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Author Topic: Rules Thread (sticky) for Auctions Board  (Read 1088 times)
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September 03, 2013, 06:08:35 AM

hey there, from time to time i read through latest auctions on this forum,
and there are quite often some arguments about imprecise descriptions, vague ending times for auctions and a lot of other stuff besides the scamming
(prices named in $ instead of BTC, I even saw someone offering payment via paypal Huh).

So what do you think about a sticky thread that roughly explains how users should perform the whole process of an auction in a professional way?
This should by no means escalate to strict rules with instant scammer-tags at nonobservance,
but is meant more like a guideline or checklist for users for successful and smooth auctioning.

Please tell me if this is over the top and too much nitpicking, i just thought it could help newbies aswell as some seniors who constantly have to complement inaccurate auctions.
with such a thread you could easily quote a rule if somethings wrong and it helps to prevent scams. 

some rough ideas for the beginning:

-auction ending time (determined as timespan in days, hours and minutes) beginning with time thread was posted. (
-prices presented only in bitcoins ($ are a rough estimate anyway with the ongoing value changes), whole payment process in btc
-no paypal!!!
-precise describtion of offered goods

share auctions:
-message signed with dividend address as proof of ownership
-no auction without possiblity of escrow (and statement who pays the fee)
-seller has to guarantee certain date until share transfers are finished. (perhaps a week? avoid arguments on dividends)
-seller has to update auctions within certain timespan (e.g. 24h or 48h). (i saw sellers not responding to auctions for more than 48 hours after ending time)

I'll soon post a final concept in this thread and then ask some moderator if it could become a sticky.

Any feedback, ideas and suggestions are welcome...

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September 03, 2013, 11:37:41 AM

edit: posted it here
Moderators, please consider stickying.


    This guide contains guidelines intended to reduce the number of threads in the wrong section as well as arguments regarding vague auction terms and imprecise descriptions. You do not have to follow all of the guidelines in this guide, but they will all help you in some way or another.

    What is the Auctions board for?

    Forum description:
    Auctions may optionally be placed in this section. Topics and replies in this section can't be modified or deleted.

    If you are selling a good or service for a fixed price, you should not use the Auctions board to place your thread! Instead, post in the appropriate board. A list of Marketplace boards can be found at the top of this page:

    Marketplace Rules and Guidelines

    The Marketplace Rules and Guidelines apply to all areas of the marketplace, including Auctions. You can read them here:

    Make sure you know who you are dealing with!

    Whether you are the buyer or seller, you should always make sure the person you are dealing with can be trusted. Factors to consider include marketplace trust, successful trades, and reputation (on or off-site). Search the person's username to see if he/she has been labeled a scammer in the past. If you feel uncertain about a deal, it is better to cancel the deal than to be scammed. Use a trusted escrow or middleman to protect both parties!

    What should you include in your auction?

    • Thread subject
      A good thread subject mentions the item(s) being sold and the quantity clearly. Price and other information can also be included.
    • Description
      Describe what you are selling in detail, so that buyers know exactly what they are bidding on. You can include images of the item, or proof of ownership (a signed message for example).
    • Starting bid
      The lowest price you will sell the item for.
    • Buy it now
      The price you will sell the item for immediately.
    • End date and time
      When writing the end date and time, be sure to include the time zone.
    • Payment methods accepted
      If you accept payment methods other than Bitcoin, mention them here. Beware of PayPal and other reversible transfer services!
    • Additional information
      You can include information about payment, shipping costs, escrow, and auction rules here.

    You can copy this code into your auction to get started right away:
    [b]Starting bid:[/b]
    [b]Buy it now:[/b]
    [b]End date and time:[/b]
    [b]Payment methods accepted:[/b]
    [b]Additional information:[/b]

    Auctioning shares

    When auctioning shares, there are some pieces of infomation that you should include in your thread. You should sign a message with your dividend address as proof of ownership. You can also guarantee a date for share transfers to be finished, to avoid arguments regarding dividends.

    Seller Tips

    • Add a countdown timer to your auction by following this tutorial:
    • Give a brief description of the auction goods and terms in the thread subject.
    • Don't be vague in your description. The more details, the better!
    • Give buyers an idea on how much shipping will cost (if it is a physical item).
    • Keep track of your auction regularly to respond to questions.
    • Set up your auction to end at a convenient time, so you can contact the winning bidder and arrange delivery promptly.

    Buyer Tips

    • Ask the seller any questions you have about the items being auctioned. If you are not sure about the item's condition or if you want more information, you can post your question in the auction thread.
    • Replies in the Auctions section cannot be deleted or modified. Choose your bid wisely!
    • To keep track of bids in an auction, click the 'Watch' button at the top or bottom of the auction thread. The thread will show up in your watchlist.


    Sellers: Be precise in your auction description and terms, keep track of your auction and make sure the bidders are always informed.
    Buyers: Ask questions about what you are bidding on, and make sure you agree with the auction terms.
    Everyone: Exercise caution when trading with strangers, and always use an escrow when in doubt.

    Stay safe, and happy trading!
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    September 03, 2013, 08:35:30 PM

    uh that was fast, nice list and thanks for your efforts.
    hopefully it becomes a sticky. i mean we even have posting guidelines on speculation board.
    it's logical and overdue that we have the same for auctions.

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    September 03, 2013, 10:16:37 PM

    Nice post, stickied.

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    September 04, 2013, 09:40:30 AM

    Nice post, stickied.

    Thanks, glad to help.
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