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Author Topic: [ANN] An Easier Way to Connect Cryptocurrency Services to Spreadsheets  (Read 106 times)
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October 18, 2017, 03:15:07 PM

TL;DR: I created an easier way for non-programmers to access their favorite Bitcoin and cryptocurrency services within Google Sheets. You can find it here:

Hey all,

I know some users of cryptocurrencies prefer to use spreadsheets (including myself) so I created a Google Sheets add-in that pulls certain API endpoints from popular Bitcoin and cryptocurrency services. I never had the time to develop software engineering skills, but the tool allows regular joes like myself to harness the power of APIs.

  • Google Sheets
  • Spreadstreet add-in (can download with the link above, or from within sheet)


Step 1: Download the Google Sheets add-in
Step 2: Open any Google Sheet
Step 3: In Google Sheets top toolbar, click the Add-ons tab. Open the Spreadstreet add-on and click “Open”.

Services and endpoints included:

Bitcoin Charts
  • Markets: Returns a table with elements from each market

  • Ticker
  • Trades
  • Book
  • Candles

  • Markets: Used to get the open and available trading markets at bittrex along with other metadata.

  • Difficulty: A relative measure of how difficult it is to find a new block.

Stock Twits
  • Recent Symbol Messages: Return the most recent 30 messages for the symbol

  • Products: Get a list of available currency pairs for trading
  • Historic Rates: Historic rates for a product. Rates are returned in grouped buckets based on requested granularity.

  • Complete Ticker: Returns actual volume-weighted prices, total 24h volume, rate change as well as prices and volumes across all connected exchanges

  • Mining Contracts: Returns all the mining contracts.
  • Mining Equipment: Used to get all the mining equipment available on the website. It returns an array of mining equipment objects.

  • Ticker: The ticker is a high level overview of the state of the market. It shows you the current best bid and ask, as well as the last trade price.

Hoping this is something that is useful to the group, and I am more than happy to help peeps setup the sheet so they can use it. Just send me a message on here or to my inbox.

Full disclosure

I have set the add-in to be a 14-day free trial, and $15 a month after. I am currently exploring ways to make the service free, such as:
Sponsored connections: Free connections that anybody can use where the service pays me to host them on the add-in
Community submitted connectors
Rate-limited free plan (currently do not have development talent to implement)
I am in no way affiliated with any of the services listed, except for the actual add-in itself. I just happen to find the services very valuable.

Helpful template to get you started

I created a sheet that has some initial instructions, as well as a setup for Bitfinex. It brings in candles data, and recent tweets related to the symbol of your choosing. You can find that sheet here (File -> Make a copy):   

A note on security:

Our industry is rife with corruption. I know the hesitation involved with installing something that is script-based, like a Google Sheets add-in. I am here to help ease those fears with a couple of facts:

  • This is a U.S. based company, and I am a one-man show (for now)
  • My business location, phone number, and e-mail are all public knowledge as required by the laws of the United States
  • I am here to provide a valuable service, and something that I hope becomes a treasured tool within the space
  • The app is on the Google store, and they do a full review of all applications before allowing them to be pushed to the store. While not perfect, you can be reasonably assured they catch most malicious programs
  • If you are still hesitant, there are a couple of ways to test it without installing on your main computer, such as testing it in a virtual environment first.

Additional Resources

Help documents:

Using the built-in “SS” function:

First time install and login:
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