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Author Topic: My Application For Merit Source - Stingers (Legendary)  (Read 214 times)
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January 26, 2018, 02:13:56 PM
Last edit: January 26, 2018, 02:24:18 PM by stingers
Merited by DeathAngel (1), itsmeram (1)

My posts for merit source application. I have quoted my unmerited 10 posts here. I am highly active on major gambling websites also I am in the bitcoin sphere since 2013. Most of my posts are in gambling section. Merit source should be there in each section I beleive so I beleive I can be one too for Indian subsection and Gambling

Can we stop the fake bitcointalk clone websites? When googling for a topic I accidentally clicked on this fake link. It's very easy to do if you're not careful.

This ad ridden clone site is what I arrived at.

Sooner or later one of those clone sites is going to start stealing bitcoins unless they are shut down.

I don't see the harm in these clones. They provide you with a means of archive and to read the forum when its down(this keeps on happening a lot of times).

Also, regarding the threat of being phished, if you click on the login part of the clone then you'll be able to see on Google captcha saying "ERROR for site owner:
Invalid domain for site key" . This basically indicates that the site was not intentionally made for the purpose of phishing and hacking into accounts, it could have been made solely for the purpose of keeping an archive or for displaying ads.

However, why was advertisement of being displayed on the .to website? Are even paying the clones to display their ads on clone forums?
Also, OP , please remove the link to the direct .to website as someone might actually click it unknowingly, just place it under [ code ]



A static counter (just an image uploaded on imgur). A website to whom you've posted link to as "http://ftp://" , apart from that where does Hufflepost / / CoinStaker / mention this ICO (as claimed by the website)?

Also, why does your CTO, Alex Aspra (your website's OUR TEAM section) has his photo on Thinkstock under African Ethnicity tag? See here :
All the team member's photographs are taken randomly from stock photos on the web. If you had to do a scam then at least you should've put in some effort in designing the thread and the website properly(jk).

And moreover lol, see your address : Gymcoin, 600 Third Floor, 2 nd Floor, New York - 10016,USA. How many floors do you have on your 2nd floor in your office? At least write an original / fake but possible address.

Guys, this is a 100% scam, you won't be getting anything through this telegram group stay away and please  proceed with caution.

Gamblers here did you always want to win all your bet?
is this a rhetorical question?
if it was a matter of what i want and what not, i would obviously always want to win all my bets, all my gambles.

If you win all how will the gambling company makes profits?

In my ideal world, its only me winning, no one else has this power to win all bets other than me. These companies can earn from them but not me.

ok, on a serious note, i just don't think too much before gambling in places like PD or other dice or similar games. I just decide how much can i afford to bet and when do i have to stop, after this, i am good to go! YOLO! Roll the dice! Act normal no matter what the outcome is.

At the end of this month, 20k will come in. The price of Bitcoin will certainly be a fast growth this year. Bitcoin price will definitely reach 40k. But getting 70k is a little bit harder.

There's no chance of 70k $ this year. It's possible around 20-25k $. The end of last year and the decline in prices gave people a little bit to think about. The price isn't growing so fast and people are hold bitcoin counting for growth.

"There's no chance"

There is always a chance, i've read and laughed upon various such claims throughout my time on this forums. "No way bitcoin can cross $2/3/5/10k in 2017". How can you lack imagination? ignore possibilities? I agree $70k is too high of a mark but its never impossible.

I guess you were just presenting your ideas on this, maybe this is what you believe and you aren't open to more possibilities.
I personally think bitcoin will cross $30k this year, because of VARIOUS reasons.  

Stupid question I fucking swear. How did they become a millionaire? Think, you fucking idiot, think. They believed in Bitcoin in the first place and they didn't mind investing their money in it. And now that they have benefitted, you are asking if they deserve it? Idiot. Think before you ask a question which is so stupid.
Lock this thread before huge list of shit posters start spamming here.
Not talking about millionaires but some super rich users just randomly got/bought a lot of bitcoins and forgot about it until few years and sold it to become rich. They never invested into bitcoin, they just got lucky, saw their 200 bitcoins worth $200 become $100k, some exit sold them there, others (a little intelligent ones) saved them and became richer, rest (most intelligent) are still holding.
Even after this i think they do deserve their wealth, at least better than all of middle-east oil millionaires.

