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Author Topic: Check out this New Coin! never seen one like this before, its called ICOT  (Read 191 times)
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October 12, 2017, 07:42:44 PM

Hey All,

I wanted to let you know about a fantastic ICO called ICOT (Initial Coin Offering Token). I got in at this at .01 and it is now worth .50. They are in the 2nd round of funding. There is 180k coins left in this round. Once they are sold they will enter round 3 of funding and the price will start at .75, so get in while it is cheap!!

Why you should you invest?

This coin is 2 part and also solves a major problem in the crypto world. First part is it acts like any other coin such as Bitcoin. You can buy it, hold it and sell it for profit. The second part is amazing as you can stake a percentage of your coins and own a percent of the profits made when the company invests into other ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings, this is a stage a coin goes through when it is first made, before it goes public like a Bitcoin or an Etherium, they will invest up to 10 of these).

Which leads me to the best part about this coin. This coin aims to reduce the risk associated with ICOs. Lets face it this is where people become millionaires and with so many coins being made its hard to tell scam coins from coins that have potential. What they did was create a team of highly experienced crypto investors to sift through all the ICOs. Their job is to pick the ones that have the best potential and invest in them. If you stake some of your coins when ICOT earns a profit off one of these ICOs you make money off it based off your stake amount! Don't want to stake? you don't have to, just keep the coins and sell them when you want.

The average return on investment of a successful ICO is 2000%. Now you might think that means it will be a Bitcoin price. That isn't what that stat means. ICOs generally start at .01 or less per coin. So 2000% would be $20.00 if the buy in was .01. They coin is already at .50 so those who got in at .01 have already made a profit of 50X their cost to buy in!! To put that in perspective I had a friend put in 1k at .01 if he sold them today he would have 50k in is bank account!!

Who am I and why trust me?

My name is Ryan. I have been in crypto for 10 years. I have gotten into 3 ICOs in that time NXT, NEM, and now ICOT. As well as made good money trading other well know coins. I made great return on NXT and NEM. Which brings me to ICOT. This I've never seen anything like. Not only do you get to do the above but when you invest you get into a highly engaging community chat with not only the Devs and the other investors but with the CEO himself. Now as you can see I have been successful with ICOs but none have built a community like this. Your not sitting alone in the dark wondering about what's going on or if you have a question you can't get it answered. I sold all my other coins to invest in this because it is that great of a product. I can sell coins to make money, I stake coins to earn residual income for up to 10 ICO coins and I'm part of a community where I can ask any question and get answers from the CEO, the Devs or a person who has been doing crypto longer than me.

Website: - when you first get there watch the video that pops up.
Join us: - also download the app from your app store
White paper:

Any questions feel free to ask! I can help you get set up. I personally have helped over a dozen people get set up. I have gotten my own family and friends involved as well. Something I only did one other time and that was with NEM. got ppl in at a fraction of a penny and sold it off at .20!! this will be better. Heck it already passed NEMs highest value of .33 and it isn't even public yet!
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