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Author Topic: CEOCOIN - Art Link Center built on the foundation of new technologies the future  (Read 205 times)
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November 12, 2017, 04:19:36 AM


1.   Vision

As a leading trade corporation in Southeast Asia in both online and offline fields, we want to create a profoundly influential model that changes the trend, thinking in business, narrowing the gap that makes the whole flat world close together. Understanding the importance of technological innovation and creativity in every idea, we always try to continuously improve the quality and technology in each product/service, with the method of creating the unlimited link interconnection between global economic sectors, helping to maximize the interests of customers.

2.   Mission

As one of the leading companies, we are responsible for creating breakthroughs in business model, distribution, and community connectivity. Access to new technologies and new business models to improve business quality and service quality.
We aim for a sales channel that connects consumers directly with producers without the need of third parties. A cutting- edge business form that eliminates the need for intermediary and advertising costs, thereby enhancing the profitability of suppliers and customers.


With our goal and mission, we have created an electronic trading platform - Art Link Center. Art Link Center is built on the foundation of new technologies of the future. Bringing inside the great advantages of the leader, Art Link Center owns a huge potential community. Furthermore, it has the diverse range of products in all areas.

1.   Art Link Center Advantages

-   As an electronic trading platform, all traded assets are real assets and have been evaluated as well as verified prior to listing.
-   The inevitable demand of the market including supply and demand, when the demand is large, supply will definitely expand automatically. For the Art Link Center, the vast customer base offers a rich and competitive supplier market. To meet the needs of both users and suppliers, Art Link Center formed a separate liquidity system.
-   Legal framework
-   Proving a full set of synthetic products:
•   Website system: as an electronic trading platform where can trigger thousands of websites selling, running their own domain names and having the functionality of a standalone website such as posting products, placing orders, running SEO keywords, etc. Each of the collaborators, helping to identify the brand, should motivate them to invest in sales.
•   Human Resource Management System: salesman manager, sales coordinator, collaborative salary.
•   Financial management system: reporting, revenue statistics, discount, transaction history.
•   Notification system: manage orders linked to home website, order reports, price, order status.
-   The process is clearly
-   Large potential market
•   All online transactions are encapsulated in ART LINK CENTER smart technology platform
•   No limit on the number of supplier
•   No limit on the number of salespeople
•   No limit on the number of buyers
•   Automate all transactions
•   Global market

2.   What's make Art Link Center different?

-   It is a comprehensive online trading ecosystem for ART TECHNOLOGY.
-   It is the only marketing channel in Vietnam that provides collaborators website
-   Apply online ecosystems in parallel with offline ecosystems to increase the coverage of the market
-   Enterprises can PR, cross-sell products and services to each other in a flexible way, actively and easily develop associate team

The purpose and mission of ART TECHNOLOGY are not only to improve business methods but also to nurture young people who are talented and passionate about the business but have not found the right path or direction, even is not eligible to attend regular courses.
With online training, anyone can study without having to worry about geographic distance or study time. We look forward to creating the most comfortable and convenient learning environment for all.

Exclusive training courses by experienced professionals who are leading and managing large companies in each field of expertise. Art Link Academy is an open environment where you can connect and talk directly with experts if you have questions. All issues will be asked and answered directly to students.

Art Link Academy builds a professional training system that includes full online marketing, digital marketing, how to communicate effectively…


    ART CARD: Internal conversion tools in the global financial system.

The world is constantly changing every second, convenience and time saving are at the forefront of all industries and products. Understanding the needs and desires of customers, ART TECHNOLOGY creates ART CARD - payment form of the future

ART CARD is simple to use - but safer than the available forms, ART CARD online payment, offline super-fast

-   Buyer enters to seller's data wallet
-   Then the seller gives the QR code with the payment request
-   The buyer scans and confirms it then creates a transaction
-   The transaction is scanned by the seller as QR code using the seller's electronic wallet and then shipped

*What is ART CARD advantages?