Lock this thread before huge list of shit posters start spamming here.
Also, Please have a mind open to a little more discussions and possibilities, don't be so quick tempered. Your reply makes less sense/ makes random assumptions so i find it more stupid than the question itself.

The very first thing happen with the every gambler including me is started with the reason to escape worry, trouble, boredom, loneliness and grief or lose all of it in every moment when you try for gambling. Most of the people come out of the habit of gambling which the started. But few people addict of gambling.
While winning can make you feel better during hard times, losses can depress you further.
It's a gamble to gamble during depression and hard times. I would rather not take this gamble and do something safer to drive away my agony/mental pain.
As for boredom, as far as you're gambling what you're ready to loose, you will always drive away boredom, its a great way to deal with it if you are into gambling. I still find myself betting faucets/ playing poker with game money just to pass some time.
Most of the people that are talking that way when dips or corrections are happening it's like the end of bitcoin for them. They don't get it why bitcoin needs to go through these dips and they are describing it as something that makes bitcoin dead. Don't take those FUDDers seriously when they keep on saying that bitcoin is dead or it is about to end, they lack of experience when it comes to those times.

Exactly. That usually happens with many people who are new to crypto land, as they believe that a huge decline in price is a result of the coin's death. Most of them just panic sell, while others hold onto their coins for the long term as they believe that Bitcoin has a huge potential of becoming an extremely valuable asset in the future. To determine whenever Bitcoin is dead or not, is if it has enough support from its development team, community, and miners. As long as there is a single node and miner on the network, the cryptocurrency would stay alive.

We have seen that over the course of time, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have experienced a huge increase in user interest from around the world. Nodes have risen, as well as the network hashrate, making it the strongest cryptocurrency in existence today. All of this is sign that Bitcoin is far from becoming dead anytime soon, and will continue to make strides in the mainstream world for years to come. Whenever someone spreads FUD about Bitcoin, its price starts to decline but makes it a huge opportunity to buy coins at cheap rates as it will likely rise back up again in value making profits to most holders. Just my opinion Smiley

Only if panic sellers knew, "they only loose if the price they bought for". Meanwhile some are happy with just 10% of profit, they can't seem to get past their little stock-investing game.
It's hard explaining bitcoin investments to a conventional investor, they just don't seem to get it, i wish they would open up their mind more and accept the wide horizon of bitcoin.
as for, Death of bitcoin? it makes me laugh so hard! Crypto-era has just begun, its just a beginning, how can bitcoin die when its just a child, a child with a huge future potential.
As long as freedom of speech exists, an impeccable means of economic freedom won't ever die.

It's just a joke extended too damn much, don't take is seriously.
I mean, you're stupid if you take it seriously.
An intermediate science student here in India could explain why planets including earth, need to be spherical and not flat.
How do you know Earth is round? Is it because you were told about it in School? Do you trust everything that was taught in school?
There has been this debate for quite a long now, I know that its bullshit theory but they have really made all those who blindly trusted this fact think twice.
I think many of them supporting this theory are doing that precisely, while challenging how most people simply accept what they are told.

So tell me, How do you know the Earth is round? Is it because you own an Atlas or a globe? Or have you actually traveled around it? And if you think you did, did you really look out the window and verify that you were always traveling in the same direction?

I don't wish to live in doubt, i don't wish to be a skeptic maniac questioning everything taught in cool by very respectable people. For if they lied to me, my life has no meaning.
While you, you seem to take pride in doubting everything, being a skeptic maniac.
I was taught sequentially why earth has to be round. I was taught how gravity works, i was taught how spinning objects behave, i was taught how centrifugal and centripetal forces work, i was taught how spinning objects take spherical shape due to these forces (analogous to a simple ice-cream which is spun to make it round). And i was taught all this by live demonstration, if i trust my eyes, i trust my life, i trust this.
And since most of the population was not interested in studying this much just to understand why spinning planets have to be round, they were simply told this as fact.

