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Author Topic: [JACKPOT][DAPP] The no-bullshit guide to P3D/F3D | Current most used dapps  (Read 42 times)
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July 22, 2018, 02:43:26 PM

There is so much misinformation about this game that something had to be done about it.

P3D or PoWH3D stands for Proof of Weak Hands which is a token created by the team Just on the Ethereum network and allows its owners to get dividends from all the sells made on the different games they are launching.

They have currently launched only one game Fomo3D Long or F3D Long, which is a jackpot game that started July 8 so less than 2 weeks ago.

P3D and F3D are now the 2 most used dapp on the Ethereum network (

see =>


The rules are simple there is a jackpot and a timer, each time you buy a key you add 30sec to the timer and at the end of the timer the last person who bought a key wins half of the jackpot.

The timer is currently at 23h 58m (can't go up more than 24h) and the jackpot is over 20,000 Ethereum. (20,860 now)

When you buy a key you also have to choose a team between Snek, Whale, Bull and Bear which influences the repartition of the jackpot AND how the Eths you spent is divvied up:

How the Eths you spent is divvied up (table 1):

Team    Pot    F3D Players    P3D Holders
Snek    20%    56%       10%
Bull      35%    43%       8%
Whale   50%    30%       6%
Bear    43%    43%       0%

There is also 10% to the player's referrer (or to all P3D holders if no referral), 2% to the community fund, 1% to pot swap (the pot for the next game), and 1% to the airdrop side-pot.

How the jackpot is divvied up at the end of the round based on the choice of team of the winner (table 2):

Team    Next Round    F3D Players    P3D Holders
Snek    10%       20%            20%
Bull      10%       30%            10%
Whale   25%       15%            10%
Bear    25%       25%            0%

There is also 48% for the winner of the round and 2% for the community fund.


These work like security tokens: they earn you dividends on every buy and sell on the entire ecosystem on the team Just.
-whenever someone buys or sells P3D tokens there is a 10% tax that is redistributed to token holders.
-whenever someone buys some keys on one of the games (see table 1 above)
-when the round is finished and the jackpot is divvied up (see table 2 above)

Their price is solely determined by the quantity of Ethereums on the contract (currently more than 65,900 Eth).
You can check the price graph here


It's maybe late to go for the dividends of F3D by buying F3D keys, as there are already so many keys that have been emitted.

P3D tokens get you dividends for what is already the biggest dapp (only 2 weeks after the release of their first game) and what could soon become the largest lottery company in the world.

The current game is the "Long" version (with 24h timer) but the team is going to release the "Quick" version (with only 90s timer) is less than 5 days. (
Investing early in some keys on the Quick version should give very good return on investment.

If you plan to participate in the Quick version but haven't bought a key already, you should buy one now on le Long (cost currently less than 3 dollars) just so you are ready when the Quick version comes out.

Make a plan and invest only what you can loose, as you don't know how this will turn out.


The official wiki page:

The Fomo3D page :

With the link to my masternode :

The P3D buy page with the link to my masternode :

The P3D price graph :

Graph of the evolution of Eth in the P3D contract over time :

I hope this will clarify a little bit how this game works and help some of you not to make some bad choice.
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