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Author Topic: Merry Christmas from yahoo62278(3rd prize added)  (Read 2023 times)
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November 30, 2017, 11:35:16 AM

I don't really need $100, I usually just HODL my coins anyway. I still can't believe 0.01BTC is worth $100 now! In my mind, it still feels like $5, or pocket change. When I joined Bitcointalk in 2015, it was worth just over $2, something you'd get for free at many places (especially on the Games and Rounds board). I can only hope Bitcoin continues it's long way up in the coming years.

Why am I even replying here if I don't need the $100? I like the gesture, and although I haven't really interacted with you (yahoo62278), I've seen your name in many parts of the forum. While I'm at it: what's with the 62278? It's terrible, I can never remember it, all I know is "yahoo some number"!

If - by a miracle - I do win, I'll give it away. After mixing of course, I don't want the receiver to link the address to my account here.

My Bitcoin address: 162278DcTpjGgNWTMwZ9z57JggMW9Lm4Uh

In the spirit of Christmas: the 3 last posters on page 2 are all on my ignore list, which means they've either failed to follow simple giveaway rules in the past (like Lilmon and bixbem90), or they're confirmed giveaway cheaters, like mrjoy15. The fact that they nicely post their ignored accounts right next to each other makes me trust them even less.

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November 30, 2017, 01:54:06 PM

Funniest story or not, but it's true.

A man was charged for robbery and had applied for a bail and was released as well. He was called to attend his hearings and he missed one date which is why he was issued a warrant. He then went to the court for cancellation of his warrant and submitted his details to the Lawyer who was a new joinee and was confused about how to present the application to the judge. During the hearing, the judge read the application as "In the Cheap Metropolitan Magistrates' Court" instead of "In the Chief Metropolitan Magistrates' Court" which is why the judge threw back the papers and rejected his application. The result was that the man was sent back to jail.

The man was so upset with the lawyer that he put his hands through the bars of the jail and told the lawyer "Sir, I was outside and a free man earlier but after appointing you, I am back in jail and lost my money as well." Cheesy

Merry Christmas in advance.

BTC address: 1DsedHjfh7cdTQWW14gBDsgmmKZRphd9gK

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December 01, 2017, 08:51:33 AM

I will be starting the story about myself.
I am a nursing student of a college in a province in Marinduque, Philippines. I am about to graduate this coming year and the career I am about to finish is not my first choice but my mother's. I was once an engineering student.
I did not regret any of it. I started and currently loving where I am. The love for life and helping others is truly my passion and my new career developed it more. I love being a nurse.
It's hard studying. Apparently, it's harder to see my parents struggle to find monthly allowances.
I may not be the most deserving winner but I wanted to be one of the lucky person because I want it to be a present for my mother. I think it would be the best gift that I could give her this Christmas. And maybe a wonderful shoes, she never bought anything for herself.

I got into bitcoin because of my friend. I haven't earned much but I can truly say that every cent is worth it.
I started earning with Avirunes management and then secondly, yours. Meeting both of you inspired me because you two were too good and kind. It gave me confidence of continuing what I have started not just for the money but generally, I am loving bitcoin. Confidence because I see many of my fellowmen here in the forum being pushed around about Grammars and what not. I am pretty much hurt too because of the discrimination. I am not to argue. Sometimes mods have the point.
Anyways, I have met more kind managers while hanging around here. And managing the forum seems to be hard and every mods amazes me.
I am wishing for more wonderful persons to keep the forum functioning for years to come.
Thank you and more power to everyone. Good luck and merry Christmas to all. God bless us all.

Thank you for starting this contest.  I was given a chance to say thank you.

If lucky enough. Here is my address.
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December 02, 2017, 03:56:37 AM

Well, two years ago, I was discovering the Crypto-Currency world. I didn't have a source of income, no job, no plans for the future, I was just
living one day at a time... But then I was introduced to Bitcoins, started collecting every penny I found on Crypto-Currency world: satoshis, litoshis, dogetoshis... And continued even when their prices were cheap and the rewards were low.

