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Author Topic: Sollar Mining Algo - Low Power ASIC Resistant - Rasberry friendly Ideas?  (Read 217 times)
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November 14, 2017, 01:46:27 AM

I am curious to know if anyone on the forum has used other energy alternatives for mining "Wind /Solar"

I live out on a farm and using wind and solar are my means of living, a few of us are looking at setting up some mining rigs
though I am interested in the statistics of using cleaner energy for mining and if people have had much success.

Thanks Smiley

This is quite a good news. The only hindrance that I see in mining is the fact that it consumes a lot of electrical power, so in the end the earning that one will get in the future will mostly go to payment of eletricity bill. That’s why it is a good help to find an alternative when it comes to power source. Also, I think solar power would be great for tropical countries and wind power will be good for non-tropical countries.

Yep, I'm doing PROOF OF CONCEPT its fine, about $500 USD to build the panel rig, and a arduino ( class machine, I do most on banana-pi )  to do power control and feed the MOBO BTC, 6 - 1060's,

Ten panels, dial your 1060-3 down to 50 Watts do about 400 Watts, 10 panels @ 3amp 30amps during sunny time, keeps battery's charged, arduino can manage power if predicted loss before sun-rise occurs, save lots of energy by not having a power-supply

It's all in the power-controller, it help's if your already into solar, then its easy, just have the arduino do it all manage charge-controlling of batterys, and power the GPU'S&CPU with relays

Problem is how many panels, my limit is ten, enough for a small barn, more than that your attracting attention or making an eye-sore

The other thing is to manage additional power management with water-wheels if you have water, and wind generation, I have both I have a running canal in front of my place, so I can generate some power all the time.

The deal is to look around and figure how many different ways you can keep your battery's charged, then figure out HOW LOW you can take your 1060-3, I play with TEMP&POWER, TEMP from the miner, as HEAT LOSS is your enemy that's sucking the power, the deal is when its sunny/hot the arduino can rip the miners into FULL BORE, but when the sun is down, then run in optimization mode, the deal is if your into Banana-PI class arm7 chips which cost about $10 this shit is a lot of fun and the basic arduinio chip is like $1.

Panels can be extremely cheap, I"m getting CHINESE panels for $30, but the problem with panels is U must keep the number small, unless your running a solar farm. I think wind & water is a better balance, need about 2-3 really GOOD deep-cycle RV battery's to keep your energy for the night.

Another thing is to MINE with GPU low-energy clones, stuff that is NVIDIA clone, but low power


A smart GUY would INVENT a new mining ALGO that is resistant to CHINA ASIC assholes, but friendly to Banani-PI class X 5th generation 8gb 4ghz 32 core CPU's, that run on a few watts, then we will have mining geared for SOLAR, I think that's the right way to approach this,

Again, think about a SOLAR CPU algo for mining, something along the like of EQUIHASH, but for multi-core super fast CPU that cost a few dollars each, this is critical so that kids in Africa can mine.

Lot's of thought goes into ASIC resistance, but little thought into WASTING POWER, more thought needs to go into SOLAR-COMPUTATION, perhaps a quantum computer that run's directly off  of sun light? I'm a physics person by training, it just takes a kid with a dream to think about this shit, problem is most trained people don't think about this shit, they're too busy commuting and worrying about the bills.

The "IDEA" is always most important here is the challenge.

1.) Off the Grid, Fuck the GOV & pwr company

2.) cheap, help 3rd world kids enable themselves from slavery

3.) asic resistant, go back to satoshis dream

4.) perhaps there needs to be a non-solar tax on this coin, PROOF-of-SOLAR rather than proof-of-stake, this in itself solves the china-problem ( free electricity/monopoly)

5.) PPL need to generate  their own wealth without wasting energy, current system is insane

Currently takes 20 barrels of OIL to mine one BITCOIN, how ever that one bitcoin is worth 50 barrels of OIL, or 4 ounces of GOLD.
Problem is not much of a future to burn OIL for cyber currency, the sun generates a HUGE WATTAGE per square-meter of panel, one just needs to optimize the free energy,

Again right way to think about this is SOLAR-QUANTUM-COMPUTATION "Solar Proof of Work".

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