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Author Topic: Independent state for all crypto-holders: what policy would you introduce?  (Read 20 times)
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January 26, 2018, 06:41:41 PM

I am creating an independent state:

-   to grant citizenship,
-   to provide a tax code that is favorable for those holding cryptocurrency
-   to gain international recognition of our citizenship and the rule of our people of our own
-   to support innovations, sustainable world and favorable conditions for advancing new technologies
-   to provide housing for our citizens on the high seas in floating cities
-   to build a spaceport with launch pads at the equator

We, the people, have the power to create our own state and rule it in a way that is supported by the majority.

I am here because my goal is to create a state to be ruled by its citizens.
And I am more than happy to invite you, guys and ladies, to join this venture. Think for yourself, take your own decision! Nobody will tell you what is the best for you than you yourself.

In all likelihood most of cryptocommunity are able to face it: either cryptos remain highly volatile – and governments will put together their efforts to deal blow after blow – or we are strong enough to create our own state where the interests of all coin-holders are protected – and work our way towards international recognition, and this way provide sustainable growth for cryptoeconomy. No one will guarantee this will happen on its own accord unless we put our minds, our hopes and efforts, aspiration and talent together. Yet a lot of hard work is to be done before we achieve freedom any of you might dream of.

So what I promise you is we will get things done by our own joint efforts.

Conflict: Shall we collect taxes? Or: "No f***ing taxes on crypto gains!"?

Can we promise to build a tax-free independent state? Among our aims are to build houses, to promote research and development, to promote education and pay for state spending. And we have to act wisely, with everybody being involved. And with everyone – every our citizen – being able to vote for this or that policy.

The first thing I think will be reasonable to do for us as a state is to secure our presence at the equator. We are going to build and exploit a launch pad over there, a kind of spaceport to have our share in space launches. I’ll be talking about this policy a little bit more.

We will invest in space technology as one of our primary state policy. For citizens we will build floating homes in the sea which also goes into the state policies. So collecting taxes seems unavoidable, doesn't it? Or is there a way of running a state without imposing any taxes at all?

We will hire best engineers, architects, designers – and get things done perfectly.

We also will need powerful private sector, we will keep to the policies that will make it attractive for private investors to come and put their money into emerging technologies, startups, innovations based on what science has to offer and into what promise unseen before benefits for all humanity. Private businesses and entrepreneurs are to thrive in our newly born state.

So guys, please propose:

- Policies you think a new independent state has to pursue in the interests of its people
- What ministries/departments we do need to have. What are their areas of responsibilities?  What policies do they realize? In what way and by which means? What do they do specifically?
- Tax code favorable for all cryptoholders. How do we resolve the conflict of whether to collect taxes or let our citizens enjoy living in a state with zero taxation?

Guys, don’t be shy to put forward you initiatives, just ideas or whatever you think is helpful or worth considering.

A question to everyone: have you ever thought of jobs you’ve never done but would love to if the conditions are favorable and people around are supportive, optimistic and constructive?

One of policies of ours is to attract talents and help them grow.

I’ve been thinking of a number of technological projects to be launched and products to come out onto the marketplace with. I’ll give links to these projects below for those eager to get to develop something new and absolutely fresh; the talk belongs to another topic though. (

Everything is possible! Let everyone give free rein to their imagination. We have the power to create whatever we want to live whatever lives we want! It’s us! The power is upon us!

I want you to know everything about my motives and that our state policy is to attract talents to get things done in a way that is as perfect as possible.

And I want you to know that in my view people who work in cryptoeconomy, those who have created Bitcoin and those who get on with enormous number of blockchain-based projects are just amazing people! Greatest talents ever!

So I am here to say that you are all AMAZING people, and to make it possible for us to collaborate on creating protection and best opportunities ever for everyone to live and work. To make it possible for cryptos to work for all humanity. And to make sure our folks are protected. And they’ve got opportunities to have their funds invested in best projects and technologies our joint work can only deliver.

And in the first place our independent state will protect people, those amazing people, our dear folks.