Finally I had hope. Their prices could increase on the future and those pennies could become a nice amount of dollars. So I started imagining about plans for the future, what I could do with the profit from this new world, how I could use it in a worthful way, something solid that could generate prosperity.

Then the time passed, BTC became even stronger and I could start putting into practice my plans using my savings. So I started my natural fertilizer production in real life, what have been a good occupation for me. Although it's not very profitable like other jobs, it's something I like to do and makes me happy and that isn't all, I would like to produce even more stuff if I have the chance, but for now I don't have the necessary budget yet.
However I have many other ideas about businesses/productions, sometimes I'm doing anything, then an idea comes to my mind, I go to google and start searching about it... That is a good feeling!

So that is it. Along the last years I didn't spend much money with me or people around me, I'm just saving everything maximum as possible to be able to put in practice my plans, make business and build a stable life. That isn't an easy task, but with effort, organization and focus it's possible!

If you liked the story (although it's not the end yet), I would use the reward money to buy a Christmas gift, because after so much time without buying anything I think I deserve some entertainment if I have the chance (or the money) for it.  Cheesy

BTC Address: 1873euQJ1X547RUVYvbZXDPZU7yRc1KqJj

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Don't need it.

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December 02, 2017, 03:52:54 PM

Just be genuine and tell me a little about your life.
I come from 2141. and I came back to say word or two.
Hard work doesn't exist anymore.
Only robots are working and money for them is coming from various ICO projects.
Every single person is participating in bounty campaigns since it become only way to earn money(it has been for 50 years like that)
Bitcoin is very expensive and it is only currency in world, so I've been digging old giveaways to find this kind of threads and grab fortune...

...but if you send me 0.01BTC i will make an exception...
Perfect opportunity for someone to get some money for kids Christmas presents
...and I will send this to 8-9 address(well, i would send it to 10 but i have to pay fee and my addy is empty) and 8-9 kids will get candy's for Xmas  Cheesy
If you don't send me it won't make any difference to me, but less kids will get candy's   Cry


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December 02, 2017, 04:01:37 PM

Well i will just throw this out there

I'm just your typical freelancer and a week ago my smartphone broke and i'm planning to buy a new phone
But i got no budget for this sudden expense,it's troubling when you don't have phone because most of your contact using social media for communication and you can't communicate with them
Well with .01 it will be enough to grant me a decent smartphone and i appreciate any recommendation for what best phone to use

BTC Address : 17cSKTwCvEfVEX82yz8LQkDER7Cqoief25
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December 02, 2017, 06:18:02 PM

hey yahoo , I want to get some porn accounts

Thanks in advance  Grin

( Best story ever I know I know !! )


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lets get high!

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December 03, 2017, 12:04:59 PM

I can’t think of Christmas without thinking of family. Because of this, my Christmas wish is that every Filipino family be complete in celebrating the birth of our Savior and be able to enjoy this season of love with the ones they love the most. As for my family, now that our son is learning how to bike, I am on the lookout for a nice bike for him, as well as for James and myself, for some family fun time in the year to come!

Btc Address: 3P1QrKC3RULPhT3AWMbe1jfMtm4PNXCF54

Thanks yahoo for this amazing giveaway for the community!

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December 03, 2017, 04:33:28 PM

I was looking ways to make money online then I found out about collecting faucets. I saved around 450k within a week. Then I was thinking of growing those 450k sats. I found that gambling is a good way to increase your balance without much effort. I made those 0.0045 btc to around 0.008 in just a few hours while playing it slow. Then all of sudden I lost control over my bet size and lost it all.
So I decided to buy around a coin. Now I have around 1btc in my wallet so I deposited it on the gambling site but I lost it too eventually in order to make more and more profit.
Then the turning point came and I decided to deposit the leftover onto the gambling site. So it was round 380k of satoshi. I was betting on higher chance and was doing yolo after 2-3 reds in a row. Soon I reached 0.1 btc and then 1 btc. Now I really was happy with my recovery but still the hunger to make profit wasn't gone. So I keep on doing the same thing and next time i took a look at my balance was around 3 btc.
I said to myself its done for now. I tipped some (0.0xxx) in chat and wd the rest.
I decided to not to do such mistakes again and bought a phone and sent more than 50% of the money to my parents.

