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Author Topic: Gamified cryptocurrency education platform & matching tool w/Coin Vault feature  (Read 15 times)
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December 19, 2017, 02:09:11 AM

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been featured on The Big Bang Theory, CNN, Business Insider, and now they’re stuck on your mind. How can you find them easily? Where can one learn about them in a non-intimidating way? CryptoDossier is an educational platform that makes learning fun. As members gain knowledge earning badges and points, cryptocurrencies are unlocked. In addition to unlocking coins, there is a coin matching tool. This tool pairs members to coins based on their interests, values and needs. Whichever way they choose to find coins, there is a feature that allows those coins to get added to a personal “coin vault”.

Many people may find that learning about cryptocurrencies is often as difficult as learning a foreign language! Once you know it and use it regularly, you’re golden! However, getting to that point can be dull and difficult. When members sign up they have a dashboard with their empty coin vault and stats on how much crypto knowledge they have, eg., “Beginner 20% crypto knowledge.” They earn points for watching videos, using flashcards and taking quizzes. Besides gaining points for learning and juicing up their knowledge bar, their experience level badges show reputation within the community. Higher level members have the ability to answer questions for less experienced users.

The matching tool offers a level of customization to this site. As Members select interests from a list and answer questions, they can find out if they are best suitable for higher or low risk coins, and so on. If new members complete the activities offered in the educational part of the site, they should be able to accurately answer questions about their options and preferences regarding cryptocurrencies.


Our goal is to lower the barrier to entry for cryptocurrencies, through education and having standardized data on cryptocurrencies users can be paired with. There are no other websites we’ve identified that accommodate our target market, new cryptocurrency users, in the way we wish to serve them. We aim to be a launch pad for cryptocurrency use through gamified cryptocurrency education.

Keys to Success

• Partnering with existing Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency education content providers

• Guided tutorial with pop-up boxes.

• Help tips tailored to user’s level exp.

• Decentralized way for questions to get answered- 5 random members in a certain skill level are sent your question. Your question is only sent to members who have logged in recently. In addition you can choose up to 3 people on your friends list to send your question to. If all members answer your question- you see all their answers. This feature will not work like a chat forum- where everyone can see your question. These will only be seen in your inbox/ questions board. This ensures that new members do not feel they are asking stupid questions.

• Like duo lingo and


Flashcards, videos, unlock coins, converse with experienced users, quizzes & certificates, share "coin vault" with friends, cryptocurrency matching tool


I’m Nicole. The Founder and Chief Architect of Cryptodossier! An entrepreneur at heart, as well as an idealist and futurist. I entered the cryptocurrency and blockchain space in March 2017. I fell down the rabbit hole that is cryptos after witnessing a community, thriving & surviving using bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in New Hampshire. This was in June 2016, I was hooked, but where would I begin? Eventually, I decided if I ever wanted to get into blockchain and cryptocurrencies, I would have to teach myself. Since then, I’ve been engaged in independent studies relating to this field, roughly full time!

It has been an interesting journey to say the least. Residing west of Milwaukee, I drive up to 20 hours per week (107 miles one way) to the plentiful meet ups in Chicago. This has been done despite obstacles. I was starting to expand a business idea in 2013, when an attempt was made on my life by an extremely troubled landlord. Causing PTSD, among other setbacks. Needless to say, I was unable to continue with my business ventures or work in general for a significant period of time. Four years have passed and I've made substantial progress since then. In 2015, I enrolled to Carroll University with a founder’s scholarship. While there, representing Carroll University in an incubator for college entrepreneurs called The Commons. This entrepreneurial incubator allowed students to work on a team for 10 weeks ending with a pitch to venture capitalists.

Now, almost a year into my studies, I have a new goal. This goal is Cryptodossier. A website geared to help new cryptocurrency users, especially with mass adoption on the horizon! However, due to the aforementioned incident, I lack sufficient savings to self-fund. My basic living expenses are covered, but nothing more. I can deal with some obstacles as they arrive, but do not have easy access to a bank loan, especially without recent work history. The reason an ICO was not launched is because of the hurdles for that as well. If I can not get a simple bank loan, there is no way I could launch an ICO. ICOs involve a ton of requirements, and I heard it's one way to set your life on fire. I believe in cryptocurrency for it's potential to help those who lack economic mobility. People such as myself, who aspire to change their situation when traditional avenues are closed to them.

The purpose of this kickstarter is to pay for expenses which are required to run a business.

    Legal & accounting expenses (company registration, legal disclaimers, consultants)
    Development for site (Web designer, web developer)
    Advertising (brochures, facebook ads, etc.)
    Business softwares (quickbooks...)
    Travel expenses to Chicago (gas, tolls, parking)

The goal is to get a minimum viable product (MVP) website for investors. At this point I do not have a MVP to get investors and need money to get there. Plus, it is imperative attending meet ups to network and expand the development team.

As a cryptocurrency entrepreneur, It's about preparing for mass adoption with a kick-ass idea!

If this kickstarter makes sense to you, don't just wish CryptoDossier the best of luck and be on your way, pledge or share this!

If you prefer to donate cryptocurrency:

BTC: 1BrxkdaHfza3q9rWx5QpADAGEPtRVvxbaP

ETH: 0x6a88cd164604c6e97930d86c3506220a67f18dd6


Ask questions, and willing to answer the devil's advocate.
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