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Author Topic: Nevra (XEV) - Project is Terminated  (Read 11074 times)
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February 10, 2018, 06:23:35 PM
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Nevra's Termination Statement:

After some consideration and spending many hours in contact with everyone apart of the Nevra circle and outside individuals who want to assist with this project, we are unfortunately are going to have to discontinue this project, due to lack of interest with development efforts. I personally was ready to make Nevra into a revolutionary project, but in the current situation, new blockchains or even the minimal amount of work requires some form of payment in this day in age, essentially everyone here it to make money, which i was oblivious to before making this project.

Nevra was created from the ashes of the trash that BTT has become, and BTT will continue to decline due to the amount of improper discussions regarding the worst coin ICO's and Airdrops to be launching imaginable, i always thought Dogecoin was as bad as it gets, but it's a miracle how the standards have gone lower to the most pitiful, scammiest and pathetic coins launching. Coins with 30 Million in funding for a concept project with a few graphics and lip-service is what we have come to, and the "investors" which have turned into average Joe's are getting raped by the wolves of BTT.

This is why this entire crypto scene has lost integrity and all forms of a universal knowledge, the governments will reign, the time of Satoshi's dream has ended, the new era of crypto is emerging, the regulated industry for the masses, which was inevitable, but i suppose it's all just human nature, to be dominated by a master.

Despite Nevra's intentions of being a legitimate airdrop, actually the best one to launch ever, the appearances of all airdrops has degraded to minimized efforts to collect little sums of income for almost no work or effort at all. This works to a degree, but the cost is endless spams and get-quick-rich schemes, and for every dollar an individual earned, i suspect hundreds more will be lost to short-sighted thinking.

I know this may all seem like a tangent of mine, but the state of crypto is in dire circumstances, those who seek the coins and embrace the technology and ability to transact coins with freedom are far and few.

Nevra's thread will ultimately remain open for further discussions, and for future individuals who seek to create such a distribution, can learn from anything here. The model approach we've taken is the best one out there for 100% airdrop distributions, but will take a lot of work and effort to filter accounts. Were we failed was a far reaching idea of forking off NEM, and ultimately relying on a few dev individuals to step forward and help create this goal, which no doubt in my mind, Nevra would of been a top-100 Crypto upon the mainnet launch, valuing the coin at $1.00 per, i have no doubts about this, but that's my speculation.

Thank you all for your interest, from my Team, to you guys, the community, who have shown a desire for such a coin. We would of ended up with roughly 150-200 Real stakeholders, if anyone was curious btw, more than half the accounts on this thread posted with a puppet account.

I also want to thank my community leaders, many of you have been here since the start, and showed a great desire to continue and assist with this project.

If anyone ever needs some advice on how to go about launching coin projects, or just some generic advice, i'll leave the discord open as a free chatroom to express anything crypto. That's all i really have to say, i mean, i'm personally not leaving crypto, but i'll be involved in other coin projects on a regular basis, helping those who seek to build something new and fresh, come to light.

T.k. Hamed

I want to make it clear, there were 0 Funds taken from anyone, and no individual data was collected.

Nevra (XEV)
Equality, Freedom, Trust


Nevra's egalitarian distribution is based on three qualities equality, freedom and trust. Within the current framework of airdropped coins, initial-coin-offerings and proof-of-work (POW) blockchain, there remains two significant importance’s, the distribution of the coin and transparency from the creators. Within NevraStake's infrastructure, we are proposing an egalitarian approach with the community and distribution, to achieve a the highest-level of trust and real-user adoption, a similar approach to Utopianfuture's vision for NEM.

Inherently, an airdropped coin can never be a decentralized coin, due to one master distributing the supply, to the best of his abilities, to potential recipients. This is a problem that Nevra does not intend to solve, but will insist on the fairest distribution, where no one user will have more weight than another. Only one distribution period will occur, where all stakeholder's will be filtered through three rounds: by Nevra's team, a community audit and a re-review by the team. The fundamental principals in which Nevra is based on is equality of the distribution, trust behind the creator(s)/process and the freedom of participating without any authority requiring any intrusive framework to enter.