Sometimes My inner one like to deposit again and gamble but somehow I control myself to not to deposit big amount again.
However I still often gamble as a way to entertain myself.

Btc address: 3NyXR5MtXbEix5rWMofvwSFmEKCUo1iFad
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December 05, 2017, 09:32:04 AM

i was walking down the street going my mery way to buy some groceries when all of a sudden i was attacked by a homeless person.
-Your money and your cell phone, he said
-my money are in my cell phone, i replied

Thats all folks
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December 06, 2017, 08:56:19 AM

I remember once when my dad gave me money to pay the electricity bill but instead i bought a lottery ticket for a brand new car. When i got home,i explained to my dad what i did and he beat the crap out of me. But the next day,when my dad woke up and opened the door,outside my house was a brand new car. We all cried especially me,because the car was from the electricity company,they were there to cut off the electricity, my dad beat the crap out of me again.

Trying to provoke Sir Yahoo by a simple joke
Boy: My mother's
name is Laughing and my father's name is Smiling.
Teacher: you must be kidding.
Boy: No, that's my sister's name, I'm Joking  Cheesy

Merry Christmas
Best regards
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December 07, 2017, 08:49:54 AM


A gift from God!

That's how BITCOIN saves me with all my debt after giving birth with my first child I didn’t expect I’ll be having a C-section last January 9, 2017 it was the most precious day of my life but unfortunately the money we save was not enough to cover up all medical expenses and because of that we need to apply for a loan from different friends and relatives. It was in June since my co-employee teach me how to do signature campaign and I am so thankful and blessed that since I started every earnings I get went to those debt. So far almost all of them had been paid but what was my reason on joining this? It is because I want my son to have the best birthday I could offer as a mother but I don’t have much savings for it. I hope to get one of your prize.

here is my son

Thank you sir yahoo for equal opportunity you always give whenever you have campaign it really helps me a lot.

btc address: 3E514U9mwhmRYiChjaamwkDfiwMEBQHUV1

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December 10, 2017, 06:25:55 AM

@sir yahoo

I am a married person, I have 4 years of household. And the last few months I was with my wife starting to suffer domestic damage for having an affair with someone richer than me. We have been rewarded by a beautiful girl god like a butterfly. If I have $100, I really want to hire a lawyer to get custody of my daughter and I really want to get divorced as soon as possible with my wife. And my child will be 2 years old on December 27, if I don't get custody of my daughter at least I will use the money to give gifts for my daughter.

Best regards  Grin

Btc addres:
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December 11, 2017, 03:19:09 AM

hello  yahoo62278  Grin Grin

I got 2 weeks to enjoy vacation during christmas and new year. I spent it visiting my family in the village. It was 60 kms away from the center of town.

I left for my village on Tuesday night. I rode my motorcycle. The street was really quite that night. So I could arrive soon in my family's house.

The first day I spent my day walking around my village. I met people who was my friend in the past. They were still friendly and welcome.

The second day I went fishing in the river near my house. I got 5 catfish. That made me happy enough because it was so long I had never gone fishing.

The third day I helped my father fixing the fence. The fence was broken. We had to renew it. I took bamboo and cut it.

The fourth day, I spent the day in the beach. The beach was 40 kms away. I went there with some old friends. In the beach I swam and went fishing. That was nice.

thanks for give away

btc wallet : 15iXF66XMR2Wb9rcx4FvsKF64zQVC6YkPt
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December 11, 2017, 03:33:35 AM

Hi Yahoo!
You are so familiar to me. I know you before google.
You have your own messenger and I like your emoticons. Just kidding i'm not that funny.
but trying to be one Just to make my way to your heart. Then when you approve me as one of
your friend I can say YAHOO! Just when my girl answered yes to me.

