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Author Topic: [ANN][GIT] -- Gitcoin; Push Open Source Forward  (Read 1587 times)
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November 12, 2017, 07:31:56 PM

i will keep this on my radar. and watch it unfold

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January 09, 2018, 11:33:06 PM

supet into this, cant wait to Git my hands on it.... see what I did?
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January 31, 2018, 06:43:39 AM

first saw this project in fall, now back onto the thread, looks like opening thread folk was long gone.... project still alive? Huh
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March 08, 2018, 11:40:58 PM

first saw this project in fall, now back onto the thread, looks like opening thread folk was long gone.... project still alive? Huh

project is absolutely live.  here is one of our more recent updates =>

for more updates on the project, you can follow or
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May 03, 2018, 06:05:13 PM

The MARKET Protocol team is excited to announce the latest addition to its advisory team — Kevin Owocki, the founder of!
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August 31, 2018, 05:39:37 PM

Embarking Into Web 3

A Status bounty program for their Embark Framework

Today, we’re excited to announce a partnership with Status which will drive development of the Embark framework, manifested to make it easy to build truly decentralized applications.

Excited to announce our partnership with @ethstatus, bringing 60 bounties to Embark, a Web 3 framework which makes it easier to interact with a suite of decentralized technologies!

Let's #BUIDL Web 3, together.
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September 23, 2018, 09:51:56 AM

Looks like not much is happening here.

I just saw this Dapp in action and I am not overwhelmed. There are only a few users daily and the bounty market is still empty.

Do you have any white paper, finally? Roadmap? Announcements and updates?

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September 23, 2018, 03:43:41 PM

Gitcoin is an Ethereum-based application for the open source software ecosystem.


Despite the power of the open source software solutions they build, Open Source Developers receive a small percentage of compensation relative to their economic value to the 21st century economy.  Open Source Developers are underfunded, under-appreciated, and overworked. 
Gitcoin brings market dynamics to the problem of allocating the scarce attention of software developers. It's a distributed application that augments coding networks like with a fun, lightweight interface for exchanging scarce tokens that can:

1.   Filter signal from noise
2.   Incentivize software development.

Our long-term vision is to disrupt the software development lifecycle end-to-end.  What Uber did for ridesharing, Gitcoin has the potential to do to software development.

Open Source Software is the foundation of millions of careers in software development. For developers like myself who have built careers on python, javascript, HTML5, Ubuntu, and countless other Open Source technologies, its easy to forget that it wasn’t  always this way. 

Before the advent of distributed version control systems like Git in 2005, Open Source was a fringe phenomenon. The launch of Github, several years after Git become a phenomenon, further pushed open source forward by making it easy for developers to share ideas, get feedback, and distribute their code. Today, Github has 5.8 million active users, 331k active organizations, and enabled 815k new users to make their first pull request in 2016 alone.

As far as Open Source has come, there is still a disconnect between the _value_ that the open source ecosystem provides to the modern economy, and the compensation provided to developers for that impact. The Oracle’s and Red Hat’s of the world have built successful businesses built upon open source, but the small and mid-caps of the world have not yet unbundled those business models.

The launch of Ethereum and the smart contract infrastructure built upon it has the potential to change all that. By tokenizing value and making it programmatically easy and secure to exchange value, there exists an opportunity to push open source forward with borderless, secure, easy payments.


Gitcoin Core is a team of developers that believes each of the follow actors in the Open Source ecosystem have a lot to gain by removing middlemen, creating new opportunities, and introducing efficiencies into their workflow:

Gitcoin is a series of smart contracts designed to push open source forward.

So what exactly is Gitcoin? Gitcoin is a distributed network of Smart Contracts, based upon Ethereum that enables:

- Job Hunters to find work, and perhaps more importantly, to try out working together before they commit.
- Open Source Contributors to make a living wage off of their work in open source.
- Repo Maintainers to galvanize an always-on, globalized, network of peers.

By facilitating the transfer of value through this ecosystem, Gitcoin solves for the inefficiencies in this triple-sided market:


The Gitcoin network is live today.  At the center of the current functionality is the Gitcoin Bounty Explorer. The Bounty Explorer is an index of all of the funded tasks available immediately worldwide. Here is what it looks like (and hey, there’s an API also!)

It is possible, based upon the momentum of this launch, that a token distribution event will occur.  If that is the case, the token distribution event will be detailed within the Gitcoin Whitepaper.

Find Out More

Completely Open Source on Github @

We believe in building tools that are by & for the community.   As such, every piece of application code or smart contract used in production is posted on our github.

Gitcoin: Push Open Source Forward

Medium | Twitter | Reddit | Facebook | Slack
- or - | Whitepaper

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September 23, 2018, 03:46:16 PM

Hello Dev, Do you intend to run an ICO or what?

