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Author Topic: What do you think of a cryptocurrency which is decreasing volatility?  (Read 44 times)
RIM Crypto
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March 19, 2018, 12:22:47 PM

RIM Crypto

„Reinvestment in market“ – RIM’s prioritised task is to develop a decentralized, fast and secure cryptocurrency which is based on the
waves blockchain and is not affected by the markets general volatility.

Your personal advantage

RIM Token is used as a highly profitable asset and is a flexible currency for the goods market.
Unique controlling measures enable us to provide a safe and liquid investment environment. On the one hand,
the experiences of the last years lead to the assumption that high risks and extreme volatility of the crypto market can not be denied. On the other hand,the crypto market is able to provide  high returns.
Based on this issue, RIM Crypto developed an investment strategy which reduces the impact of these factors in order to ensure
a solid  investment possibility. Furthermore, our team is creating an application for smartphones which
helps the community to connect to their personal RIM wallet easily and whenever needed.
- Mobile, fast and secure -
In addition, RIM Crypto is establishing a platform which enables investors to buy and sell goods with RIM Token.

Our investment strategy

Our reinvestment cycle assures a growing value of RIM Token. The anchor of our strategy is the so-called
„Sustained Spending“.

This project  begins  with  the ICO  (Initial  Coin  Offering). The investment capacity is limited to the funds we will have raised
with the ICO, while the  generated  funds are going to be distributed as follows:
One  part  of  the  money  will  remain  in  the  „money  pool“. (More details regarding this term later on)
The other part  is going to be reinvested into the capital market. Financial experts  worked out a diversified and profitable low-risk portfolio which generates reliable returns. These profits are going to be transferred back into the „money pool“.
The basement of this strategy is the just mentioned „money pool“. The collected funds are going to
be used to buy RIM Token at first signs of a significant inflation to ensure a safe ground in every condition.
In case of disproportionate and uncaused deflation, RIM Token are going to be emitted to stabilize the market in the opposite
direction and to refill the „money pool“.

It is typical for cryptocurrencies to be a victim of extreme volatility. The problem is an excessive uncaused deflation which leads to extreme share  price corrections. This lack of security can lead to scepticism towards the crypto market as well as
uncertainty and doubts which could possibly develop the ability to turn down even the safest investment
opportunities. As a result of this, RIM seeks to establish a safe
investment and  trading environment to oppose this destabilizing factors by following specific safety rules.

In the long-term view we want to focus  on a stable increase of  the RIM Token price. 
In order to reach this aim, the generated returns will mainly be reinvested in the RIM Token.
Additionally by following our -buy low sell high-policy the amount of RIM Token on the markets will  probably decrease. This  factor  has  been  considered already and the supply of RIM Token will therefore be well scaled. 
This measure ensures that people will always be able to use RIM Token as an instrument of easy
payment on the goods  market. This combination, of firstly additional investments (FIAT-Money) and secondly the reduction of circulating
tokens is going to lead to a frequent upwards trend.

Sustainability and trust

An unsolved problem for  every cryptocurrency is the missing trust of market participants. A new, growing and volatile market increases investments but is also  the  cause  of uncertainty.  By following our investment and safeness policy,
we are able to set a corridor for the development of the RIM Token.
That is why a safe currency without limiting the investors possibilities of making profit is needed. By establishing  this
reinvestment cycle RIM Token is going to win peoples trust.
Once this trust is spreaded among the market participants, this
process is able to continue autonomously. Investors  can  finally  use  all  the  advantages  of  cryptocurrencies  without
being victimized by the markets enormous volatility.

Advantages of the RIM Token

• Small volatility beside steady and high profits
• Doubled safeness caused by „Cross-Investment“ Capital market ↔ cryptomarket
• A  steady  growing  „Money  Pool“  ensures  influence  in  the  long-term view
• No problems with „Buy-/Sell-Bots“ because of our „chart corridor“
• Long-term protection because of our steadily growing „money pool“ and gained trust

Please just let us know what you think of our concept and perhaps you have some ideas to make it better.
We are thankful for all replies so just let us know what you think of our plans.

Your RIM Crypto team.
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