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Author Topic: Craiglist Posting: $15 ICO Credits Per Post  (Read 154 times)
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October 20, 2017, 03:06:39 PM
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Craiglist Posting: $15 ICO Credits Per Post

:: Wow  #sharing
To start please post here in this thread  ' I want to be a Virtual Whale (vWhale) please '

I am posting this in public (!!!) to show people we are paying investor money to bring some GOOD people into this forum from "the outside". The crap posting in this forum is pretty extreme and we are going to share with some bright students and creative writers.
You can post in the "Gigs section" > Writers / Like a part-time job.
Mutiple posts in the same city?
Not good, please edit your first post and say " reserve ___name of a city in the USA, Canada, Great Briton____ "  // Boston and Chicago are already done

Please do your best to check if a city is already reserved.

Important Edit
The compensation question (a text box will appear when you choose " paid job ") needs this please > Enter   ' Pooled Effort: You personally do not need to make a single sale '
The people coming in will be told they should NOT EVER receive emails from this, choose " no email reply " for your ad.
Some (not all) of our projects are long-term and you are much better off not cheating with the "email thing", thanks

This is very high pay for something easy. Why?
You can either get $1 ICO Credit without any further participation required,
>>> you get a "huge" $15 ICO Credits Per Post and you get to be a Virtual Whale (vWhale) in a LOL fun new project / more than 10 projects actually, and just one HUGE ICO with only one token.
So, some participation is needed to get the full amounts, more details in the Virtual Whales thread.

You can easily see more details in the ad post and the link at this forum.

To start please post here in this thread  ' I want to be a Virtual Whale (vWhale) please '
Maximum 7 entries/posts per person please
Also a limit of 10 people, kindly make sure you check the thread before starting.

After each one you can easily update your post here with the new URL on Craigslist

Thank You

Boston and Chicago are already done
This is the part to share with the world

Title = Creative Writers (All ages) | Sci-Fi Fans | College Students $5K FUN

Creative Writers (All ages) | Sci-Fi Fans | College Students | Bird Lovers | Almost Anyone Who Speaks Decent English | Make a FUN $5,000 by Super Bowl Sunday.

This unique offer IS Real and "really crazy" at the same time, many of you are in for a surprise you will never forget.
I will try to explain, before giving simple instructions.

You are being offered a chance for the easiest high-paid sales job in history. Our effort is "pooled"...
>>> You personally do not need to make a single sale.
We are doing something good to help others in many ways.

Simple Version Over

Why is this urgent, right now?
You are being asked to visit a web-based community which used to be one of the BEST places on the internet for creative, brilliant people.
Then came the money, and more money >> Tons of LOUD ads >> The "signal to noise" is way out of control.
My Team is attempting to bring in some DECENT people from the outside, and it needs to be now, as our projects "take off" you need to "grab the best seats", please help us help you by responding today.

Simple Instructions/Suggestions to increase your profits.
Note: These are instructions for a goal of only ~$1,000 by Super Bowl Sunday, if sales go well. // $5K is below.

1) Please, follow the link at the end of this post, after reading the steps.
2a) (Semi-optional) No matter what you see, it is suggested you join the community right away to make more money since YOUR writing, and participation will have more visibility in a highly competitive environment.
2b) If you spend too much time with delays, you might see the "signal to noise" (mentioned above) and get scared away too soon.

3) After joining, then please go to this URL (below)
and post (for example) " Real world college student checking in ", or
" Real world Sci-Fi fan checking in " , etc.

// Please note, you can say almost anything, but please try to include the words " Real-world "

That is all for now, the rest will be "obvious yet extremely confusing" for some of you.

Suggestions to actually make $5,000 by Super Bowl Sunday.

> Your exciting goal of an easy $5,000 requires just a bit more effort.
>>> The community allows multiple accounts / It is not "cheating", people work on more than one project, and use multiple accounts for those (for example)
> So this is 100% legit, and also a major source of the "signal to noise" problems in the community.
> If you spend (less than an hour perhaps) creating (literally) 5 new accounts then you can set your exciting goal to $5,000 ASAP (this is optional), the other way is still good and you will have more chances to earn FUN money.
> Each account needs a separate email address, but there is a way to create multiple addresses with a singe gMail account (Mr. Google can tell you how)

This is real, please have fun, and remember to use the words " real world " in most of your first replies/ simple applications.
You will be amazed! Thanks for looking.

Start here please:
Then here after registering at the once great forum.

ps. If the server is temporarily slow, that is not normal, please try again, if needed.

Thanks all...
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