tokens for Fiat? Worldcore is going to sell tokens for Fiat. This contradicts the essence of the ICO and calls into question the process at the legislative level.

25. Buying tokens before the presale? No comments.

"The official presale will start on October 02, but we are ready to sell you tokens in a manual mode", - answers the "CEO" of the company Worldcore Alexei Nasonov. For those who do not understand: this move with the open sale of WCR to the presale is made in order to pour its money on the purse of Worldcore and yell then: "see how our security is claimed!" The usual stupid step by Krymov, who is also ready to invest money from investors even before the start of the project.

26. Investigations on other resources. A simple language for those who do not know English: one star is the worst estimate. The word Scam in the first line is probably already seen. In sum, this is greetings about the failure of Worldcore from 2016.

27. The similarity of the failed ICOs of Solvena and Worldcore. Work on forums, made hastily sites, tokens for fiat, an external gloss without facts inside, actors-managers, lack of data about the team and other dubious nuances - all this is Krymov's mannerism.

28. Allegedly 2 years of work and the lack of a normal iOS-application. A strange fact about an allegedly successful fin-teh company, isn’t?

29. Just a notable mention of Forbes, which covers Worldcore

So, this is not Worldcore in the top-100 successful companies and not the director on the cover page. This journalist discusses on abstract topics, used Google to find some boys on the subject, cited as an example. Nearby is a mention of the world circus brand Du Soleil, just in case.

30. CE Award startup awards 2017 - regular online voting.
Worldcore boasts of an allegedly prestigious European award. Do you know how to get it? Those who are not lazy, just register on the site and twist their online voting. Who has worked more - he won. That’s all.

Where Krymov is, expect trouble. Worldsore - the scam of Pavel Krymov

You do not have to be very clever to understand the main fact - everything related to the fraudster Pavel Krymov is doomed to failure. The goal of his projects, including the promoted ICO Worldcore, is simply to collect the investors' money and hide in the direction known to law enforcement agencies.

 Do not invest in the projects of Pavel Krymov - this will lead to a loss of money. Do not buy advertising from him and do not engage in joint business - this will lead to loss of money, project and reputation. Do not expect that Worldcore and other scams of Pavel Krymov will develop. Everything is doomed to failure, because Pavel Krymov will soon be in prison!
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October 01, 2017, 05:46:21 PM

The lawyer, speaking on behalf of the Solvena pyramid of Pavel Krymov, was sleeping in Worldcore. ICO Worldcore - SCAM!

Description: The lawyer Stanislav Sokolovsky allegedly tries to defend Worldcore company. The same person spoke on behalf of the Solvena pyramid of Pavel Krymov. The connection between the scammer and ICO Worldcore was confirmed once again.

Earlier it was already proved that fraudster Pavel Krymov was involved in Worldcore, and 30 reasons are given (, why ICO Worldcore is a frank scam. In a fit of anger from revelations, Krymov's representatives openly rude at the Bitcointalk forum, inventing stories and making gross mistakes, exposing the essence of the false project. The last point in the already weak Worldcore legend is an open statement that a lawyer who spoke on behalf of the Solvena pyramid of Pavel Krymov defends the failed ICO Worldcore.

On September 27, in the Wordlcore theme on the Bitcointalk forum, the project representative (who also authored the thread on the forum) published a message that was soon deleted. Why? Now you will understand.

By clicking on the link from the post above, we find the following image:

This is a screenshot of the appeals of lawyer Stanislav Sokolovsky. He appealed to the administration of VKontakte to protect the honour of the company EUPSProvider (trademark Worldcore is registered in its name).

Stanislav asks VKontakte to block the Stopkrymov group, as the Worldcore trademark is published in the materials, and the texts themselves spoil the reputation of the scam project. Well, he wrote this. This did not give any effect, but Stanislav received his portion of popularity on the forums.

The fact is that the investors deceived by Krymov are following everything that concerns a bald criminal and his pyramids. Therefore, they quickly recalled that on July 30 the lawyer Sokolovsky was the speaker at a conference organized by the Solvena pyramid of swindler Pavel Krymov.

Further it is more interesting. As if wishing to appear even more stupid and to cover up the traces of the error, a certain Viktor2017 on the forum wrote a private message to another participant of the conversation, Marina Uni (who previously mentioned Sokolovsky in the comments). The message of Viktora2017 was as follows (it can be found on the forum):

Probably, the representatives of Pavel Krymov did not fully agree that it is possible to publish and what not. Therefore, they themselves burned their lawyer, and other users are now suffering. Realizing that this was a stupid step of Krymov, the guys again turned on the boorish regime and sang an old crazy song.

As you can see, the people behind Worldcore are so stupid that they first smudge their lawyer (and his connection with Krymov), and after they delete the comment, while someone from fake accounts threatens other members of the forum.

As you can see, Mr. Nasonov and criminal Krymov have burned the essence of the Worldcore pyramid with giblets. By their stupidity they once again confessed that ICO Worldcore is a banal scam, the meaning of which is to cut down more money from credulous investors. Everything is obvious: Worldcore is a scam; the scam is failed; criminal Krymov will be in prison!
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IPChain had a rebranding to VAULTITUDE

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October 01, 2017, 07:48:11 PM

hat irgendjemand davon schon etwas mitbekommen?
Ich will die Vorwürfe nicht einfach ignorieren, aber irgendwie bestätigt sehe ich es auch noch nicht...
Worldcore scheint es ja nun wirklich schon länger zu geben.

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October 01, 2017, 07:49:27 PM

I am planning for the ICO,.... there are many news so i am not sure which one is the correct one.
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October 01, 2017, 09:38:43 PM

Last news about worldcore

-The company becomes National Winner in "Best Fintech Startup" nomination of Central Europe Startup Awards 2017.

-Worldcore becomes a sponsor of Red Cross organization.

-Website is translated to Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages

-Worldcore reveals the prototype of future Worldcore trade platform for blockchain assets trading.
The product's development is in progress and the expected launch date is the first half of Q1 2018. We have announced the prototype to demonstrate the upcoming new Worldcore product. watch it, have fun!
Worldcore IoS App -
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October 02, 2017, 02:20:53 PM

My friend had just been banned in the chat room of this company, for saying that in the official channel of the financial company managers are under the nicknames, without a name and surname, it's not serious. And after they published the report of E&Y, on their website. And on the auditors' website there is no information about them. Thus, any report can be faked, even from the finance minister of Europe or Queen Elizabeth. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
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October 02, 2017, 10:56:14 PM


Worldcore Pre-Sale has started today on

We're sorry for all our readers that you have to read through all the fake accusations, and we're trying to keep up the channels clear for discussions.

The E&Y is now publicly available. It is our way to prove that we want to remain transparent in our activities, past, and future.
Such approach to ICO campaign makes Worldcore a truly unique product and the most transparent and valuable ICO in the industry!

Thank you for your continuous support.

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October 03, 2017, 12:42:03 AM

Where is the worldcore English announcement thread?

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Worldcore ICO SCAM

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October 04, 2017, 09:19:08 AM

Where is the worldcore English announcement thread?

it`s beleted by forum moderators because it`s a kind of scam

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