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February 05, 2019, 08:52:16 PM
Last edit: February 08, 2019, 08:16:39 AM by alexeyneu

here's my dialog with one of their admins
It's about paid pr their partners had merged without pay for it.
ceresstation [9:19 PM]
Hey Alexey, how are things going? This is Scott from the Gitcoin team
Alexey [10:17 PM]
hi They dont wanna pay
ceresstation [10:28 PM]
Sorry to hear that. So it sounds like Lucas wants you to make a few more changes right instead of paying you out? (edited)
But the one thing I noticed is that you threatened Lucas which is kind of not cool, like if I was Lucas I would just remove the bounty at that point.
I think we can find a way to make this work though, if you make the changes Lucas suggested I'll pay out the bounty + I'll give you an additional tip on my end. Would that work on your end? (edited)
Alexey [11:26 PM]
ceresstation [11:27 PM]
Thanks for understanding dude
I get that there probably could have been some better communication along the way on this bounty but yeah just trying to keep everyone happy here
ceresstation [8:32 PM]
Hey Alexey any updates here?
Alexey [10:25 PM]
yeah all done
money should be there 0xa5868913c4E26Bd4aE688B02D165a6bec5121aA0
ceresstation [10:40 PM]
okay awesome but have you finished up the issues that lucas had?
Alexey [12:32 AM]
dude I've already told you
Alexey [10:05 PM]
so are you going to pay?
Alexey [11:13 PM]
looks like  you two reverted to type
ceresstation [12:23 AM]
Alexey I think Lucas just wanted you to fix a few more things
Would you be willing to do that if I increased the amount you'll get?
I think it's reasonable, more work, more pay
Alexey [3:56 AM]
next you should talk with this guy not with me.
Alexey [4:15 AM]
I'll do nothing more
ceresstation [4:16 AM]
Why not though
Like if I give you additional funding why wouldn't you do the additional work in this case?
Alexey [4:22 AM]
you're already debt me money
Alexey [4:45 AM]
i'm not interested in yours part of debt but that's the straight score
ceresstation [6:08 AM]
Alexey I'm not sure I understand your point though like what if I personally just pay you an additional $100 DAI to resolve Lucas's concerns
so you'll have $350 in total
everyone will be happy
you get more money
it seems like a win win
Alexey [2:04 PM]
all suff mentioned before they chickend out is done So there's nothing more to do.You may pay for them if you wanna .
Alexey [2:11 PM]
in case i'll get off without extra money
Alexey [3:28 PM]
i mean 'in latter case' . I'll state that i transfer all mortagee stuff to you .
Alexey [8:09 AM]
So have you any offers?
Alexey [9:00 PM]
shortly dude pay $50 now to withdraw from this situation. I'd spend two days coz of you bizzare to know that you're not gonna  deal with other side
Alexey [9:06 PM]
so we'll be both even
ceresstation [9:40 AM]
Dude I don't understand why does it matter when they chickened out if you're getting paid for extra work
what if I give you $100 now and $250 when the rest of the issues after they chickened out are complete
Alexey [8:33 PM]
all you could see on github or anywhere else is written before . They just playin fools now
Alexey [8:40 PM]
so if you wanna pay 100 bucks i have np with that
Alexey [10:01 PM]
but it should be done now
Alexey [3:06 AM]
and you still need to pay dude
Alexey [6:41 PM]
so fuckin are you gonna pay or you refuse to?
ceresstation [9:29 PM]
Alexey I'll give you $100 and Lucas will pay out $125 but you won't be able to use the platform down the road unfortunately
Alexey [9:58 PM]
i do not care about the platform. But i did not understand "I will" phase
Alexey [10:10 PM]
putting this story to account. all other than yours $100 share is not your business from now
ceresstation [10:20 PM]
So you're good with the $125 and the $125 from Centrifuge? I'm paying half
Alexey [10:21 PM]
only coz i do not wanna break you plan to resolve it peacefuly
Alexey [12:21 AM]
Where's my money dude?
ceresstation [12:34 AM]
can you send your address
Alexey [12:36 AM]
Alexey [8:55 AM]
Alexey [7:10 PM]
you gonna break your part of bargain
see my in use already
Alexey [7:39 PM]
did you seen it
Support OneOf #38  by alexeyneu · Pull Request #49 · centrifuge/precise-proofs
Fixes #38
Alexey [8:41 PM]
my bet is that you understand that you' and your friend are forbidden to use it now
Alexey [9:59 PM]
so are you gonna pay?
Alexey [10:19 PM]
you have 24h . next you'll be charged
Alexey [11:18 PM]
pr was merged almost a day ago.So  you must have nothing against that i'll publish our pretty dialog on bitcointalk.
isnt it?
Alexey [11:27 PM]
see you agree with me. It's just to speed you up alittle
as you can see there's still nothing

$125 traces of can be seen on address is gitcoin part. Looks like their moronic partners decide  not to pay at all haha
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