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Author Topic: [ANN] Astronaut (ASTRO) Token Sale. One Token To Rule Them All.  (Read 7796 times)
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May 01, 2018, 08:43:07 AM
Last edit: November 19, 2018, 06:30:08 PM by blackscreen13

Hello! By the way, now Astro traded on Openledger:
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May 01, 2018, 09:00:24 AM
Last edit: November 19, 2018, 06:29:43 PM by blackscreen13

Hello! By the way, now Astro traded on Openledger:
I think when the volume of trading reaches $ 1000, then the openledger will be shown on coinmarketcap.
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June 13, 2018, 02:05:24 AM

Hello Astro believers,

Our aim is to add value to the whole crypto community by giving the best user experience to analyse cryptocurrencies.

It would be really great help from your side if you can spend 60 seconds of your time and give us your valuable feedback for our two recent updates 1) Snapshot and 2) Colourful interface of Astro at:

Constructive criticisms are always welcome at CoinTopper.  Thank you!!
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July 19, 2018, 04:41:14 AM

Today we present Astronaut (ASTRO)

Astronaut is an innovative new ICO which seeks to close the inefficiencies of prospective investors filtering, researching and ultimately investing in ICOs.

In short, Astronaut allows you to invest in one token, which in turn gives you ownership to the best, verified, and researched backed ICOs every month.

Quick brief
Astronaut’s tokens (ASTRO) provides two kinds of returns to its users:

1) Token appreciation aligned with the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund; and

2) Quarterly income distributions based on the investment and exit activity of Astronaut

Astronaut will be the first to establish such a platform in the crypto community, offering efficiency and flexibility, whilst also giving investors the desired exposure to the crypto asset class without any of the ongoing transactional pain points.

Where did Astronaut come from?
Astronaut is a creation based on the needs and wants of our subscribers at Picolo Research

Astronaut owns and operates Picolo Research, a top tier research firm specialising in institutional grade research for new Initial Coin Offerings. Picolo is independent and does not receive remuneration for its recommendations.

Following a series of interviews and feedback from our 10,000+ subscribers, we were confronted with the inefficiencies that every-day people experience when trying to gain exposure to the right ICOs at the right time.
It was at this moment that Astronaut was born.

What makes Astronaut a good token?
Utilising our internal research team at Picolo Research, we have a track record of providing investors with real opportunities that are focused on growth and capital return.

Feel free to browse our recommendations and track record by visiting

Over 10,000 crypto investors currently rely on us to perform detailed due diligence and uncover the best opportunities for capital gain.

What is our performance like?
Astronaut focuses on growth opportunities that are prime for capital gain. Our mandate is geared towards investment that has a significant chance of a liquidity event (exit) within 1-6 months of capital injection.

Over the last quarter, Astronaut has completed public due diligence reports on twelve new Initial Coin Offerings which have satisfied its filtering and market-scanning process. Out of the twelve ICO due diligence reports, four of them have been disregarded as ‘Avoid’ based on further analysis.

Of the eight investments that we have deployed capital in over the last quarter, two of them have listed on major exchanges and are available for public trading. The remaining six are all scheduled to commence trading in the coming months, however they are also currently listed on secondary markets and available to trade over-the-counter (OTC).

How does Astronaut choose what to invest in?
Astronaut takes a methodical approach to investment utilizing its experience within the private equity markets and small-cap (pink sheets) sectors.

With our experience in analysing concept stage and pre-revenue startups, the team bases their research analysis off several fundamental and technical factors such as:

• Management and team track record

• Structure of the token

• Capital spent to date

• Anticipated capital to be raised

• Use of proceeds raised

• Current intellectual property

• History of development

• History of commercialization

• Commercial viability of the project

• Professionalism and credibility of the organization

• Market demand and anticipated liquidity

• Company structures and incorporation

Our analysts utilize a number of algorithms and API feeds to screen and shortlist all upcoming ICOs. From this point forward, our shortlist is examined, researched and calculated using a scoring system developed internally.

How does the Token Sale work of ASTRO?
Astronaut believes that the power of the tokens lies with their holders, which will continue to provide the demand, support and liquidity within the ecosystem. In light of this, all tokens, bar a small percentage, will be offered to the market, with the remainder used as an incentive for the Investment Committee (IC) who are actively researching and executing the opportunities.

