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We are going to release an Alpha version of the ELITE Emissaries Program. We will post an article with more details within the next 24 hours. Stay tuned.

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Here is the article with more information on the Alpha version of the ELITE Emissaries Program. It's a quick read, if you have any more questions feel free to DM @ildeSpectiv in our public telegram

I would like to point out an excerpt from the Medium article in the post before this:


There are different types of business models that can make up a business. Once you find the mix that makes up your business, you look at what that mixture needs specifically and then you look at what Growth Stage the business is in (1.Empathy, 2.Stickiness, 3.Virality, 4.Revenue and 5.Scale) These two things will define what you should be focusing on.

In Spectivs case we have found to have a rather weird business model only possible thanks to current blockchain technology. On one side we have the Crypto world and in the other we have the VR world. Each has its own way of growth, yet because of the nature of this business they have to grow together. But the thing is that each side has to be cared for differently, complicating things a little.

Our VR side needs to grow like a User Generated Content Business (UGC) and needs to focus on keeping people around while solidifying the product ( Stickiness Stage, in which we are striving for our consumers wanting to use our platform for long periods of time while also constantly wanting to come back). To grasp what I mean by a UGC business, think of all those businesses that require a community of content creators to feed the core of the business by generating content. A few examples are businesses like Reddit, Youtube, 9gag, facebook, twitter and others.

Yes, it's true. Spectiv is not just UGC but has a crypto aspect as well. But I always believe in "build it, they will come." Starting something usable now and then just expand it by adding more features. Start it ASAP before potential users lose interest.
Becoming a Spectiv Emissary comes with amazing rewards exclusive for Emissaries. The ELITE Emissaries will have access to the best rewards. Those who want to jump in the Alpha version of the ELITE will get a chance at even more ridiculous rewards.

Join today with this link:
Some benefits of the ELITE Emissaries Program include exclusive telegram and discord channels, special events (Q&As, meetings in VR, + more). Also a chance at unique and massive rewards exclusive to the ELITE. Get closer to the Spectiv family, apply today: https://forms.gle/PNQyLG3oD81EAPhm6
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