NevraStake (NEV) vs. Nevra (XEV)

NevraStake (NEV) is generated on NEM's blockchain through their Mosaics, on NANO wallet, and then will be distributed to all Stakeholder's who've attempted to acquire one on this thread (see below for information to be a stakeholder), in April 2018. All willing stakeholders should download the wallet and have their respective NEM addresses ready when the distribution of the stakes occurs, on March 31st, 2018. NevraStake is merely a placeholder until the mainnet of Nevra (XEV) is launched.

Nevra (XEV) will represent the final and a great milestone of this coin, the launch of the mainnet will occur in Q3 2018. Once the mainnet goes live, all NevraStake tokens that were generated within the NANO (Nem wallet via multisig) will be then redeemed within the Nevra (XEV) framework. At the current time, Nevra's final mainnet may be inherently based on NEM. The goal will to be initially fork off of NEM and iterate on technical features, enhancing them.


Total supply: 125,000,000 (XEV)
1 NevraStake = 100,000 Nevra (XEV) coins, 1000 stakeholders.

Founder: 3% – 3,750,000 (XEV)
Developers: 5% – 6,250,000 (XEV)
Community: 80% - 100,000,000 (XEV)
Infrastructure Support: 7% – 8,750,000 (XEV)
   Translations  (PM Tk808)
                 Japanese (Open)
                 German (Open)
   Graphics/Logo's (875,000 XEV's)
   Exchanges/Marketing (1,750,000 XEV)
   Team/Admins/Support (2,100,000 XEV)
   Misc. Awards for Extraordinary Efforts  (1,225,000 XEV)
                  Puppet-Audit Bounties
                  Bug Bounty
   Transactions & Miscellaneous (2,012,500 XEV)
Unallocated: 5% - 6,250,000 (XEV)

Rules & NevraStake Holders

1) NevraStake will be granted to all users who contribute to the discussion with a well-rounded thought process, essentially giving your opinion, thoughts, concerns, criticism in a single post, you will be granted a stakeholder status.

2) All users are subjected to 3-rounds of puppet and fake account filtering. This part of Nevra's distribution will be taken very seriously, and we'll put in all our efforts to mitgating potential double-stake-claimers, it will not be tolerated. The first round of puppet removal will be filtered by the Nevra team, the second by the community, and a 3rd round of a re-review by the Nevra team.

If any users are found to be faked, or been mistakenly filtered, they will have a chance to object to their account being filtered. More details will be explained later.

3) The ability to enter Nerva’s 1000 stake holder list will occur for 2 months, ending on March 31st 2018 at 11:59pm PST. After this time, all entries will be rejected, no matter the circumstances.

We highly encourage anyone willing to join in the airdrop, to participate in the discussions on the thread. There may appear to be 1000s of users interested, we highly doubt that many of them are legitimate. NevraStakes will be given based on the time of posting, meaning the earlier users enter, the more solidified chance you have to be accepted. This is the only downfall of Nevra’s community distribution remains the limited number of users entering the distribution, it's capped at 1000.

Team Positions

Currently Looking for community members interested in being apart of Nevra's project and ideology. It should also be noted, that some funds will be only distributed once the Nevra (XEV) mainnet goes live. Feel free to PM ME with relevant qualifications/questions or etc.

1 Marketing Director


Nevra is solely based on participation from the community, under Tk808's direction. This type of project can't be created by a team a people, but with the supports of hundreds something truly representative of all crypto's can be created. That's the future, that's the type of coin this is. If you're looking for a quick financial gain then i suggest you exit the thread. I hope through the whitepaper and this thread, this idea of a egalitarian coin is realized through my communicated thoughts. In the instance that the admins lock this thread, community recognize this as a failed idea, then this project will be abandoned and or the thread will be locked. There will never be a period were the team asks for funds from users, but may enter a donation round to support some type of funding for the developers who may have put in hundreds of hours of work into this. We appreciate all and any feedback given on this thread.


How do i become a Nevrastake holder?
  • The only requirement is to contribute to the thread, with a well-rounded post (constructive, criticism, wanting to contribute and etc). It should be noted that merely saying "interested," "reserved" or anything along those lines will not be considered. We don't need a paragraph, but just a well-written thought process of 3-4 sentences, so this thread is not being spammed by new accounts. That's the only requirement to actually be a part of this. There is no google forum, no signatures, nothing at all that will require you to market on behalf of this coin.