You sir, can continue living in doubt while being "smart" and denying what's taught in school. As if there aren't enough reasons for kids to act edgy and hate school.

OP, for some reason this post made me laugh real hard, you're correct but the emotions looks too pure in the way you've written this.
Thanks i guess...

Don't Panic.


This year, we came to the moon. target mars.

That is easy for you to say if you are not holding a very large amount that was bought on $16,000 - $20,000, and now seeing your investment reduced by almost 50%.

To begin with, it would be very foolish for someone to invest a very large amount on the peak of price.

If (IF) they did, i am sure they're very able investors and have foreseen something that we've failed to, they must be holding their bitcoins for this. Remember, you only loose when you sell below of what you buy, i would rather hold forever than to loose. To begin with, i won't ever invest in bitcoin at a peak, i think i've gained this much trading sense over the few years of my experience.

I am not denying the fact that there aren't any foolish people like this, i personally know a person who took massive loss in this bloom, i tried to help him but he never payed heed to me, i guess old lads can't gulp down the concept of cryptos correctly.

Bitcoin is still expanding and articles like this are extremely misleading for new people who don't know much about it.
For them, its "Free money" they get by merely holding their bitcoins. A win-win situation for both the networks that support this shitfork and people who want "free money".
These shitforks are only messing up the concept of cryptos for new people.
I just hope it doesn't affect the bitcoin mining pool, i don't think they are stupid enough to abandon bitcoin for this. unless they're exclusively paid for this, which i doubt.

"The project’s Founder and Lead Developer, Jaap Terlouw"
What? I wonder how lower could he go than calling himself founder of segwit2x
It's the same altcoin strategy, create shitcoins to fool people and get quick money outta nowhere.

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January 31, 2018, 01:50:30 PM

Can I ask for 10 merits..?

He is just applying to be a merit source with this thread, and you should not be asking people to merit your posts, in order to get merits from other users, you should create useful or high quality posts and this will increase your chances of obtaining merits from forum users.

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 ██▄                 ▄██
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█████████▄▄   ▄▄███████████
███████████   █████████████
▀██████████   ████████████▀
▀█████████   ███████████▀
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January 31, 2018, 03:59:55 PM

My posts for merit source application. I have quoted my unmerited 10 posts here. I am highly active on major gambling websites also I am in the bitcoin sphere since 2013. Most of my posts are in gambling section. Merit source should be there in each section I beleive so I beleive I can be one too for Indian subsection and Gambling
If you want to be a merit source:

 1. Be a somewhat established member.
 2. Collect TEN posts written in the last couple of months by other people that have not received nearly enough merit for how good they are, and post quotes for them all in a new Meta thread. The point of this is to demonstrate your ability to give out merit usefully.
 3. We will take a look at your history and maybe make you a source.

I am especially eager to have merit sources in sub-communities such as the local sections.

theymos has updated his post on merit source applicant requirements, you should conforms to it
first, it's not 10 posts made by you but made by other people
that is to proof you can notice a good post that deserves merit
second, I think theymos' intention to have merit source in local sections is to give chance
to those good posts (about blockchain and bitcoin discussion) in local subforum to get merited properly
having one in Gambling section won't really matter, because there is much about bitcoin related discussion in there
other than using bitcoin itself in gambling activities

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January 31, 2018, 06:37:25 PM
Merited by killyou72 (1)

Can I ask for 10 merits..?

You are just making things more difficult for yourself with this behavior. Matter of time a senior member sees this and gives you a negative trust for begging for merit points. A better approach will be to improve the quality of posts, learn from members who are getting good number of merits and then you will automatically get merit points. That feeling is just awesome when you get a merit point for valuable contribution.
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January 31, 2018, 06:52:55 PM

Good luck with it.
We need a lot of good Merit sources imho.
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February 03, 2018, 10:15:05 AM

Can I ask for 10 merits..?

You made yourself to a very bad position dude. It's offensive in this forum if you beg for merits.
People here expect more relevant and quality posts.

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