-   Payment of goods and services at more than 30 million transaction points accepting cards worldwide
-   Online shopping at websites accepting Visa, shopping directly at where accept a card
-   Manage your card easily through the Art Card App
-   Can recharge
-   Withdraw cash at ATM or banks accepting Visa cards
-   TrustWorld membership offers up to 50% off points at shopping, food, travel, education, etc. for Art Card holders.
-   Powerful mobile card management tool:
-   Card service: activated card and deposit
-   Manage Card: check the surplus, transaction history, check preferential points
-   Utility: buy phone card, pay bills

III.   Ceocoin – cryptocurrency payment method

However, we also recognize the weaknesses of the system when it comes to performance, such as swiftness in transactions, system bottlenecks as well as inflation that can occur when transactions are soaring. Moreover, geographic distance is also a factor cannot be ignored when you conduct an online purchase. So, where is the solution to the problem?
With a mission to be the leader in capturing new technologies of the future, Art Technology cannot ignore the new trend of the world that is cryptocurrency. It is clear that the 4.0 technology revolution is constantly improving everything and shortening the flat border gap. While robots have been recognized for their citizenship, it is likely that the future of cryptocurrency will be as popular as flat money or can even replace the dollar and gold as an asset, valuable storage.

1.   Ceocoin advantages:

And Ceocoin was born - with the main purpose of supplementing the weaknesses that cash and card did not do.

-   Ceocoin supports Art Card and electronic trading platform - Art Link Center in currency circulation, facilitating cash flow easily and quickly without even a third party. Moreover, users can save a lot of money and do not have to worry where they are. Because the advantage of cryptocurrency is that users can use anywhere and anytime. As such, Ceocoin can extend transactions anywhere in the world, precisely because of its unlimited space and time.

-   As the currency of the Art Link Center, certainly, Ceocoin will own a large community ownership and spread across the globe.
-   Becomes a payment method between banks, businesses and especially compatible with e-commerce business - such as Art Link Center Ceocoin has upgraded its liquidity to a new level.

2.   Ceocoin information:

-   Coin Type: PoW/PoS
-   Hashing Algorithm: Scrypt
-   Block Time: 64
-   Block reward: 41
-   Transaction confirmation: 1
-   Total coins: 27.000.000

PoW / PoS saves Ceocoin safer, up to 51%. Using PoS means that users who want to dig a coin must own a certain amount of coin, who have more assets, the number of blocks obtained from PoS will be more. This is true even with hackers, if you want to hack it means the hacker must own 51% of the existing coin. But hacking will lead to a decrease in coin value, so make sure no hacker wants this to happen to their property.
Moreover, PoW / PoS also helps to reduce power consumption and cost savings much more than the old one is PoW.

3.   Ceocoin development:

-   Expanded Ceocoin transactions at most international exchanges:,, as well as listing on
-   Developed ATM system to transfer and withdraw Ceocoin worldwide
-   Building an e-commerce ecosystem that connects using Ceocoin copper in many countries.
-   Developed in over 100 countries and gained 2 million people use Ceocoin as a payment instrument or asset
-   Building franchise chains offline in many countries
-   So, the price of Ceocoin will grow rapidly and can reach over 100 USD


1 million members in 3 years

The average transaction is $ 100 million per year

Forecasts for 2018:

-   300,000 members
-   Average transaction is $ 100 million per year
-   Profit of $ 5 million per year

Forecast for 2019:

-   500,000 members
-   Average transaction is $ 200 million per year
-   $ 10 million profit

Forecast for 2020:

-   1,000,000 members
-   Average transaction is $ 500 million per year
-   Profit of $ 30 million per year

* The profitability of ART TECHNOLOGY

-   Revenue from the sale of business web
-   Revenue from transactions: advertising accounts, premium accounts, business pages for members and suppliers
-   Revenue from ART LINK Academy
-   Revenue from CASHBACK ART CARD project
-   Revenue from all activities of the factors appearing in ART LINK CENTER
-   Revenues from the platform call for community capital
-   Turnover from the profits of the company investing in the project, and holding the shares of the company promising

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