So let’s get started! Cryptoeconomy gets protected but first cryptocommunity has to be able to put forward its leaders to set new goals, to set and pursue policies in the best interests of all holders of coins.

Make no mistake! True leaders know exactly what they do pursue, what the goals are and what specifically they do. And today we are all in need of true leaders! True leaders are also those who are able to hear people.

And above all we want the voice of everybody to be heard. Everyone’s independent opinion is welcome and highly appreciated.

In our own independent state we are going to have all powers to exercise to achieve our goals. So let’s get our agenda advanced.

And for now our agenda is:

-   What policies would you introduce to be implemented in a brand new independent state? And what do we do for them to become a reality?
-   What ministries/departments do we have to form to make sure our folks have means to rule our state on our own and our interests are
-  In what way do we go about taxes? Shall our state collect them or no taxes at all?

Are we up to the challenge? creating independent state
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January 27, 2018, 11:22:55 PM

A thread on Reddit was started :

"Time to create a new independent state for all holders of cryptocurrency? What policy would you introduce in the interest of cryptoholders?"
- and has pretty awesome comments out there!

People at Reddit are more active and smart? creating independent state
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January 27, 2018, 11:31:41 PM

iq of at least 100 required to join, race mixing not allowed, euthanasia or expulsion for those with incurable congenital defects, a strong military including nuclear deterrence for defensive purposes only.

tax rates shouldn't worry us too much if we had a high quality population. it is the spending on wars and sustaining shaniqua and her 15 kids that pisses me off. if taxes are used by a competent government to pay for spaceships and futuristic sky scrapers and flying cars and intercontinental bridges i would willingly give everything i had.

Be radical, have principles, be absolute, be that which the bourgeoisie calls an extremist: give yourself without counting or calculating, don't accept what they call ‘the reality of life' and act in such a way that you won't be accepted by that kind of ‘life', never abandon the principle of struggle.
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February 01, 2018, 08:42:25 PM

I am sure you have the qualities of a leader of the future.

My intention with this topic was to let people outline policies to introduce in an independent state in the interests of all bitcoiners/cryptoholders. And next step is to open a topic in the Project Development section to see how we can put together a platform, an app and network, where everybody can take part in  d/c governance. Leaders would be able to put forward their proposals of policies and users vote.

We will need to encourage our developers by showing that there is demand for such a platform. And if we have the talk in this thread going we can clearer understand what users will need and this will be helpful for developers to get better prepared to deliver the sort of service to meet the demand.

However, leaders needs to be prepared people, their likely followers, will ask questions, - like “How does this kind of policy advance my interests?” – and if they don’t get answers that satisfy them they’ll vote against. I’m not sure this is going to be precisely the sort of logic we’ll provide; maybe it won’t need the “vote against” button.  Let people decide.

saddampbuh, the whole world – all people, the white, African Americans, asians – are in need of leaders like you. I hold you in high esteem. And by the way…

Suppose I’m white. I go to Japan to make my own show, one about why it is in Japan that bitcoiners feel far better off – and suppose I meet a Japanese girl to help me to introduce the country and to be my co-host in the show.

Making/getting started show “I immigrate to…”

My question is as follows. What if she and I get engaged, and marry and have got children. What’s going to happen to me, to my wife and my children (they are going to be mixed race, aren’t they?) – under your rule and according to the policies you’ve so kindly introduced ?

I was most impressed by the words of yours about your willingness to give everything you’ve got for the idea. The ability of self-sacrifice is a trait of a true leader.

And yes! Space exploration is just at the core! If we have people make proposals and discuss we’ll get the right program and right govt. Love space – join us!

As to military I haven’t thought much of it yet. That’s why this topic has been open. That’s what it is all about!  We‘d like to listen to what everyone suggests what would be the right thing to do to have our people and interests protected.

Folks! If you like what we ‘re talking about, please use hashtag #BitcoID on Twitter as well! If anyone has met good papers on voting systems and DAO please post them here or in Twitter with #BitcoID . Go find our thread on Reddit as well and upvote it! creating independent state
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