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October 16, 2018, 03:20:48 PM *
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Author Topic: Hashing card has got no Error but one Hashing board wont mine.  (Read 76 times)
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January 13, 2018, 08:43:05 AM

Hello there,

I have got a brand new S9, Everything was working good for almost 5 hours, and suddenly one of the hashing board stopped MINING below you can see the picture also i have checked the kernel log and there is no error.

Here is the kernel log

chain[5]: All chip cores are opened OK!
Test Patten on chain[5]: OK!
chain[6]: All chip cores are opened OK!
Test Patten on chain[6]: OK!
chain[7]: All chip cores are opened OK!
Test Patten on chain[7]: OK!
setStartTimePoint total_tv_start_sys=693 total_tv_end_sys=694
restartNum = 2 , auto-reinit enabled...
do read_temp_func once...
do check_asic_reg 0x08

get RT hashrate from Chain[5]: (asic index start from 1-63)
Asic[01]=69.7420 Asic[02]=68.8870 Asic[03]=71.2020 Asic[04]=75.4970 Asic[05]=70.4470 Asic[06]=71.2690 Asic[07]=70.2960 Asic[08]=75.3120
Asic[09]=71.7390 Asic[10]=71.3190 Asic[11]=72.5270 Asic[12]=76.7050 Asic[13]=73.0640 Asic[14]=76.0510 Asic[15]=71.1680 Asic[16]=71.9740
Asic[17]=70.5480 Asic[18]=69.3230 Asic[19]=69.8600 Asic[20]=70.2620 Asic[21]=72.6780 Asic[22]=78.9200 Asic[23]=73.0640 Asic[24]=69.4570
Asic[25]=76.3690 Asic[26]=73.5840 Asic[27]=70.4470 Asic[28]=73.7190 Asic[29]=71.6050 Asic[30]=69.1220 Asic[31]=72.4600 Asic[32]=75.9160
Asic[33]=70.8830 Asic[34]=69.3230 Asic[35]=74.3060 Asic[36]=73.2320 Asic[37]=71.2020 Asic[38]=75.7150 Asic[39]=67.2090 Asic[40]=71.5040
Asic[41]=71.8560 Asic[42]=73.1820 Asic[43]=69.4570 Asic[44]=70.8660 Asic[45]=73.9870 Asic[46]=70.7990 Asic[47]=74.7760 Asic[48]=74.8090
Asic[49]=71.7890 Asic[50]=69.7930 Asic[51]=71.2860 Asic[52]=77.0570 Asic[53]=75.5140 Asic[54]=70.9840 Asic[55]=70.9670 Asic[56]=71.5540
Asic[57]=72.4100 Asic[58]=69.6080 Asic[59]=73.1980 Asic[60]=72.1920 Asic[61]=71.7890 Asic[62]=71.0680 Asic[63]=74.4400

get RT hashrate from Chain[6]: (asic index start from 1-63)
Asic[01]=72.0070 Asic[02]=69.3230 Asic[03]=73.0810 Asic[04]=74.8090 Asic[05]=71.6720 Asic[06]=65.8500 Asic[07]=73.8020 Asic[08]=67.4940
Asic[09]=68.2160 Asic[10]=75.7990 Asic[11]=69.1550 Asic[12]=67.7960 Asic[13]=68.5340 Asic[14]=73.5840 Asic[15]=73.1480 Asic[16]=72.5780
Asic[17]=70.3130 Asic[18]=72.7460 Asic[19]=72.9470 Asic[20]=76.6710 Asic[21]=71.1010 Asic[22]=74.4400 Asic[23]=77.2420 Asic[24]=70.7990
Asic[25]=78.6340 Asic[26]=72.6450 Asic[27]=73.7020 Asic[28]=73.9030 Asic[29]=72.6450 Asic[30]=70.7990 Asic[31]=71.2190 Asic[32]=71.5540
Asic[33]=69.6750 Asic[34]=71.8400 Asic[35]=73.1650 Asic[36]=76.7550 Asic[37]=71.0850 Asic[38]=70.6990 Asic[39]=77.4770 Asic[40]=69.5750
Asic[41]=76.8730 Asic[42]=74.4060 Asic[43]=74.5570 Asic[44]=76.2860 Asic[45]=68.5180 Asic[46]=69.7590 Asic[47]=73.1980 Asic[48]=71.4540
Asic[49]=76.2690 Asic[50]=68.0810 Asic[51]=66.6390 Asic[52]=74.4570 Asic[53]=73.2820 Asic[54]=70.6480 Asic[55]=68.7690 Asic[56]=66.6390
Asic[57]=75.7820 Asic[58]=77.4100 Asic[59]=73.0470 Asic[60]=76.7890 Asic[61]=70.1280 Asic[62]=71.6210 Asic[63]=74.0370

get RT hashrate from Chain[7]: (asic index start from 1-63)
Check Chain[J6] ASIC RT error: (asic index start from 1-63)
Check Chain[J7] ASIC RT error: (asic index start from 1-63)
Check Chain[J8] ASIC RT error: (asic index start from 1-63)
Done check_asic_reg
do read temp on Chain[5]
Chain[5] Chip[62] TempTypeID=1a middle offset=27
Chain[5] Chip[62] local Temp=54
Chain[5] Chip[62] middle Temp=144
Special fix Chain[5] Chip[62] middle Temp = 69
Done read temp on Chain[5]
do read temp on Chain[6]
Chain[6] Chip[62] TempTypeID=1a middle offset=27
Chain[6] Chip[62] local Temp=51
Chain[6] Chip[62] middle Temp=140
Special fix Chain[6] Chip[62] middle Temp = 66
Done read temp on Chain[6]
do read temp on Chain[7]
Chain[7] Chip[62] TempTypeID=1a middle offset=27
read failed, old value: Chain[7] Chip[62] local Temp=52
read failed on Chain[7] Chip[62] middle Temp old value:67
Special fix Chain[7] Chip[62] middle Temp = 67
Done read temp on Chain[7]
Set fixed full fan speed
FAN PWM: 100
read_temp_func Done!
CRC error counter=0

(Moderator's note: This post was edited by frodocooper to use code tags for the kernel log.)
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January 14, 2018, 11:09:09 PM

First try to troubleshoot if where is the problem you can follow this guide.

My guess your one hashing board is not fix properly in to control board, Could you try to change the cord of  hashing board which is not running or mining?
If you have some antminer available you can try use them just to test if it is cord issue..

Or maybe its PSU problem not giving enough power to your antminer. Solution try to use other PSU if you have. and check again if its working and running..
Other solution is to reflash the firmware you can download the firmware here
Check this thread
And hope it can help.

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January 16, 2018, 08:19:55 PM

Everything will be revealed if you try that hash card with a ribbon cable from one of the other cards and unplug all the cables from the other two cards.

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January 17, 2018, 08:44:14 PM

Hi guys,

Sorry for delay, i still face the same problem with hash rate, the strange part is after 3 days running another S9 tonight i got the same problem on another machine, last card on section GH/S(RT) i get 0. card its own has got no problem.

i have contacted the company and they told me to swap the controller with a working S9 to see if i get the same problem.

ill do it tomorrow and hopefully problem will be solved. otherwise they have asked me to send them back the whole machine.

Please if you have any solution on this let me know.

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