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Author Topic: Seeking Investors for ICO platform for Meaningful Physical Connections  (Read 38 times)
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March 06, 2018, 03:57:58 PM

Hello ladies and gentlemen , I am seeking capital to prove my proof of concept for my future platform.

I am seeking 2 Bitcoins to set up my Future decentralized application for users to find meaningful connections in the age of automation.

I have created an algorithm to match users to the best of meaningful physical connections. Whether lifelong friendships , loving harmonious relationships and excellent business connections. My algorithm is a trade secret , but if you would like to test it , I'd love to give you a call and show you how it works. I require a few data points to connect you with others. This is the anti-social network , Whereas there is no feed , no advertisements , no comments , no information being used to market to audience. Just communications between you and your connections. (Think of Tinder but with the human social dynamic instead of just relationships)

No more mundane facebook relationships , Just the best connections that YOU as a human being can have.

Game plan strategy for my protocol. (2 Bitcoins)

1. Purchase audio/video equipment to record interactions. = 2000USD

2. Purchase a space for intimate setting (Time based) = 4000USD

3. Set up website / ERC20 token / ICO landing page / Logo = 500USD

3. Find users looking for meaningful connections (Meetup / Eventbrite / in Toronto , Ontario (Toronto Tech Meetups etc)

4. Have them tested using my algorithm and set up dates for intimate parties.

5. Set up 4 parties for others to meet each other. 4 separate dates. (March - April)

6. Individuals selected will come to the party during the weekend to ensure availability.

7. Users will then sign non-disclosure / the right to be video taped / recorded etc. (500USD covering documentation)

8. Users will be given name tags with color sequences and asked that they communicate with certain people only. (based on algorithm)

9. Users will be recorded and their interactions recorded for processing and youtube content. (Testimonials will given at the end of the events and users will be recorded for their reviews of how the events and the algorithm has worked) 120+ People per party

10. We will run 4 separate parties with 120+ people at each party.

11. We will create 5 second video ads for youtube / facebook show casing others having great conversations and creating meaningful connections (10,000 USD covers marketing on these platforms) (Also includes marketing via Email)
12. We will also upload the video content from all of the parties onto Youtube to showcase our algorithm and brand ourselves as the Anti-Social Network for meaningful physical connections.

13. We will then launch our ICO with 369 369 369 tokens (total supply) - with 0.0369cents a token - Raising $13,629,729.72USD (with Escrow)

14. 9 Million USD will be used to develop the DAPP for iOS / Android on the Ethereum Network. (Scalability / privacy / CODE FIRST) With escrows for each milestone of the project. (User experience / User Interface / Design all included)

15. 1 Million will be used for marketing for the platform , using Youtube and other forums to promote awareness for our brand and getting us on the iOS / Android store.

16. 2 Million will be used to get us on ALL major exchanges. (Poloniex / Etherdelta / Cryptopia and more)

17. 1 Million will be used for vetting the code through 3rd parties to ensure code is scalable , and as there are no hash collisions with our protocol.

18. 629,729.72 will saved for any additional costs or payments and initial seed investors for the platform. (If they choose to be repaid back or accept tokens in platform)

19. Exit December 2020 with the anti-social network capable of running a decentralized network on the ethereum network with unlimited scalability and privacy with more users being added to the platform.

20. Altruistic goals achieved and meaningful connections achieved. Quantifying human relationships and valuation for token over 50USD by 2020. (Conservative spectulation)

All seed investors can either choose to receive our ERC20tokens or be paid back in full amount + interest. (Please discuss this with me)

All seed investors can also come see the algorithm in action and will be invited to check our parties. This will show you proof of concept and as well give you confidence in me to run this business.

"No man can grow rich , without himself enriching others" - Andrew Carnegie

I'd like to die knowing that i have done good in the world , and that everyone invested in me , will become wealthy in Mind , Body , Soul And Pocket Smiley
Thank you for your time and i hope you all have a wonderful day.



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