What are the rules/restrictions for this distribution?
  • There is only 2 restrictions: All Brand-new, Newbies, Jr Members will have to have their posts merited (1 merit) by a SR+ on this thread. The second is when we enter the puppet removal rounds, all accounts should have remained active, in good standing and etc. More details regarding the puppet removal phase will occur at a later time. If you have a legitimate BTT account, and want to be a Nevrastake holder, you will be. It's pretty simple, there's no bullshit attached.

Where are the rest of the details regarding the distribution and coin?
  • All the details, rules, and distribution is in this ANN and the whitepaper. If some of the information is unclear, i'll update the thread at a later time, but most of the information to these questions can be answered by actually reading the thread.

How long does the initial stakeholder phase occur for?
  • The stakeholders begun when this ANN was launched (February 10th), it will occur until March 31st 2018.

What wallet is NevraStake being held on?
  • NANO, Nem's wallet. NevraStakes are created via multi-sig contracts on the Nano wallet.

When will the mainnet be launched?
  • Expecting it to be launched in Q3 this year. The test-net should arrive sometime after all the distribution of NevraStakes are completed. NevraStake's will be swapped for Nevra (XEV) on the mainnet. 1 NevraStake = 100,000 (XEV)

How committed are you to this coin?
  • Very committed, it's the only project i'm working on. I'm receiving 0 financial gain, and will continue to receive 0 financial gain until at least the mainnet is launched. I'm 100% committed to making this coin a success.

Where's the airdrop bounty?
  • There's no airdrop bounties. There are ways to assist with building the community, see the "Distribution" part of the section.

Google Form?
  • No Google form.

Why so few followers on Twitter?
  • All good things take time. Don't be caught up in just mass spam promotions instantly, to generate thousands of hits/views/clicks/registrations immediately. This works well for big ICO's because, the more you promote the more ICO funds you will receive. In due time, everything is going to work out just perfectly for Nevra, through dedication and hard work. Airdrop's seem have to adopted this type of model, and solely rely on their communities for mass-promotions very very quickly. It's short-sighted thinking, because they are being held on by a carrot-on-a-string. Whereby they are actively awarded for their participation, and when they're no more awards, all user interaction is immediately dropped off. (see-case and point any other airdrop occurring/has occurred).

To those who would like to assist with any aspect of this coin contact me. This is truly a coin by the community, for the community.

Week 4 Update

As expected, like any airdrop, there is a drop-off in participation in becoming a stakeholder this week. We are nearing the end of the distribution, with just 18 Days remaining to claim a stake.

There have been many questions in regards to the technical framework in which Nevra’s going to achieve, and all I can say is, that beginning to fork NEM is the number 1 priority for now. Once that’s complete, you can expect all the blockchain features that the development team of NEM has accomplished to be incorporated into Nevra.

We will continue forward with all our effort, and we suspect that the discussion behind Nevra, and further appeal will reach new-heights once our developers are announced (pretty soon) and when we begin the stakeholder filter rounds, which will involve input from the community.

What’s been accomplished this week:

• Negotiations with many developers and furthering the discussion on how Nevra’s mainnet will look and feel. When the time is right, we’ll announce who will behind Nevra and what ultimately the technical goals are. Along with this, we’ll release our technical roadmap, along with our Whitepaper 2.0
• 4 Community leaders have been promoted to further involve the community to a greater extent (in their respective languages and English). There responsibilities were outlined in a document released earlier this week:
• NevraStake Contract address/asset was created. A total of 1250 NEV’s were created, and each NEV will hold the weight of 100,000 (XEV).
• Discussions with potential partners and promoters for Nevra, along with discussing a comprehensive marketing plan, when the distribution is complete
• The stakeholder filter list (guideline) is complete, and will be launched at the end of this week, to give the community some insight on how we are going to filter accounts
• Our re-designed (graphical) ANN is on the way, stay-tuned, it should be completed later this week or the next.

I will conclude by thanking everyone who’s been involved in Nevra’s community, on discord, on twitter or etc, you are ultimately who this coin is created for, and the Nevra team will continue to move forward with our plan of action at a rapid rate.