There will be 30,000,000 tokens issued as a one-off. After this time, there will be no more tokens issued.

Leftover tokens will be burned

Any tokens that are not sold through the crowd sale or allocated as per above will be burned. In this instance, ICO investors will receive a lower entry price proportional to the amount of tokens remaining.

Operating costs and development of portfolio infrastructure

As Astronaut is a close-ended fund structure, it will be subject to certain operating costs for the life of the token. In light of this, there will be a small allocation of funds to be used over time to pay for operating expenses, investment analysts and the completion of its Astronaut Portfolio Tracker apps and auditing tools.

92% of funds will be deployed strictly into investment to achieve token holder income and capital growth
8% of funds will be utilised for ongoing operating costs (auditing, legal, terminals) including the completion of our portfolio tools for token holders. This portion from the initial sale is budgeted to last for the life of the token.
*2% additional management fee will apply per annum for the ongoing administration of the Astronaut platform (this will only come into effect after the initial 12 months to assist with any extra operating costs)

How does the Token Sale work of ASTRO?
As part of the Astronaut income strategy, holders of the token are entitled to receive quarterly dividends based on the performance of realised investments over that period.

The breakup of the distribution is as follows:

50% of ‘realised’ profits via Astronaut investment activities will be credited back to the token holder in ETH on a quarterly basis
40% of the profit will be reinvested into Astronaut, therefore expanding assets under management (AUM) and appreciating the token price of ASTRO
10% of the profit each quarter will be used to fund the ongoing operation of Astronaut and its investment activities (legal, auditing, analysis)

Exchange tradable Astro Tokens
Astronaut will be issuing ASTRO Tokens (ASTRO) to its token holders after the initial coin offering. Our expectation is that ASTRO will be tradable on the exchange within six weeks of issue. Investment will begin as soon as the ICO has completed in order to get ahead of the market.

Based on performance of our previous investment efforts, recommendations, market comparisons and outlook in the short term, we anticipate significant growth and appreciation of ASTRO stating November 2017.

The Astronaut Portfolio Tracker
Astronaut is developing an intuitive and detailed portfolio tracking system, allowing investors to quickly gain transparency of the Assets Under Management (AUM), transactions and dividend periods at the push of a button.

The application will be the knowledge base for investors seeking to gain an understanding of potential investment decisions that Astronaut will be making.

Upcoming dividend notifier

The application alerts investors of the details regarding quarterly dividend distribution including the amount, yield, highest/lowest performers and the expected date of receipt.

Daily and weekly AUM balancing

While the Astro Tokens will be traded publicly, the Astronaut Portfolio Tracker will calculate AUM on a periodic basis to determine the true underlying value of each Astro token. While there may be a small pricing disparity due to outside factors (either higher or lower in the public market), this AUM calculation will give a true indication of token value.

Research and analysis

The application allows investors to access the underlying research and investment methodology that was used in the process of each transaction. This research is conducted by our internal team at Picolo Research. Investors will be notified each time there is a new report, commentary or analysis uploaded on the application.

Transaction notifier

When Astronaut places a new transaction, alerts are sent to the investor through the Portfolio Tracker. This will also detail the exposure that is set as a (%) of the overall AUM.

Auditing & security

Astronaut is focused on providing our token holders with the right tools and platforms to evaluate transactions, portfolio performance, liquidity levels and dividends on demand. We believe trust can only come in the form of complete transparency in the decentralised ecosystem.

Exchange selection which satisfies Proof of Solvency

Astronaut is committed to only using exchanges that can satisfy the Proof of Solvency test (PoS) .

This ensures specific liquidity and reserve fund requirements that give piece of mind to investors and institutions dealing with exchange platforms. To date, there is a select number of exchanges on our approved list such as Kraken and Poloniex.

Open API for viewing and account auditing

Astronaut will establish viewer access APIs to provide the highest degree of transparency regarding fund allocation, holdings and current investments.

Holders of the token will have access to a real-time view of every investment, in every exchange on demand.

Fiat account transparency

As a certain portion of funds remain in fiat for liquidity reserves, Astronaut will be implementing a viewer access portal linked direct to the bank API for on-demand access to fiat balances and incoming/outgoing transactions.

Structure of the Token sale

The Team

Astronaut (ASTRO) may be free of listing on Aiodex if the number of votes is large enough.
Let's vote for it ☞
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