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Author Topic: FOS(Fundos)--official information announcement(FAQ,Pre-sale etc)  (Read 260 times)
fundos (OP)
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November 06, 2017, 03:02:01 AM
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Dear all,

More information please check
Dear FOS supporters,
We are pleased to announce that the Pre-sale of FOS token will be finished on 30th Oct 2017. Thank you again for your trust and support on our FOS, everyone.
The very first FOS Coins will be distributed to pre-sale contributors in 3-4 weeks after the end of the token sale(October 30.2017 (23:59:59)).
For our contributors, please Don’t forget to fill in your wallet address(Recommended Imtoken) for receiving FOS by clicking your button.
As mentioned in our previous official news, FOS Team will continue doing the effort to develop the work as planned schedule.And we apologize for any inconvenience caused during this period time.We greatly appreciate for your patience and support at this time, and we look forward to growing FOS(FundOS) with you all.

Actual token distribution will occur in 3-4 weeks after the end of the token sale. Do not use addresses from exchanges you may not receive any FOS Tokens. FundOS disclaims all responsibility and liability to you if you use exchange wallet, or other intermediary and do not receive FOS Tokens.

Part 2 FAQ
1,What is fos?
FundOS(FOS) is the next generation cryptocurrency operation platform based on blockchain. It features an automated transaction interface for crypto asset investors, algorithms powered by AI. Any investors can set up their own digital hedge funds through FOS system and able to make the best investment decisions at the most profitable time!

2,Who can use it?
Any crypto asset investors can set up their own strategies through FOS. Any one of you will be able to make best investment trading by leaving your crypto asset to AI.
FOS is designed for:
A: Digital Currency Investors
B: Hedge Fund Managers
C: Investment Strategists

3,When is the Token Sale (Pre-sale or Main-sale) ? Can accept BTC?
1) Our pre-sale( Included Reservation stage)
a) Reservation stage:(UTC TIME)
September 14.2017 (00:00:00) – October 8.2017 (23:59:59)
b) FOS token pre-sale begins on October 9, 2017(00:00:00)(UTC) and runs through October 30, 2017 (UTC)or until hard cap is reached.
2) Our main sale will be hold during this Dec, more information please pay attention to our future news.
3)We will accept ETH or BTC.

4,What is the structure of the token sale, and how can I contribute?
Please read more about our Bonus structure: + 20% Bonus  and Bonus structure: + 15% Bonus

5,How’s distribtuion of FOS token ?
a) 15% Sold on token Pre-sale
b) 45% Sold on token Pre-sale
c) 10% Distributed to Community
d) 30% Retained by FundOS

6,how to get the updated information of FOS in time?
Be the first to receive important announcements, updates and news.Follow our posts or engage with us through social medieceive important announcements, updates and news.

7,Why choose Fos-token?
FOS is the most powerful Infrastructure for crypto investment.. For more information, please refer to our whitepaper.
8,What the use of FOS token?
Please read more here:

To prevent you from logging into the phishing site or receiving phishing email, pleishase set your security code after sign up.Please read more about our blog.

10,How do I get in touch with you?
Contact email: any questionns please contact

11, When Fund managers are able to create,manage and raise their own decentralized investment funds on FOS platform?
FundOS system official version live online in October 2018. The roadmap is on our website:

12,Are there any fee to become fund manager?
You need pay FOS token to create your fund.

13,Meaning/Significance of the company name.
FOS is Fund Operating System for short. It is an operating system for smart investment contract based on blockchain technology. We aim to build up FOS for intelligent investment contacts to allow ordinary investors to have access to the portfolios of professional investors and investment managers. On FOS platform, Investment managers can initiate smart investment contracts for individual investors or institutional investors to use, and they can decide whether to invest in such contracts by assessing the initiator’s portfolio performances.

14,Proposed activities of the company (with specific examples).
The major activity is research and development of FOS software. We will provide needed resource to sponsor the technology team for FOS development, and to enhance the FOS community engagement by hosting online and offline events and workshops.

15,More details on the company’s intended activities, to elaborate in particular on the plans for community-related and humanitarian activities, if any.
 The major components of our software development include the development of Transaction Engine, Transaction Strategy Bank and Transaction Data Interface; The key functions of FOS platform are Digital Asset Management, Investment Platform Returns, Investment Platform Accounting Settlements, Investment Strategy management.
In order to achieve the best practice regarding our goals of the technology development and implementation, we will build up a FOS community to engage related parties including industry experts, technology developers, our target users, to allow information and knowledge sharing. FOS community related activities such as online and offline workshops, web-seminars and events etc.

16,Any plans or intentions for overseas activities of any kind?  If yes, please provide details.
Our primary market is Asia, and we plan to have our HQ in Singapore as the center of business resources and strategy. As our platform is going to be a global solution, we will gradually develop our marketing plan for the development of FOS’ global community.

17,Who is the target audience/clientele of the company’s activities, and how does the company intend to reach out to them?
As FOS is a software designed for crypto currency investors, hedge fund managers, and investment strategists, they will be our key target audience.
For individual investors, we will target them by offering FOS’ private linking technology which can protect their privacy and keep their asset safe.
For the fund manager, the key attraction for them are FOS’ solution for them to create, manage and raise their own decentralized investment funds without coding.And strategists can create personalized investment strategies by using global leading AI technology offered by FOS platform.We will reach out to them through blockchain online community activities.

More information,please pay attention to our future updated news.

FOS Team

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November 06, 2017, 03:07:59 AM

i read this in the website The most powerful Infrastructure for crypto investment based on blockchain
what a nice words, this is your first pos right ?
why you didn't make a clear announcement thread, because this is only FAQ from Fuqos dev,,
a good announcement thread will give this project  a lot of attentions from crypto users dev

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fundos (OP)
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November 06, 2017, 06:52:16 AM

Dear cryptonx,

Thanks very much for your support and message Wink, yes you are correct, we are newbie here and this is our 1st project here, we will trying to update more information step by step:)  Your suggestion is very helpful for us.

Have a nice day.

FOS Team

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November 08, 2017, 02:39:35 AM

what currency will be accepted?
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November 21, 2017, 08:21:42 PM

I received my Fos tokens in MYW.

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