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Author Topic: losıng streak  (Read 2411 times)
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September 03, 2013, 11:44:00 AM

The casino "comps" suckers like you with perks to keep you coming back to lose more money.
Unless you're counting cards or skilled at poker you will always lose to the house given enough time.
Just buy bitcoin. That's enough of a gamble. Or if you're really adventurous you can try coinlenders which pays you a fee for your deposits.

Caveat Aleo (Gambler Beware)

I used to count cards in blackjack it's pointless now because you have card shufflers that shuffle every hand that is played so essentially a count is only good for the next 10 cards your +2.5-3% odds against the casino go down to like 1% casino odds or something. I noticed I'd vaguely know the next 10 cards from the last 2 hands played but your still fucked because star city casino plays 6-8 decks in the shoe. That's why I started martingale at roulette. It's just luck because what I really wait for is streaks of one color I just play martingale to last longer or i find that even betting $25 on a hot color over a long period will still return a profit of a few hundred. I play 10-30 hours straight though.

I know the risks of it . I only go when I have money I can spare which I would otherwise spend on a night out drinking and clubs, just haven't really been much of a drinker the last 12 months.

Roulette has its advantages there are small differences on every wheel yes they are calibrated every several days but you just walk around looking for a wheel that gets more of certain numbers and dealers I find make a difference. I have 3 dealers I play with normally if I see one of them I will sit at their table because like a fingerprint they all roll in a specific way each dealer having thrown at least a thousand rolls they become one with their throw they throw the same 80% of the time.

Also if you want to predict a throw look for newbie dealers they throw soft 90% of the time thus a slower rotation they let the ball spin more before they call off bets in which case you can almost garauntee where the ball will land an have a high winning chance based on 8 numbers either side but that is so much effort you get tired of it really quickly.

Martingale is good though with several tweaks. First of all know your cut off point if you have a bankroll for say 8x your bet cut off at 3-4 loses and start again though this works better on a roulette table betting black and red over 10-15 hours . I learnt this when I had a 10 losing streak lost my money and sat their for another 10 minutes to see that the whole next 20 were also black. I usually bet red because its passionate, it's risky and it's the color of progress. Black is the abyss you never throw your money into the abyss. Even though gambling is somewhat that.

Satoshidice is a randomly generated number with no influence of past bets. On roulette you know you will 80% of the time get a red then a black and 50%-60% of the time you will have a maximum of 3 losses.

Martingale isn't fool proof it's just a method of increasing your odds slightly. Always remember your return is only your initial bet.

The only time I lose is when I break my martingale and start to bet sporadically but I only do this after tripling my bankroll. You kind of just sit there thinking what the hell migh as well put down a $500 bet. You lose that and freak out try to get it back because you look at your bankroll , $500 in chips less. Lets say its a lot of chips because I usually keep mine in $5 denominations haha.

I've lost a lot playing martingale but I've always won more then I've lost that 30k I lost last year was really all winnings I only ever put in 5k in total from my own pocket. The other 5 k on slot machines just to pass time. Had a rough time then slots seemed to be the only thing that cheered me up, and yeah the comps they give you at casinos is to get you to gamble more but I save mine for when I lose everything, I go and have a nice big steak and make myself feel better.

Gambling is sporadic, without rule or order. My play is systematic devised and slow. It's still gambling but it doesn't feel like gambling. I wouldn't dare play poker because I love bluffing. Ill go all in on a pair of 3s with ace and kings on the table
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