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September 25, 2018, 04:33:47 AM *
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Author Topic: A Crypto Value Investing Community (Looking for contributors)  (Read 10 times)
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January 13, 2018, 12:58:20 AM

Today’s crypto-asset market has become more uncertain than ever, swarming with scams, PnDs, and unrealistic projects.  Furthermore, behavioral biases (mainly reflected through the FOMO phenomena) have driven some tokens to unjustified/exaggerated valuations. As a result, thousands of ICO’s are plaguing the market, with some of them reaching multi-million dollar valuations without any tangible product, due to the red-hot investor demand.

As such, sailing the treacherous crypto-asset waters has become increasingly difficult. For starters, an investor must keep track of the exponentially rising number of projects/products, making it virtually impossible to perform serious due diligence on all of them. Additionally, as everyone tries to promote their own holdings, objectivity has become hard to find, limiting constructive discussions.

It is worth remembering that during a bull market (current situation), it’s easy to make money and feel confident about one’s investment decisions. However, no bull market can last forever and less so when the tailwind comes from irrational market behavior. Therefore, I believe that a harsh market correction is in the horizon.

It will be at that time when real projects will differentiate themselves from ideas, and where only the best assets will emerge as winners. Thus, having a portfolio composed of real projects will become a defining factor on an investor’s long-term success.

I still believe that there are many great projects (either released or in development) that deserve the market’s attention. Think of it as the value investing philosophy for crypto-assets, where the aim is to determine the fundamental value of the analyzed token, in order to assess its long-term potential.

As a person with a solid financial background, mainly in public and private equity analysis, I understand that typical valuation models are difficult to apply to the crypto-asset industry, as many tokens lack tangible cash-flows or other traditional valuation characteristics. However, with some creativity I believe that understanding the underlying value is possible (at least to some extent).

My idea is to from an interdisciplinary group, where like-minded individuals can participate in the investment idea generation process, much like the process done in a typical investment fund (from VC to hedge-funds). Every member would be expected to actively contribute new investment ideas (could be existing tokens or ICOs), as well as provide feedback on other member’s proposals. The point would be to try to pin down a select number of projects where real value is yet to be unlocked and where we believe there is a solid chance for long-term success.

This is not a Pump and Dump coalition or Whale Club, it is more like an investment committee for the sole benefit of its members. In order to avoid spam, the idea is to form a relatively small private community where qualified members from different backgrounds can discuss different ideas.

If you are interested in forming part of this investment community, please submit an application in this post. I will personally review each applicant and will try to select what I think is the best composition for this project’s birth.

PS: Even though the community’s purpose is to deliver thoroughly analyzed investment ideas to its few members, it could be discussed that the group’s top picks be shared with the broader crypto community in an attempt to provide more objective and informational material to the general public.

To enter the application process, please fill the following form:

Date of Birth:
Country of Residence:
Work experience (please distinguish between current and past projects):
Personal traits (briefly describe youself):
Skills (any skills you deem relevant for the project):
Value proposition (what do you expect to contribute to the community):
Other Information (anything else you think is relevant and you want to share):
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