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Author Topic: [BOUNTY][CROWDSALE JUN 21] ENDO-Blockchain protocol for secure data verification  (Read 351 times)
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join ENDO Protocol at

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May 24, 2018, 12:33:22 AM



Token distribution in total:

1) Total budget: 2.000.000 ENDO Token

2) Social Bounty Pool - Up to 10% ENDO Token ( 200.000 ENDO Token )*

3) Content Creation Pool - Up to 20% ENDO Token ( 400.000 ENDO Token )

4) Translation and Foreign Community Management Pool - Up to 20% ENDO Token ( 400.000 ENDO Token )

5) Referrals & Genius Group Pool - Up to 20% ENDO Token ( 400.000 ENDO Token )

Social Bounty Campaign - May 25, 2018 -  July 25, 2018

Bounty Program Explanation

ENDO is creating a fixed supply of  two million tokens ENDO. We are making 50% of these tokens (i.e. one million) available in our upcoming token sale with total supply of 50M tokens.  Our target token sale cap is $15M.

ENDO is offering an attractive bounty program for early adopters and believers in our technology. Our aggressive bounty program offers lucrative rewards which will be calculated based on the effort of your participation. Our aim is to build a strong and lasting community which we believe is key to the success of our project.

Please read the following carefully: Our bounty program is segregated into four different Pools. These pools will be awarded to the community based on achieving particular goals and may be increased if certain milestones are hit.  

The ENDO bounty allocated to each pool will be distributed using a weighted average point system. For example, if the total points earned by participants in the pool is 100, and you earned 10 points, you will be rewarded with 10% of the 1 stakes allocated ENDO bounty for that pool. 100 points is equal to 1 stakes.

You may register for each pool once and ENDO reserves the absolute right to withdraw bounty payments. ENDO has a zero tolerance policy towards cheaters, exploiters, and spammers, in order to maintain the integrity of the bounty program.

Please continue reading below for details of each pool!

Reports once a week, every Friday. Choose your bounty company in which you participated and click on "Click Here"

Pool 1: Social Bounty Pool - Up to 10% ENDO Token ( 200.000 ENDO Token )

This campaign will run for 11 weeks, starting Monday, May 14. For each week the campaign is active, we are awarding 1/11 of the total ENDO pool.

IMPORTANT: If we reach the following social goals, we will increase our bounty pool by to 20% i.e. up to 400.000 ENDO Token! Please help us get this additional reach and you will all reap the rewards. If we can hit these goals mid-campaign, we may have time to increase our bounty pool again!

We need:
** 10,000 Twitter followers
** 4,000 Reddit members
** 4,000 Medium followers
** 20,000 Telegram members

Members will be rewarded with points based on their interaction with our social platforms.
To be considered eligible, you must follow our Twitter, Join our Telegram and submit the following form: Click Here

Twitter: Subscriber here

Like and retweet 10 EnDo_platform: 10 points
Like and retweet 20 EnDo_platform: 25 points
Like and retweet 30 EnDo_platform: 40 points
Like and retweet 50 EnDo_platform: 75 points

Restrictions: 5 retweets per week and 1 retweet per day

All liked and retweeted tweets must have originated during the bounty campaign period.

You must have at least 300 followers to be eligible. If you have at least 1000 followers, you will receive an additional 25% points. If you have at least 5000 followers, you will receive an additional 50% points. No fake or spam accounts tolerated. We will also validate your accounts using TwitterAudit.

Medium: Subscriber here

Follow us: 5 points
Recommend 5 posts: 10 points
Recommend 10 posts: 30 points

Restrictions: 5 recommend per week and 1 recommend per day

Youtube: Subscriber here

Subscribe: 5 points
Like 5 videos: 10 points
Share 10 videos: 30 points

Restrictions: 5 share per week and 1 share per day

Telegram: Subscriber here
Join the Telegram: 10 points

Pool 2: Content Creation Pool - Up to 20% ENDO Token ( 400.000 ENDO Token )

Produce quality Articles, Blogs, Youtube videos regarding the ENDO and our vision. We frequently post relevant content on our blog Medium, which you can use as inspiration for your own blog post. You may also use our website ENDO and announcement thread ( Bitcointalk ) as inspiration.

