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Author Topic: Warning! EOS Airdrop Scam  (Read 78 times)
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March 15, 2018, 09:44:26 AM

Hey guys,

I already posted this in another forum, but I was told to post it here too. And I got like a thousand people telling me to install metamask, so we can skip that.

I fell for the most stupid scam anyone can fall for, I don't know how I could be tricked like that.

I saw this link https://www.coỉndesĸ.com/EOS-halves-token-amount-for-block-one-leaves-tokens-to-be-claimed/ and thought it was a legit coindesk link, so I didn't check the following link and got phished. This is my address, 8k of crypto are lost: I tried sending a little bit ethereum back (from my backup account: 0x706427De5CaFD474815b5b837F9F9300971E015D) to rescue some assets, but I wasn't able to, so i have to give up the account. I am really devastated right now, I worked really hard on this portfolio. This is the scammers address: - it is still lying there.

Is there any way I can get it back? I know it's my own fault for falling for this scam. But I'd do anything to get it back.

And always check the site you are on, I know everybody knows this, but one moment of weakness and it's all gone.

EDIT, really important!:
look at this, I am trying to get some of my smaller assets back, but all the transactions fail because of the error: "Error in Txn: Out of Gas"

There's enough ether in the account and i tried different gas amounts, still my transactions won't go through. Can anyone help me here?

Another Edit:

After I found out someone stole from my account I sent all ether to another address so he can't send assets away. He then sent ETH from KuCoin Exchange to my wallet and continued robbing me.
Does KuCoin have any kind of personal confirmation or validation so they could trace who it was?
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March 15, 2018, 01:37:19 PM

Seems the phishing link is professionally made, but metamask give me a warning and redirected to for PC I dunno if how it looks in mobile phones, I've looked on the internet about this one and I seen this too on reddit ( and that was 7 days ago and you just got scammed yesterday based on the transactions on your wallet address. I guess you should always make your research first before doing something of course when you did you will see this post on Reddit too. And I bet there's no way to bring back your tokens/funds now.

And related to the error "Error in Txn: Out of Gas" most probably and obviously its all about out of gas you have to set higher for the Gwei and Gas limit since the eth network is now congested

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March 15, 2018, 09:31:49 PM

This is a really tough situation for you for sure.

Obviously the main culprit is the fake coindesk article. And after you believe that it's true, they'll redirect you to a site which says something about getting your EOS airdrop, and bait you into agreeing to a malicious contract.

It's not the only time that I've seen phishing scams like this happen.

You could try asking kucoin support about who sent the funds in order to use as gas to extract all the other tokens, though it could have been anyone sending it. Also, he probably registered with fake names and everything anyways.

Take this as an expensive, $8k lesson. The coins will probably never be recovered, unfortunately.

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