Thank you,

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Nevra in the Press

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February 10, 2018, 06:29:00 PM

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February 10, 2018, 06:35:43 PM

reserved for thoughts on distribution
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February 10, 2018, 06:38:35 PM

Equality, freedom, and trust are three very important things to me and this is what initially caught my eye when reading about Nevra. In order for Cryptocurrency to succeed these three aspects must be present.

Equality is needed in crypto in order to promote a fair and usable system. The current financial systems are controlled by a few big players who are able to abuse and manipulate those that rely upon them. In crypto, we have the opportunity to develop a system that does not take advantage of those who need it the most and can grow into a system that actually changes the world for the better.

Freedom is important because that is what will bring evolution, once the general public realise the possibilities of crypto they will look to access it more and more, if they have the freedom to do this and the freedom to use crypto in all walks of life then the system will grow and develop into things to make the world better.

Trust is the most important factor and one that is currently the most at risk, be it pump and dump groups, dodgy ICO's, scam coins or just unscrupulous individuals looking to scam people. Crypto needs to overcome this and prove that it is an honest and reliable system that people can trust. This will come with more adoption but in order for it to fully succeed we need to be self-regulating, promote fellow coins that are genuine and form alliances in order to move the cryptosystem forward as a whole. As a group we will succeed, if we are all fighting each other we will be wasting our energy which could be used elsewhere.

I would, therefore, like to be part of Nevra's airdrop as it appears to be a coin with intentions that match my own and one that I feel has potential to help the crypto world accomplish its aims. I also really like the proposed use of the BCT merit system to verify those involved. As a relatively new member, it's nice to know that I won't be ruled out because of my rank and show's the coins intent for equality is one that is already being followed through.

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February 10, 2018, 06:39:37 PM

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February 10, 2018, 06:43:57 PM

Sounds good. Will see hope will grow. Time is needed.In todays crypto coins is mess and transparency is really missing.
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February 10, 2018, 07:07:45 PM

Count me in! I can translate the post or anything else to portuguese if needed!
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February 10, 2018, 07:17:53 PM

Count me in! I can translate into German!!
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February 10, 2018, 07:25:12 PM

I like community project count me in .also Arabic translation reserved for ANN+Whitepaper .
Good luck
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February 10, 2018, 07:29:34 PM

[Airdrop] Nevra.....and where is airdrop link?
what is the requirements to join?
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February 10, 2018, 07:36:49 PM

after long time i am seeing a project with bright future. initial is good but i did not understand the airdrop registration process ..

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February 10, 2018, 07:54:46 PM

after long time i am seeing a project with bright future. initial is good but i did not understand the airdrop registration process ..

NevraStake will be granted to all users who express their interest with a well-rounded thought process, essentially giving your opinion, thoughts, concerns, criticism in a single post, you will be granted a stakeholder status.

That's all, by simply contributing to this thread, you are a stakeholder, or will be able to enter the filter round at the end of March.

There are other rules for low-rank accounts and etc.

so what is the rules for a high rank account like a hero or legend account in bitcointalk ?
and how many rounds this airdrop will be run ?

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        █▌  ██████████████
        ▐█ ██████████████▌
         █████▀ ▀████████
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February 10, 2018, 08:41:46 PM

Do you need russian translation? If yes - I reserve)
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February 10, 2018, 08:48:34 PM

Do you need russian translation? If yes - I reserve)
Mordva+Tatar reserved  Wink

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February 10, 2018, 09:04:09 PM

Do you strive for any partnership with other crypto projects?

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February 10, 2018, 09:14:40 PM

waiting for airdrop details.
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February 11, 2018, 12:16:08 AM

Nevra's egalitarian distribution is based on three qualities equality, freedom and trust.

This is very nice.and I like the NEM'blockchain.I expect your project.Keep up great working:)
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February 11, 2018, 12:19:39 AM

I am looking forward to hearing more about this project and will be waiting for airdrop :-)!
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February 11, 2018, 01:16:45 AM

Count me in! I can translate to arabic
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February 11, 2018, 01:53:23 AM

This is the first time I encounteIred a coin being distributed this way, sure would entails a lot of work for the devs but it's important to have a community that is involved with the project than huge number looking only for quick bucks. I support the project and wish for it's success.

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