Now I will start my story with Once upon a time. Or I will just say, before I know this thing called
bitcoin. I know dollars. Been looking and searching in the internet to earn something not from
the company I am working with. Let's just say I want extra income so that I can enjoy some of my life
coz all my income or salary goes directly to my partner. I'm just a simple husband with a cute daughter
that I really love. She is my inspiration in working so hard and look for something to give her the comfort
in life. Let's go back to the story. I do captcha which I earn small cents and invested lot of times in it.
Without any long story, I quit on captcha. It takes most of the time. Then I tried looking for jobs online
like data entry or something that will not need more time, then fail again. Then someone introduced me gambling
site. Gambling site which uses bitcoin in playing. So that makes me interested of that thing. I Play a lot
of times. Sometimes I earn some but most of the time bust all I earned. I like earning something more without doing
gambling because it's very risky. It may take you to something they call the debt pool. I will be drown with dept
if I will not stop it. BY THE WAY I STARTED USING BITCOIN ON JUNE THIS YEAR. I am just new on this thing.
 So let us continue to the story. I started using because of that gambling site that conducted giveaway
that requires to post something here in Now after few months I'm trying to do something new that friend
 introduced to me which is airdrop and bounty hunting.Doing it now.Joined several of it. I hope I will gain some soon.
Doing signature campaign here also to earn something that will support my goal. I will repeat again. Make my daughter
 have the comfort of life.

So now! I will make it short. Thanks I am here in bitcointalk because I found this giveaway. Yahoo! I found it!
I win I will say Yahoo!. Nice name to mention. Brings happiness! Smiley

Sorry but I will not end this story without telling you this. This is the best part. I will tell you why I deserve
the prize $100? I deserve it because I want my daughter to have her christmas very special. I am planning to visit
relatives and cousins, and need some air fair expences. I want this holiday season to be special to us family. I think
you like that too. Yahoo! I'm sure you have wonderful family too.

I will end this with greetings.

Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I will say Thanks in advance too. Even if I am not one of the choosen few.


BTC: :   37CvD9eitLscqMcJGSAp5skhEgCNhLVd3a

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December 11, 2017, 05:18:08 AM

Hi Yahoo62278!!! Merry Christmas!

I got excited by the time I've read this thread and I wanted to join, here's my story of where I would spend $100 if ever I win.
I've been courting this beautiful girl for almost a year. Honestly I'm not confident if I could win her, this Christmas I wanted to take her on a very romantic date. I'm thinking of a taking her on a candle-light dinner with a sweet music playing, and hey sir Yahoo62278 I've been planning this for almost a month and I practice a song to sing for her (I just hope I could sing in front of her haha). That's all I ever wanted this Christmas, so please choose me sir. Let's all have a holiday full with love <3

BTC address: 12MAp6cwAMxkFN2gZJdWfB94uDNRnoM4SJ

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December 11, 2017, 01:19:20 PM

I am new to cryptocurrency but i love learning by reading in this forums and joining campaigns that manage by you because you have a strong charisma and you are really trusted manager and very kind manager.
I love to have more bitcoins before the price will go up and more. I love crypto when I learned this but I am giving my family too what i earned.  Smiley
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December 11, 2017, 02:07:22 PM

Good day ! Im about to share a story based on the true story of mine .


I am  20 years old right now and I came from the Philippines wherein Christmas was celebrated from September to January of next year .

On the 20 years of my age I only experienced Christmas Day once with my family complete not because my parents was seperated but because my mother was an OFW from Hong Kong . she was there to sustain our needs and to sent us to college .

Ever since when I was an elementary student my father is my mother , he accompanied me way to school riding bicycle and when I am about to go home he's waiting me outside to sent me back home .

When I am in my high school days he is still doing what he did before , but this time we were not riding bicycle anymore  Smiley . I remember the first day of my high school he's with me , he accompanied me from our house which about 8kms to make sure that Ill be safe .