If you are interested in creating HIGH-QUALITY blog or video content or providing media coverage, please contact the ENDO team and using this form: Click Here

All produced content will be rated by the ENDO team and the bounty will be distributed based on quality, effort, and measurable results such as views, likes and comments. There are no restrictions to the number of content an individual can create.

We understand content creation is time intensive, which is why this pool is substantial. We intend to award the entire pool.

Pool 3: Translation and Foreign Community Management Pool - Up to 20% ENDO Token ( 400.000 ENDO Token )

Bounty program, website and documents will be translated into the following languages

Other languages are reserved Languages are reserved сlick here

Upon winning the largest Ethereum hackathon in the world, there has been tremendous interest in ENDO from the international communities. We are looking for a few high quality translators to help with the translation of our website, articles, whitepaper, announcements, and e-mails into other languages. We also look for international moderators for our slack and discord channels. This task requires you to be active throughout the bounty period and possibly until after the ICO is over.

To apply, please fill out the following form: Click Here

A spreadsheet will be posted detailing the payouts for each language and content type.
E-mail and announcement translation tasks will be posted on an ad-hoc basis into the slack/dicord channel.

Pool 4: Referrals & Genius Group Pool - Up to 20% ENDO Token ( 400.000 ENDO Token )

Referrals: Bounties from this pool will be distributed to those who link us to top youtuber, medium bloggers, users and other content creators and get them to promote the ENDO. Please contact a @andreyveseloff or @justBoris ( telegram ) to validate your referral. Every time you get a response from the individual submit this form: Click Here

Genius Group: This is a special bounty which challenges participants to think outside the box and come up with an unique idea which promotes the growth of any aspect of the EnDo. Up to three submissions will be selected for the reward. Outstanding participants may be considered to become a part of the ENDO team. Please contact a @andreyveseloff or @justBoris  in order to deliver your submission.

Once you have registered on the ENDO you will be able to create your personal referral link to the ENDO subscription page. For each unique user who signs up through your referral link, you will receive a reward of  ENDO.

Signature Campaign - Up to 20% ENDO Token ( 400.000 ENDO Token )

Join our Signature Campaign to help spreading the word about ENDO on Bitcointalk.

The signature should be kept until the end of the token sale, removing the signature before that time will result in a disqualification.
During this time you must make a minimum of 20 posts per week in order to be considered eligible for getting paid.
Only posts that are useful and constructive will be eligible towards the 5 posts goal. Posts that are off-topic, or simply made for the intention of raising post count will be disqualified.
Posts such as "hello", "good luck", "love this project", or any other unsubstantial posts will not be counted as valid
Keep your signature on until the spreadsheet updated with your final post count, for at least one more week, removing it before post count will not be accepted.
Red trust and bad reputation accounts will be disqualified.
Multiple accounts are not allowed and will result in banning you from our campaign

Payment (based on weekly stakes)
Newbie - 5 ENDO Token/Week
Member - 10 ENDO Token/Week
Full Member - 20 ENDO Token/Week
Senior Member - 40 Token/Week
Hero and Legendary - 80 Token/Week

Best regards,

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May 24, 2018, 12:34:44 AM

Reserving Indonesian Translation

Want to Translate: Whitepaper, Website, Bounty and ANN thread

bitcointalk username: ekowkow
bitcointalk profile:;u=1681154
ETH Address: 0xda0f3368664670213A6f841173d7b24a08CF5E24

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Stay Hungry Be Fool

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May 24, 2018, 12:56:49 AM

I have just added this project to my Table of new airdrop and Bounty from ©shasan

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May 24, 2018, 01:00:45 AM

reserved for hindi translation

Bitcointalk username: Rajs64
Profile link:;u=1926504
Native language: Hindi
Experience: Certified Translator
website Translation:
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May 24, 2018, 01:03:51 AM

Reserved for Turkish Translation.

