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Author Topic: [ANN] Fastest method on the market of converting FIAT <--> BTC!!  (Read 38972 times)
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January 26, 2017, 06:20:04 PM

I am Not impressed with the Quality of the Customer Service as it is non-existent from my experience.
And yes I used for the attempted contact.

Previous poster stated that his email to Bitquick Customer Service was answered in 1 hour.

I sent an email with several questions 2 days ago that has never been answered. IMO they trashed the email.

I ask how the request for ID was implemented and how is it triggered. (Does one upload or email a scanned copy of DL or is a camera required?) This is not explained on the web pages. I want to know how it works before I send money as I do not have a web cam. I have no problem providing an ID.

I do not like the fact that after the seller has your funds, Bitquick then for some unknown reason decides to ask for ID. This ID check should be upfront before one send his money, because if Bitquik decides to reject ones ID, then if that person does not have what is required to provide the ID (like having a web cam) then Bitquick is going to profit highly by keeping your coins which is an illegal criminal act.

I also ask:
On your web site where you have Banks and Credit Unions listed that provide the Co-op shared network services. There are quotes under each type of bank that states different amounts of Bitcoin value for a particular Bank.

I do not understand the relevance as on the previous screen I can already see how much Bitcoin my money will buy.

Could you explain the relevance?

Honest concise answers are all anyone could ask for but I got nada.

Why does anyone attempt to get answers to their questions multiply times when one attempt should be all that is required from any Honest upstanding Business.

It boils down to very bad Customer Relations and without the customers you are out of business. Some people just do not understand the concept. All aspects of a businesses policies should be published for all to see before they decide to do business with any company. It is called full disclosure.

Looks like they do not want the 2% Commission they could make from my Bitcoin buys.
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February 03, 2017, 05:49:11 PM

Follow up of my previous posting.

I emailed Bitquick about their ID policies. I just want to know how it works so I can be prepared.
6 days later they answered that they would ask for an ID after I had made a purchase.
This is after the seller has you deposit. A smart business would ask for an ID when placing a hold.
This procedure allows Bit quick to state your ID as Invalid and allows Bitquick to keep your funds.

Yesterday (02/02/2017) I attempted a small buy transaction thru Bitquick.
I found that I could only purchase .250194 Bitcoin no matter what amount I put in, as I tried 5 times to purchase amounts up to .2650
bitcoin. Bitcoin provided a name and a Bank Account for the same seller every time. I finally decide to accept the amount they were allowing me to purchase. I drove to a Local Credit Union and the teller said the account of the seller was invalid. I had to drive 30 miles round trip to the Credit Union so I am out on the gas with nothing to show for my efforts.

I wrote Bitquick about the invalid account number and also ask about why I was limited to .250194 Bitcoin.
A Chad answered back that same evening apologizing but did not provide an answer to my question about the limited purchase ability.

I sent another email the same evening asking about the low limits with no answer as of this writing.

This type of information should be listed on the web site so customers would be informed before they do business with Bitquick.

I see this refusal to answer direct questions as a lack of professional courtesy.

I will not be able to recommend Bitquick until I have several successful transactions.
At this time I do not trust them.
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February 09, 2017, 08:29:28 AM


I bought $400 worth of BTC form and have not received my coins for 2 days already.
First of all, I made a mistake and paid via Well Fargo Sure pay instead of doing a cash deposit. I understand my part of mistake but look what they did. First they told me that since I have not done a cash deposit, I will have to wait until the seller confirms that the fund are cleared on their end. So, I replied to them and said that Wells Fargo Sure Pay is pretty much instant and they should have their money already sitting in their Wells Fargo account. Now, they told me that I need to upload a picture of myself holding my ID and a paper reading "For Bticoins. No refunds. I did this of course. After this, they never got back to me so I ended up sending them several emails asking for my BTC. Guess what. I have not anything from them so far. What I did is that I called the company that owns BitQuick and asked for help. The guys was very nice and said that he can take my email address and "text or call", in his words, to the BitQuick support folks to help me out. But look at that. I didn't receive any emails of any sort from BitQuick.
I'm just sitting here waiting for my BTC which doesn't seem like is coming to my BTC wallet anytime soon.
This is ridiculous and extremely unprofessional behavior.
I just sent them another email telling that I will call my bank and will file a dispute if they don't release my BTC by the end of today.

This is just absurd.
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