And this , this is the hardest part , my college years , from my 1st year to my 3rd year in college it runs smoothly , until I reach my 4th year whrein thesis,business plan and other school activity because I was been an officer of our organization before, and also I was been a Student Assistant at the office of college dean with about 20 dollar per month of salary , I enter to be a Student Assistant to have an experience to put on my resume  because it will help mo a little in finding a job because here in my country its hard to find a job if you dont have an experienced.

And when I am about to step and received my college diploma my father died because of heart attack , it is hard for me because all my life he's at my side guiding me to my every decisions in life , he also teaches me to respect others and fear Our God . He have not see me wearing my toga and I havent take a picture with Him to see his most beautiful smile .

And as I've stated before I hav'nt experience Christmas with complete family , this year might be because my mother decided to retire for being an OFW but my father leaves us .

And as return from all the sacrifices of our mother we are dating her to the places that he has never been before .

So this Christmas season I want you to show your love to your love once and save your most precious love to your family because everything may fade but your family will still shine and will love you unconditionally .

We are not perfect family we got angry to each other , I got angry also to my father and my mother but still the forgiveness and love are still the most mass to weight .




bustadice         ▄▄████████████▄▄
   ▄███████████    ███████████▄
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 ██████    ████████▀▀██    ██████
██████████████████   █████████████
█████████████████▌  ▐█████████████
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             ████         ██        ████
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             ████     ▀▀▀▀▀▀        ████
 ███████████  ████                 ████
               ████▄             ▄████
   ███████████  ▀████▄▄       ▄▄████▀
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█████▄  ▄████████▄  ▄█████
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December 11, 2017, 03:29:10 PM

Hi sir yahoo62278
I'm just an ordinary student who's trying to live by my own life, budgeting and saving all of my money for different expenses like school's tuition fee, foods, weekly allowance and so on I would like to share how hard to live alone when you're only a student. I'm doing everything just to make sure that I'll get my demanding course in college. Living alone is not simple, you dont know who's your real friend or an enemy. I wish I could be the one who will win this Christmas event from you yahoo and IF I won this event I'll save this price for my college's school fee and to graduate at the future

BTC Address: 31tPYYobZjf8qMUoDyFBQctNK47Mr6wv5f

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December 11, 2017, 04:13:47 PM

Hello yahoo62278!

I'll probably be disqualified since I'm still a newbie for now but it does no harm if I try!

First and foremost, advance merry christmas and thank you for sharing some love this christmas!

I just recently got into Bitcoin this past few months and it all started when I saw a post of Bitcoin's ATH in the front page of Reddit. That was the time where I was interested about Bitcoin and its popularity. At first, I just wanted to learn a few information about Bitcoin but as soon I started I kept reading and watching videos all about cryptocurrency. It started from Bitcoin, to blockchain technology, to hard forks, to alt coins, etc. I was really engaged with the surge of new information that I was learning. I learned so much about crypto, its importance and how useful it is. It then came to me that I wanted to be part of the crypto community, support cryptocurrency and hopefully own a few bitcoins/altcoins. But sadly, due to my current situation I can't own or buy crypto. I am living own my own and my salary is spent for rent and expenses. Where I live 1 BTC is already almost a million on our own local currency. That's when I thought of getting or earning a crypto online. I've searched and found free giveaways or events but mostly were not legit. And that what led me to this website and to your own giveaway. Though I'm not really the affected if I ever don't own any cryptocurrency for now. I'm still on the ride because crypto's future for me looks promising. I know I'm a bit too optimistic since crypto at the moment is not perfect and still have issues. But I know years from now cryptocurrency will be something useful and valuable to all people in the world.

Here's hoping that we will be part of something big in the future!

Once again, advance merry christmas and thank you very much for what you are doing for the community!

If anyone wants to share some love and make someone happy this christmas: 35XgMwk8HDtfm5ZjxBs46LehVwDDkfdMm4 
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