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Author Topic: preICO CRYPTO MOUSES . WORLD make them breed and earn, no kitties in house  (Read 73 times)
Crypto Mouses
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December 20, 2017, 11:55:59 PM

Make CRYPTO MOUSES happy this year create
Collectible   and
Breedable   Mouses   Spreaded on
Ethereum  Blockchain   Technology
In connection to p2p image sharing technologies.

WhiteMousePaper alpha 0.0 A release

Can you see this blockchain universe around Ethereum
In Blockchain Universe there is a lot of projects and startups and technology, and there is a space for little funny crypto mouses, a lot of them to create new world for crypto mouses.  Crypto Mouses . world on Ethereum blockchain.

2.   Motivation and inspiration for project
In developing   Crypto Mouses . World we were motivated by blockchain’s public perception and how   the following   issues:         
A)   The public’s understanding of blockchain technology is limited and interest is typically tied to the headline-grabbing cryptocurrency valuations
B) ICOs are a powerful funding tool, but abuses with the model and a lack of practical use cases.  Showing lack of understanding basic technology and ideas behind it.  Trying even sometime undermine the technology they’re supposed to empower, offering centralized solutions. Lacking understanding of foundation of blockchains and Bitcoin in general.
C) These   two   issues contribute to a larger   issue: a limited   innovation   in blockchain technology.
This product also helps with problem of attracting people to technology itself, not just price speculations and coins fluctuations on exchanges, but also how the smartcontracts work. Showing the power of blockchain technology and decentralized software processing by network of people.
3.  Digital scarcity, digital collectibles, and non-fungible tokens. Ethereum and it aspects of usability of smartcontracts as mini programs bounded to digital signatures in one package, should be spread worldwide. Digital assets in decentralized world are very easy to pass thanks to Ethereum network.

4.1   Public   perception   of   blockchain   technology   
It is limited concept in crypto mousses world is
= >Through gaming to common peoples mind.

4.2   Practical and sustainable application of blockchain technology
THIS is revolutionary product in education on smarcontracts and speculations on digital assets on blockchain.
Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have proven themselves a viable funding model for blockchain projects. However, while this model intends to open up funding to investors outside of the venture capitalist.  it is not funding model for every project type.
Some people perform scams on ICOs , but it is not beneficial to perform scam as blockchain is so developing technology that developing and spreading any innovation in this tech and product become beneficial.
Those limited in perspectives people creating   mistrust   in   the ICO model,   projects,   and   technology   associated   with   them.      
Because of the headline-grabbing   focus   of cryptocurrency risks not comparing them to risks associated to fiat money and global debt related finance instruments.

Blockchain technology is best thing which happened to human kind after governments or private institutions switched money to fiat currencies and derivative instruments.
ICOS are great. Hundread of startups are going now throudg icos not via venture capital that’s is great. The wales have enough goodies let spread crypto and profit among people.
Happy people cause happy crypto world with more coins more and more powerful and usable than ever before.

4.3   Meaningful   innovation   of   blockchain   technology   via   digital   scarcity   

Did you played pokem or magic the cathering ? all thos cards are used up after some time, blochchian solves it the card is forever lasting you can play it as long as you want it.
5.   Gamification of education on smartcontracts and blockchain tokens
Cryptomouses is interactive game . Palyers can
Breed in houses mouses.
Buy sell houses for yours mouse.

Exchange via exchange market mouses
Place more mouses in house to keep it safe from invaders
During breeding.
There will be mouse appearance generator, every mouse will have different look, differen perks if any special, and different in value stats.

Breeding have quasi-random results.
Every mouse almost stop breeding after 3 years.
Except the eternal experimental lab white mouse, with the lowest stats, accessible via ether always.

There is evolution of mouses and their stats like strength , fertility, and stamina, sex. Every mause have sex.

Note: mouses can be use as collective digital items or as training tools to explain smartcontracts in more funny way during lectures and trainings.

There will be special perks for mousse like king, shaman,  giant fat mouse.
Mouse princess is only accessible if you will be capable of Eating Bad King Popiel by your horde of mouses. It is not 100% successful process and can be successful made once per 5 years. Bad King regenerates after 5 years and so new mouse prices is created.

6.   White paper is not a consumer proposal and before jumping in read and be aware that there are regulations here :
NOTE: If Ethereum blockchain will not handle addition of mouses, we will be make maximum effort to deploy mouses on Ethereum network fully operational Make Ethereum full of mouses.

7.    Platform for exchange mouses
There will be provided platform for exchanging mousses with few types of auctions clock descending, and to reach some level of bid.

Mouses will survive Kitties invasion and spread more on network than any other digital creature.  
Max cap 1200 ETH
Min Cap 100 ETH to create at least 60 unique mouses patterns for mixing
0.05 ETH < 1 ETH generate some mouse – white brown and so on with some statistics proportional to Ether. Deposited.
Transfers 0.05 < ETH are treated as nonrefundable donations to project.
Every 1 ETH results in mouse with perks.
Every 10 ETH results in mouse with unique genome.

There will be only 120 unique mouses with genome and copies of that less perfect.
preICO starts now till 27th 12 there is x2 mouses bonus, till new year eve x 1,5 mouse rounding down. In 2018 no time bonuses.
+20% community tokens only with perks conts
Wallet for Christmas till New Year Eve.
preICO starts 17 UTC 21.12.2017
Get own CMW Dollars
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