PM me please

Thank you

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life is fun

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May 24, 2018, 01:11:22 AM

Reserving Arabic translation
Pm me for confirmation please
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May 24, 2018, 02:01:30 AM

I would like to reserve Vietnamese translation. I filled the form already.

BitcoinTalk Name: shibob
BitcoinTalk Profile Link:;u=1107745
Language: Vietnamese
Eth Address: 0x2A3F119869B13f90fF685aEdF2AE3A1251E26a49

Previous Translations - 80+ ICOs:

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May 24, 2018, 04:06:47 AM

Reservation for Arabic Translations

Ethereum Address: 0x42875ab69a4e7c16eEd3B0Cf4e8091644a29bcCE
Email Address:

Previous works:

Pm me if i'm accepted to start the work
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ViValid Every item has a story

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May 24, 2018, 04:27:05 AM


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May 24, 2018, 08:22:23 AM

I 'd like to reserve Arabic translation if possible
I am a professional English to Arabic ICOs translator
- Native language: Arabic language

- Translation previous experience :  (International CryptoBank bounty)  (Solitary coin)  (Energzine ANN)  (Composite ANN)      (PAXPAY Whitepaper)  (Sharelock ANN)  (EVOCHAIN ANN & BOUNTY)       (Loyakk one pager translation for bounty)       (Loyakk key message)  (PAXPAY bounty thread)                          (CRYPTOHUNTERS ANN)  (PAXPAY ANN)
- Email:
- I have excellent English to Arabic translation experience and vice versa as I write and/or translate articles in both languages in my 12 years blog >>>
- TOEFL score 611
- I am a surgeon so, I had more than 24 years of learning totally in English
- Documents for translate: All (Whitepaper + ANN Thread + Bounty Thread + ICO Website + Video Subtitles + Press Release + News Articles, .. etc)
- Thread & group moderation (Y/N) : Y
- Bitcointalk username: baccar
- Bitcointalk profile URL:;u=1155962;sa=forumProfile
- Twitter username: adam_baccar
- Twitter profile link:
- Twitter audit score link:
- Facebook username: adam ramzy
- Facebook profile URL:
- Medium profile:
- Steemit profile URL :
- Youtube profile:
- Instagram prfile link :
- Cryptocompare profile:
- Reddit profile URL:
- Empower profile URL :
- My Telegram account link:
- gethub account URL :
- ERC20 wallet address: 0x55e0967e31374b3CAEE73954Eef2b3b06D731663
- NEO wallet address  : AdWyB8wv8pr51wESHmStTFUyi8r2WmfmSN
- Waves wallet address: 3PQQnemiKq1qPXLxj9D7rMqiRqBMWQeRFmv
- Discord ID :    baccar#1753
- BTCRP wallet address : BGbYhGpkeAS3jcrPqgvsRZ5B6m39CtYWZm
- Bitcoin wallet : 37HkFoNGBtZ3DWz1zgqFgYBhsFXuz7tyf4
- Electroneum wallet address:
etnkKgsvfDkFq48M2XTc2Y7MQvM4NH7EpStcpNDNeG8tbVdEYuiYQSzP6PfUTrqiNE4KiSWUc1UXBHv 4ZEU2qLwQ7txgXEsLzB
- Apollo wallet address : APL-9P3T-3Z5D-ZSXZ-4WBN4
- Kingcoin wallet address: KMmFj5F5exmcT9ggqd7pdxx5mW7o1szTZQ
- LBT wallet : 0x9e9542C0e123a35D9A3867159D9F67C071F0c7Cf
- LBT wallet : 0x9c55e6b35dd551a1026be19e45f5cd8557511c0a

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Nothing personal

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May 24, 2018, 04:18:20 PM

there  is no need to report retweet links? right?

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May 24, 2018, 05:18:18 PM

Reserve Hindi Translation. • [JOIN NOW!]
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May 24, 2018, 10:22:49 PM

Hello! Reserving Turkish Translation!

BitcoinTalk Name          : legaltrk
BitcoinTalk Profile Link : Click Here
Language                       : Turkish
Previous Translations   : Click Here
ETH Address                  : 0x0E37728970B069FBbEE7e42A2390Bbd879B890bB

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